Olympic Diver Greg Louganis Hits His Head… Twice

Olympic Diver Greg Louganis Hits His Head... Twice

It’s been a few days since I’ve said it so let me rephrase it again – the more I watch sports videos, the more I’m convinced that the life of a fat fuck sitting on his fat ass in front of a computer screen whole day, stuffing his fat face with free delivery pizza, while making his daily masturbation to tranny porn the only exercise he gets is far more appealing that the fast road to permanent disability through engagement in sports.

Greg Louganis was an American Olympic diver who did not end up permanently disabled, but came this close to it twice. Openly gay Greg Louganis was knowingly HIV positive when he hit his head on a springboard attempting a reverse two-and-a-half pike in Seoul in 1988 but never told anyone. As a result, not only did his HIV positive blood contaminate the pool and splash over the springboard, the doctor who got to fix his head was not made aware that vicious little viruses bathe in blood he’ll be messing with exposing him to potentially life threatening disease.

The head vs springboard encounter from Seoul was however nothing compared to Greg Louganis’ head vs platform encounter from Tbilisi in 1979. That time the diver hit the platform with the back of his head which bounced violently forward as a result, making for quite a scary moment. Clips containing both head hits are in the video below.

BTW, do you think Greg Louganis was born gay or could he have been made one after his foster parents enrolled him in dance and gymnastics classes when he was just 2 years old?

BTW #2 – given that he’s gay, but also a professional diver, would it still count if he dove to shield not his girlfriend, but a boyfriend?

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54 thoughts on “Olympic Diver Greg Louganis Hits His Head… Twice”

    1. i know i was thinking that too! i remember i had a high dive in my pool in my addition when i was a kid and my older brother dared me to stand on the end of it and just fall backwards and do a backsmack on the water, and i felt like i was literally paralyzed for about five minutes, it was pretty fucking scary for me

  1. Sorry Mark but you can’t be born gay. I don’t care what out dated info scientists and researchers are spewing at your face. Slowly but surely a new field of genetics is showing that EVERYTHING is determined by environmental factors. I might send you a video later.

    Also there was never much proof for the born gay theory. It was just meant to keep parents from trying to force the gay out of their children. I personally don’t care for gays. I don’t care how you live your life. But fuck I just wanna punch people in the face when they tell me they were born that way. Mother fucker do some research about your own god damn lifestyle!

    NOTHING in your genes makes you gay. Its the environment in which you were raised in from the moment you were born to about the age of 10 that determines that shit.

    Sorry if I’m rambling but that shit irks me. Especially the fact that the media is not reporting this because of the fear that parents will go to extremes to make.sure their kids don’t come up gay.

    1. Homophobia is a very religious phenomenon. It’s a strange expression though. It’s not a phobia, they are not afraid. They’re just haters
      “Homosexuality is found in over 450 species, Homophobia is found in only one.
      Do you seriously believe your invisible, all loving, all powerful, all all God will judge someone for loving a person of the same sex, but will not judge you for hating people you have never even met?”

    2. Well in that case explain me why i’m the only gay in my family, and none of my brothers or sisters are ? But well, you must probably be also a kind of creationnist or something like that.

      I’m always surprised to see that most of people here are so prone to express how sheeps can get on their nerves, but are in the same time so prone to be so desperately catholic to find that being gay is a sin or disgusting. How can you expect people having a real vision of the world if you are yourself spraying the world with such stupid opinions about something that you reject without even knowing a single thing about it ?

      Well, actually it’s just acting like all the allah snackbar and other extremist… That’s how it starts, with intolerance and the feeling that you are superior.

      (but i agree that a gay can turn into a faggot due to his environnement. That’s what happened when gay live only in their fucking community, fucking freneticly. Thank god, it’s NOT the majority. Most of the gays are just like me, a normal guy, with a normal life, except that they have a relationship with a man.

    3. @Fresh Bagels – How do you know nothing in your genes makes you gay? People are in fact born that way.. I’m sure some experiment and can be confused, but others know from a very young age (yes, even under 10 years old) that they are gay. What about children who are raised by gay parents, does that mean they’ll be gay too?

      I’m sure gay people have done their own research and bet it differs from yours. They live it, they were BORN with it, I think they’d know better than you.

    4. Have you ever met an extremely effeminate gay man? Those fuckers are more feminine than many types of women. You can’t fake that shit. You’ve got 100% straight, 100% gay and all the variations in between, It’s nature in action, ying and yang and all that bullshit.

    5. Just throwing this out there..
      My cousins, one male and one female, had a strict Christian upbringing. My male cousin who I’ve watched grow up has always been extremely feminine. We pretty knew at around age 4 that he’d probably come out as gay or transgendered when he grew up. His parents were kept in denial by their religion and enrolled him in one of those ‘scared straight’ programs when he was going to middle school but that predictably had no effect.

      My point being: One’s upbringing doesn’t determine what gender they’ll be attracted to. However it does effect their beliefs and mannerisms. That’s why there are heavily religious gay people out there who say God cured them when that ultimately isn’t true.

    6. Stupid as dumb. We don’t need your rhetorical shit.. You absolutely understand nothing.
      It’s in their brain. And it’s not about the environment where they live in.
      Does the environment can change the tone of every drag queens voice?
      Does the environment has something to do with their dicks why it doesn’t go up when it comes to women?
      So, it’s not a choice, it’s how they are born with. Some cases are born hermaphrodite “two genitals” It’s really difficult to deal with cuz it’s like a disease with no cure. I know someone who is gay and he’s married with kids. The reason why he married that woman is to cover him up and make people around him believe that he’s straight. He’s only enemy was himself. He tried everything to correct himself but still didn’t work.. He still go out and hunt for boys cuz he is more happy with boys there’s a drive that he can only find in boys when it comes to bed. Same as straight guys or straight women . Other men likes two women doing in front of them before joining the frenzy. And that satisfies them “A LOT”.. So, Being gay is not a choice. It’s in the brain and it’s somewhat like a fetish that you really wanted to experience every now and then..

    7. TBH, who actually cares wether its born gay or cause and effect of environment?
      The only people who care are the sad phobic childish individuals who think passing a gay bloke means youll likely get your stool pushed in. Just grow up, move on, focus on your own life.

      As for the arguement of sitting your ass on the couch and fucking sports off as a way to ensure longevity, its an interesting one. Old superman cunted himself on horseback, then theres Sonny i cant see the trees and fucking countless others who destroyed themselves getting fit. Meanwhile twinky Mc fat fuck sits on the couch clogging his arteries but is still alive..i wont say kicking.

      Its not really the stuff of philosophy class but i guess given the option id be a life shortened clark kent over a tub of fat who risk manages by staying in sweating to tranny porn…

  2. Maybe his foster parents realized how gay he was as a two year old and decided that’s what he’d want to do with his time, so they took a stand for his babyhomo lifestyle… or they didn’t want grandkids.

    I took a swan dive off a university high dive board when I was 14 to impress a girl in my class who gave me wood… scary shit even if you’re not doing a backflip into hiv stew.

  3. My favorite diving/swimming accident is when the dude splits his face in half. I still can’t believe that happened and he survived.
    Of course we’ve seen some incredible reconstructive surgeries out there, even Mr.Splitface could have ended up lookin alright afterwards.

  4. I believe that homosexuality is a result of environmental factors, I have an open mind however should scientific proof arrive that shows otherwise. But I believe that being around the same sex all the time, maybe even gay adults does increase the likelihood of homoerotic feelings, this is why a lot of privately educated individuals who attended singular gender schools turn out to be homosexual.

    1. Well, again as i asked earlier, if it was like that why people with the same education wouldn’t be all gay ? I guess it’s pointless to try to determine where it comes from, it’s also present in the nature, i don’t think we could say that animals are influenced by the gender school they went 😉

      It’s a bit as if we try to find the gene that makes people enjoy chicken…

      1. Hi Freditane, It is an interesting conundrum, what influences sexuality, seeing as we are a scientific based society I chose to go with logic however in the religious communities they tend to talk about the devil and hell and such, the point being that we try to explain things using our own learned deduction skills.

        I therefore can only speculate from a logical perspective and as you know human logic is flawed because it relies on proven facts and there are many things in this world that we do not truly understand just as in the past electricity in its natural form had always existed but was not proven until later, same with the flat world assumption and heliocentrism vs geocentrism.

        Therefore I think it is safe to say that whilst environmental factors do influence sexuality it would be foolish to say that this is every case, just as you stated there are people who have had the same upbringing as heterosexuals and yet still become homosexual, therefore we have to look towards the amygdala and nucleus accumbens to provide answers, but this too can be a potential minefield as we then have to come to the question of homosexuality being the result of gene mutation and this will give those who hold strong feelings against homosexuality the position to brand homosexuals aberrations of nature.

        The simple truth of the matter however is that there are heterosexuals, homosexuals and bisexuals in our world, this will not change regardless of armchair theories, and we need to just get on with our own life and leave others who are causing no harm to get on with their own, and in such life moves forward.

  5. I personally don’t give a flying fuck if someone is gay or straight. I’ve got my own shit to worry about and what people do in private, as long as it’s consensual doesn’t cause a blip on my radar. As for polluting the water with HIV, we’ll there’s so much chlorine in a swimming pool that a virus really doesn’t stand much of a chance. I was infected with a potentially fatal blood born disease through a blood transfusion, luckily I responded to the treatment and cleared, but I know the realities of having a disease that can be transmitted thorugh blood product.s. Yes, while I was positive I was very carefull but that doesn’t mean I turned into a hysterical nut.

  6. Well, first of all gay men don’t ‘dive’ they ‘swish’…
    Second of all, doing ANYTHING takes hours of planning with fag hags and fellow ‘swishers’.
    As a result, only if the perpetrator had a raging hard on would any ‘diving’ ensue.

    Never seen the 1979 head clock (ouch)… one would think that would have learned him.

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