Russian Martial Arts Fighter Breaks Neck During Bout and Suffers Paralysis

Russian Martial Arts Fighter Breaks Neck During Bout and Suffers Paralysis

Russian Martial Arts Fighter Breaks Neck During Bout and Suffers Paralysis

26 year old Martial Arts fighter Payzutdin Aliyev from Russia broke his neck attempting to armlock his opponent during the Universal Fighters Open Cup bout in he Tinkoff Arena in St Petersburg.

The flip didn’t work out and the fighter landed on his head. The fall dislodged his vertebrae, causing permanent paralysis, according to reports. Russian media reported Payzutdin Aliyev suffered a brain contusion, a closed craniocerebral trauma and a fracture of the cervical vertebrae with damage to the spinal cord.

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151 thoughts on “Russian Martial Arts Fighter Breaks Neck During Bout and Suffers Paralysis”

          1. @desp

            Nice buzz..

            Had this prescribed to me years ago after surgery. Kinda drifted off into lala land. Woke up the next day feeling pretty decent as a matter of fact. Didn’t have the typical drug hangover, like some others do.

            Even over the counter ones.

      1. Martial arts? It looks just like that gay American high school wrestling to me…….even so, you gotta feel for the guy (considering he can’t feel for himself anymore).
        Shit, I’m going to go to Hell for writing that……

        1. I’ll meet you in Hell .. We can devise a poem together:

          Hell spawn this poem
          We know that you know-em ..
          If you see cunts then go-em
          IF you see bread then dough-em
          Car breaks down then tow-em
          Sperm seeds then sow-em
          See VietCong, mow-em
          If you see dicks then blow-em ..
          (not sure about that last one .. all this heat is getting to me)

          1. I think its that knowing human understanding that if you severley break your neck your so vulnerable and disabled you may as well be dead
            Especially the juxtaposition here ; athlete to cant even wipe your ass or feed yourself in 1/100 of a second

          2. @FREDANDROSE
            Yes, people always prey on the weak, that’s why I do whatever I can to never appear weak in any way. There is very little good in people that I’ve ever seen. They’re just always looking for opportunities. And they’re only content when they’re taking advantage of you. It’s the law of the jungle. The best advice I have ever received was that you have to look out for yourself, because no one else gives a shit about you.

      1. Yes, that was certainly a Slut !!
        Fucks you right up in the butt

        Leaves you yelping like a mutt
        Better to be stabbed in the mo’ fo’ gut

        Now .. out a half formed tongue will jut
        Dude’s life is left in a rut

        All changed from some fuckin’ nut
        Mind only to make a ‘cut’

        Crawl into your little hut
        Say a prayer to King Tutt

        Yes, that was certainly a Slut !!

        Pop goes the weazel

      1. The move he made was dumbest..
        He shuld know as a figher :
        Never cut of contact from solid floore or any grip sending you to air whene another force of apounant can use it against you and couse you loose control, and you life as theway you knew before…

        1. Good point: He basically got to ‘clever’ for his own good
          While looking for ways to harm you opponent, don’t
          FORGET about how you can harm yourself alot worse
          while doing it
          He won’t be making this mistake again this lifetime ..

          1. He wuld be dead in a good case…. In a bad case same but with sarrow and agony…
            But there are kind of treatment that can be hard but very good…
            Electrodes that connects between two nerv ends…
            I hope they will try…

  1. I’ve seen some pretty graphic stuff on here and it doesn’t faze me. But what is it with broken bones that makes me squirm ?? Seeing a leg break makes me sick but watching a guy get his head taken off with a chainsaw is like…..meh

      1. Agreed Mike, that’s the worst thing I have ever seen!
        I forgot just how brutal it was!
        Poor cunt!
        They didn’t even leave him a thumb, and it was his right hand too
        I’d rather a bullet to the head than no tongue and no hand .. I think ..

          1. I’ll look for that thread, if it exists
            Unbeleivable cruelty
            I always say, if you hate a guy that much, just cap him in the
            back of the head, any torture is so wrong at a Karma/Universe
            level that any smart person could see that
            Surely our goal/aim is to be above sadistic torture !!

  2. Only way this guy’s gonna know he shit himself is when he smells it…on the bright side however he appears to have retained his ability to speak so he can ask someone to wipe his ass…#glass1/2full.

  3. Yeah, I saw this on Live-Nigga
    The fall and the scream he made is blood curdling
    (Not that there’s anything wrong with Curds n Whey)
    I mean, if it’s good enough for Little Miss Muffet (Muff)
    it’s fuckin’ good enough for Jonny
    Pop goes the Weazel

    1. Ah you go to an agricultural school like I did?? So great to see today’s school kids have easy access to porn (although that vag you picked for your avatar is a bit too hairy for porn of today – you must be a retro porn lover) and gore……I’d be a different person had these things been available when I was in kindagarten…..

  4. I can watch almost anything but broken-bone shit creeps me out. However, I decided to watch this one because I wanted to see how they fucked up afterwards by dragging him around etc. like the idiots normally do (“Quick, throw him over your shoulder, take him to the car, and make sure he gets to hospital quickly before there’s permanent damage!”) but, instead of the aftermath, I get not only a repeat in slow motion, but also another repeat in slow motion AND zoomed in. Great, how to fuck up my already fucked-up sleeping pattern in just one minute. Thanks, guys.

    1. I’ve often wondered this too – it’s like in 1 second you’re in a real life
      horror story, but you are the main star, not some other cunt, and you
      can’t just finish your popcorn and go home, you are now in this role
      until you die. Could be 10, 2o years of horror.
      I remember this MX guy that broke his spine said he was laying there
      wondering why people were holding his limbs down, then it sunk in
      that there was nobody touching him, the only explanation was a
      broken spinal cord !
      And neither Jesus, nor Superman or James Bond can save you
      Ouch .. Yuck
      Pop goes the Weazel

        1. I’m more of a smh kind of person and would just say how stupid it was to go out like that.
          Same for that Russian basketball player who got pissed and rammed his head into that padded post and became paralyzed for good.

          1. Yeah I saw that video. If he wasn’t paralyzed from ramming his head into that post, his teammates sure as hell ensured it by moving his dumbass around and flipping him over afterwards.

  5. i felt that one. 🙁
    let us hope his injury isn’t complete. most cervical injuries end up being incomplete, so maybe he’ll end up being able to get some of his movement back with time. poor guy. i’m betting that kind of injury is beyond painful.

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