Nose and Septum Broken in Assisted Front Flip Gone Bad

Keeping Spirit Up Despite Nose Smash

Keeping Spirit Up Despite Nose Smash

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @mistressxena, who broke her nose and septum (cartilage forming the tip of one’s nose) in assisted front flip gone bad:

I was really fucked up last summer and let some guy frontflip me when I was wearing socks on laminate floor. I smashed my nose full force on the floor and broke it along with my septum. Here’s the vid and a few pics.

Thanks a lot for sharing your mishap with us, @mistressxena. Here’s the video. I’m guessing you’re not from the Americas, because your feet seem cute:

Gallery of the pics. What’s with that duck face?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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122 thoughts on “Nose and Septum Broken in Assisted Front Flip Gone Bad”

  1. Seems like you took it like a champ, the alcohol may have cushioned the fall. Have to be careful letting random guys put their hands between your legs and tug. Best of wishes and hopefully no more injuries to that face of yours.

    Thanks for sharing


      1. nothing wrong with getting a good milking after pounding that from behind.

        I swear they should make tires out of whatever they make pussies out of, they’d last for 100k miles plus all day

  2. Unusual dance skills, If I were you I’d just stop hittin’ the floor… oh, and one more bit of advice, steer clear from poles.

    Thanks for sharing, that crunch was like ASMR. 🙂

  3. oops !@mistressxena. but that happened last summer .
    I hope ya won’t go in for a repeat and have some odd fella flip ya over on some other kind of a floor to leave ya looking disfigured and feeling sorry for life . If ya think ya’re up to it and lately feeling sporty ; then try doing it the right with someone ya can be confident with.
    Take care.

        1. Uggh, disappointing reply. Either grow some balls or go back to lurking. We’re looking for something more than ‘maybe’ here, get with the program n’ stop tasting the rainbow, skittle dick.

          1. Skittle dick could be advantageous just ask them if they’d like to taste the rainbow. Unfortunately, our friend here would not be able to stay down on it for long considering she can’t breath through her nose after her mishap.

            Maybe she is one of those ear breathers ?


      1. Have to admit Pigs, her voice did not age well. Although I noticed it was starting to sound like The EXORCIST even way back when she was doing those duos with other artists..
        Urethra haha :o)

  4. Broken nose or not, but gotta do the duck face for the instagram! I guess it’s a reflex for girls nowadays, whenever camera is pointing at them, they slightly squish their lips without even noticing it.

    Lay a mattress on the floor at least when doing stunts like that, unless you’re absolutely sure you’re going to nail it.

  5. Mark,,, you should get in touch with that cute little blonde brother. You could hit that (I,m Sure) t’ill the Cows Come Home Dude. And seeing that You Have No Cows Let-Er-Rripp Balls Deep Me Good Man 🙂

      1. @thedre may be a flatlander living on a flat earth in an unrelenting linear universe. But I don’t think he is a pedo commie homo degenerate.

        Yourself, @fashtag1488 , on the other hand are the worst kind of troll. Claiming something that you are not has become the sort of norm on the web and I understand that but really…. really look at yourself next time you decide brushing your teeth is something that needs to be done and there is a mirror in front of you. Take a look and ask yourself, do I really smell like a hooker with a penis ? Or is it just this cologne

        1. @OGZerp

          Thanks for the kind words brother as you could not have said-it better and more truthful. 🙂
          Although he’s been warned for calling me **Pedophile and Faggot** 🙁 🙁 by Mark before,,, he is testing @seraphimserenata to see our New Bosses Limits.
          I Doubt That He Will “Put Up” with these Uncalled for Attacks, Knowing Him.

          1. Those ‘statements’ / ‘accusations’ / ‘troll blabber’ really add nothing to the conversation and provide no real humor or anything of worth to the discussions / commentary.


            Gore On

          2. @OG Zerp

            Yea,,, true enough brother. 🙂

            And because they bring nothing to the table but awful, and hurtful comments, they should be dealt with swiftly,,,and accordingly. 🙁

        2. I’m here for the gore mate, not to entertain over sensitive creatures that have their feelings ruffled over just about anything! Really sorry if I offend you people, I thought people who can handle violent decapitations could handle a little bit of flaming, I’m shocked!

  6. I hope you took advantage of your temporarily damaged appearance whilst you could because with those black eyes, that fat nose and those swollen lips you automatically became entitled to Affirmative Action and the race card.

  7. Yes, every teenager has intimate knowledge of what is an “assisted front flip,” but how about a translation for grownups?

    Ok, erase; saw the video. Another teenager fad, knew it had to be that.

  8. I like how this is listed in “sporting accidents” I laughed so hard at that, my dogs had to come check on me to make sure I wasn’t dying lmao

    Must’ve been one hell of a party, err I mean sporting accident tehe :p

    1. That’s def not my idea of a hell of a party.

      One house party I was at…this decent looking chick was taking every guy that was willing, into the back bedroom to fuck them. And when they were done she would come back out and say something like “I didn’t get to cum, AGAIN, who’s next!?”

      Thank god I wasn’t drunk enough to take sloppy 5ths or 6ths. But if I were at the time…I’m pretty sure my technique would have shut her the fuck up. Lol

      Attention whores. Gotta love em

      1. Are you calling her hot? She’s a 5 or 6 out of a 1-10. Quit calling her a dime, or at least raise your standards. Lol. And for all you know, he probably is tough… If he’s a genuine human gentile, then he definitely is at a soul level and more than likely your *worse* fucking nightmare on top of that. Pinhead multiplied by ten if we were to escape this alien matrix. 🙂

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