Russian Man Falls After Climbing Pole to Celebrate Maslenitsa – Slavic Pancake Festival

Russian Man Falls After Climbing Pole to Celebrate Maslenitsa - Slavic Pancake Festival

Maslenitsa is a weeklong celebration before the start of Russian Orthodox Lent. Across the country, pancakes and butter abound during Maslenitsa.

In some parts of Russia, the celebration also involves stunts, like climbing poles erect for this purpose. People who can climb all the way to the top and touch the box win bragging rights.

The star of our video ascended the pole like a champ and touched the box, but during the descend fucked up and fell. He survived the fall, but reportedly suffered multiple fractures.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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101 thoughts on “Russian Man Falls After Climbing Pole to Celebrate Maslenitsa – Slavic Pancake Festival”

    1. February 17, 2018. Kemerovskaya oblast, Russia.
      He is alive and currently (Feb’21) is in the hospital with 3 broken ribs and scapula.

      As always, subs are here:

      Woman: – Yeah! Come on! Come on! Well done! Alexander is going well! An Olympic champion, literally, in pole climbing! Come on, and on and on! Let’s applaud together!
      /reaches the top/
      Man: – Well done, Alexander! Get the box! The box!
      Woman: – Well done! Hurrahh!!
      /touches the box/
      Man: – It’s important to not get box away
      /climbs down/
      Woman: – Our climber is from God, literally!
      /slides down/
      Woman|Crowd: – Oy, oy, oy!!
      /falls down/
      Woman:- Oy, oy, oy!! Ambulance here!!!

      1. God’s gift, huh? I bet she took that back.

        I’ve done something like this at the Tomatina fight in Spain in 2016. They really greasy pole which was really smelly and dirty. My tummy heaved a couple of times, and I only made it halfway. On the way down, I was careful – never pretended to be efficient. Firm grips with hands and thighs. Luckily I was wearing tatty whites for the tomato fight so it didn’t matter now smelly and greasy the pole was.

  1. This reminds of Arkona, a great Folk Metal band from Russia that has a beautiful song called Масленица, from their fist album.

    Мaslenitsa originally was a slavic pagan festival, now assimilated by the Orthodox Church (which is not as cucked as the Catholic one). Talking about the OC also reminds of good ol’ Brother Nathanael, check him out. He’s an Orthodox Priest who talks some truths about (((them))), similar to how Bishop Richard Williamson openly spoke on camera about how “nazi murdering gas chambers” were fake.

    1. Brother Nathanael is a Jew shill. Why? Because he brainwashes people to think christianity is real. He says he used to be a Jew. No such thing. You can’t stop being a Jew. Here is the Jew plan. Right now they reject Jesus, but in the end they are gonna say, oh, we’ve been wrong all along! Jesus is the messiah, all praise Jesus the Jewish king. That’s what it says in the bible. Reverse psychology.

      Then they will install a Jewish king world dictator. All three Abrahamic faiths are bogus brainwashing. Israel is not the holy land, Jews are not Gods chosen people. Judaism, christianity, and Islam were all created by the same group, Jews. It’s a pure con job.

  2. Mais pourquoi c’est connards n’ont t’ils pas laisser un gros tas de neige bien molle en dessous tout autour du poteau, ça peu te faire échapper a la mort, bordel!!!!
    Ben tampis!!! dommage on ne voit pas le rebond, hihi mange le sol, mange….

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