Parachutist Has an Accident with Hard Landing, Appears Paralyzed

Parachutist Has an Accident with Hard Landing, Appears Paralyzed

I don’t know anything about this parachuting accident but it appear to be from Brazil. If you listen to the mumble of the victim at around the 6:40 minute mark – it sounds like he’s trying to speak to them in English. But in other parts of the video he again sounds Portuguese. I don’t know if it means that he’s a tourist or if I’m just hearing things that aren’t there (quality of the video is on the lower side, due to cheap cell phone that was used for recording).

I know nothing about parachuting but something obviously went wrong for this parachutist and it resulted in a very hard landing. It didn’t look like the chute malfunctioned cause it seemed open to my inexperienced eyes, but what do I know? The end result was a slam against the ground and an entry into the world of hurt. He did not scream like a virgin fag, but he was in obvious pain and seemingly also paralyzed.

Despite this being a rather remote spot, the paramedics got there relatively quickly but in the meantime, the parachutists didn’t seem to move, only whine with pain. His legs also appear somewhat twisted, as if his pelvis got shattered by the impact.

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38 thoughts on “Parachutist Has an Accident with Hard Landing, Appears Paralyzed”

    1. Good luck with that, you will love it! To avoid shit like in this video, just remember NEVER to turn too low, (my final turn is always 200ft or above, that is my personal rule) Its not rocket science but you’d be surprised how many break this rule and end up ploughing the landing area with their femurs because they wanted to hit a target , or to show off by performing a swoop landing, or to land into wind ( in which case they panic and turn too low… far safer to take a downwinder than a low turn )

  1. I have no experience with parachuting as well but it seamed to me he went in a small spiral before hitting the ground. He obviously fucked up the landing I don’t think it has anything to do with the parachute.

    1. I agree with you Ivan211, he messed up the landing and his left leg in the process. Also it must be in Brazil because they all speak Portuguese(Brazilian accent), i can not hear nobody speaking in any other language… “Ai, ai, ai! Lift my leg up! Lift my leg up!” Lol (*_*)

  2. The only plus side to being paralyzed would be the inability to feel the pain, or at least some of it. The ambulance got there fast, I always thought the worst part of being seriously injured in the middle of nowhere would be waiting for the EMTs. Minutes would feel like hours.

  3. That was in Brazil. The victim was speaking portuguese the whole time. I believe that none of them actually knows how to speak english lol!
    But there’s nothing cool about what they’re saying… apparently, the guy just broke his legs and the people around him are just trying to get him a little more comfortable.

      1. @killthefilth, for the curious amongst you. I had to do a tandum jump because it was my first time and by pure coincidence the guy I jumped with was a handsome American 馃檪 I wasn’t warned about the part that you can’t breathe well before the parachute opens because of the air blowing towards you so I did panic a little, but once I realized what was happening, I settled down and enjoyed the experience. We landed on a beack and I want to get up there and do it all over again. Solo this time 馃檪

  4. He put in a very low turn. A parachute’s descent rate increases dramatically in a turn, and that speed remains for a few seconds after the turn is stopped. Landing in turns is by far the biggest cause of skydiving injuries and we are constantly reminded of the dangers of such a manoeuvre. Not sure he was trying to swoop, he just seemed to decide far to late to turn, and femured it in. Ouch.

  5. I have 300 jumps with a parachute like that. The first jumper landed properly pointing into the the wind, just like airplanes do. You can tell because his landing speed was slow and the canopy fell behind him after landing. Assuming the cameraman didn’t move, the guy that got hurt landed the opposite direction, which meant he was going the same direction as the wind. That combined with the low “base turn” is what got him. He was a idiot, and got what he asked for for being stupid.

  6. if you might think he was speaking a different language it’s because he was concussed. He received a concussion and tried to speak, and believe it or not; the battered man likely knew what he himself was saying while he was down but his speech and motor skills were impaired due to impact shock and so the words he spoke most probably could only be described as mumbling. I blacked out in a hospital and fell hitting my head and while feeling the tingling in my face and body convulsing I heard the nurses’ voice and I said I’m alright 2 times but the nurse said I was mumbling…she couldn’t understand me but I was aware of what I was saying and I knew my body was tingling due to the impact. Chances are; this man likely knew what he was saying also.

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