Powered Paraglider Has Mid Air Crash, Lands Hard on Frozen Lake

Powered Paraglider Has Mid Air Crash, Lands Hard on Frozen Lake

This video is worth watching thanks to the screams of pain the paraglider that lands hard on the ice makes. Ahhhh, ahhhh, ahh!

In general terms – you have got to be a real tool to crash with another paraglider mid air. If you crash in a vast, open, unrestricted, 3-dimensional space, you probably really deserve it.

Other than that, powered paragliding looks like fun, just make sure you don’t team up with a douche who causes the crash and then gives you a thumbs up.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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31 thoughts on “Powered Paraglider Has Mid Air Crash, Lands Hard on Frozen Lake”

  1. The guy panicked and opened his emergency parachute. As you can see, the glider chute reopened but because of the second chute he could not control the flight anymore. The glide chute was stalling.

    He deserved to have his coccyx broken…

  2. I agree that powered paragliding looks like fun, but I’m not into dangerous activities. If I was meant to be up that high, I would’ve been born with wings, but… I’m just a primate. So, I’ll stick to my butt picking, and pseudo knuckle dragging to get me from thrill to thrill.

      1. Compared to the locals where i live, this guy still sounds civilized. Here, FV have barely surpassed Neanderthal state, they even still talk like that. ” Hmh, hrrnh, huhhr, hrr, beer, hwfh, hhuh ” that’s what the local dialect sounds like.

  3. What a pair of gobshites, I laughed good and hard at this one, the guy who crashed had plenty of time to shit himself on the way down. I know I would have. Theres not enough videos of people falling from shit. It’s one of my biggest fears; falling to my death. Don’t care how quick I would die when I hit, the fear id feel just as I began to fall and realise I’m a fuckin deadman might cause a heart attack, which would also be shite. Video reminds me of Will Ferrell in some movie where he describes the death of a hang glider “hey! Look at me! I’m flying! Oh fuck! Aaaahhh!…. Dead. What a loser!”

  4. This vid is like a very bad dream. The only thing that would have made it better if they landed in the middle of frozen lake about 25km from shore. Then the thin ice starts breaking, opening up huge gaping spots of frigid lake. The thumbs up douche putters by giving them the thumbs up as hypothermia and shock sets in as their equipment sinks into the icy abyss.

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