Richard Zednik Neck Injury – Multiple Angles Video

Richard Zednik Neck Injury - Multiple Angles Video

On February 10, 2008 in an NHL game between the Florida Panthers and the Buffalo Sabres, Panthers forward Richard Zednik had his neck injured by Olli Jokinen, a team-mate and Panthers captain who tripped over the leg of Sabres forward Clarke MacArthur. Olli Jokinen’s skate cut a deep gash on the right side of Richard Zednik’s neck, puncturing his external carotid artery, letting blood squirt uncontrollably over the ice.

Richard Zednik was quickly taken to a Buffalo hospital and recovered from the injury, however he missed the rest of the season. No need to tempt the devil, I guess.

Video below is a compilation of videos offering various camera angle views of Richard Zednik’s neck injury. As commentators can be heard saying, similar accident happened to Sabres goalie Clint Malarchuk likewise in Buffalo on March 22, 1989. Clint Malarchuk had his internal carotid artery completely severed and blood gushed out of his neck like mad. I will post that video later. Meanwhile, the multi-angle video of Richard Zednik’s neck injury is below:

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    1. Perfect way to celebrate getting out of the hospital early because I have no health insurance. Oh well, at leastt they shot me up with some great painkillers before they rolled my ass out the door!

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    1. Funny that this is posted, I just commented about this the other day. Well actually Malarchuk’s slash. But this video was okay. The video of Malarchuk’s is better I think. Either way they are both a pretty brutal spot to get hit on. Plus…I LOVE hockey bitches!

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