Parachutist Has Hard Landing and Slams on Beach in Panama City

Parachutist Has Hard Landing and Slams on Beach in Panama City

This happened on Contadora Beach, Archipielago de la Perla, Panama City, Panama. As Best Gore member @slavicguy notes:

On that beach there is a parachute agency for anyone who is curious to experience what it feels like to glide down with a parachute. I think It’s a Gringo owned company.

The video shows the hard landing of a parachutist on that beach by that company. More that 600 professional parachutists participated in an event involving jumps from helicopters and planes, so the locals twinks and hoes were on the ground recording.

The guy reportedly died, so now Panamanians on social media are speculating that he had died before hitting the ground. I do not know whether that’s true or not.

Many thanks for the video, @slavicguy:

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64 thoughts on “Parachutist Has Hard Landing and Slams on Beach in Panama City”

    1. Serves him right…
      Alot of shit humans aren’t supposed to do but yet we do.
      So if this is one then fuck what anyone says if we enjoy it.
      You should stay out of a plane and drive everywhere then.
      Get some sense mate.
      Only thing I agree with you is the green

    1. That’s right… Anyway , he probably waited too bleedin long to pop his chute… Thrill-seekers will do that… Which means he was alive all the way down…”shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. It’s funny everyone saying how he deserves it for being an adrenaline junky when buying groceries is more dangerous than this. He was just unlucky or in another case he did deserve it for not following proper instructions.

  2. I HAVE heard of the hearts stopping before people hitting the ground but i don’t think he was high up enough for that to happen. Plus the fact of being otherwise safe with parachute harnest and all would make his mind feel too at ease for that to happen

  3. Terrible ! Terrible ! that in no way was a perfect landing ,I guess he wasn’t good with the maneuvers and he must have felt mid air early drag under his feet hence the very reason for his having lost orientation .
    The canopy wasn’t round and it needed more directional control .Its a case of being a novice feeling overconfident .His descent was at a greater vertical speed but he wasn’t prepared with his legs straight to land and run a few feet forward to brace and negate the hard drag .

    I guess he must have seen a blackout before hitting the ground …whatever
    Whatever he shook the beach with all that weight of his and the thud was epic .Atleast that’s the way to keep the beach goers happy .

  4. I believe many just assumed that because there was lack of motion prior to the deceased hitting the ground, he might have died on his way down. However there could also be a very likely possibility that he just passed out due to sensory overload. RIP.

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