Schoolboy’s Arm Snaps During Arm Wrestling Match in Classroom

Schoolboys Arm Snaps During Arm Wrestling Match in Classroom

Arm wrestling match between two schoolboys in a classroom ended abruptly when one of the guy’s upper arm snapped. I had the feeling that was coming right from the onset of the video.

That fishstick arm didn’t have the muscle mass to out-wrestle the opponent, so the kid relied on the weight of his body being pushed in the opposite direction. And then… snap!

Sounds like the video is from Russia. Blyat!

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        1. Milk?
          Milk actualy weak bones and look just USA and reports about osteoporosis:
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          1. Stronger bones doesn’t mean shit if your opponent has stronger muscles. Milk is rich in protein. If this kid trained and drank a gallon of milk everyday he’d beast the other guy.

          2. “Pinch” we get it you know a bit about arm wrestling. And the dude was talking about how to build strong bones from veggies not milk! Nothing to do with arm wrestling..

  1. Hahaha his face, he’s so shocked I’m sure the pop noise was very alarming to him. The winner, the dude probably scored some points with the 3 girls haha to bad for limp wrist he’s gunna have to butter it with his other hand for a wile.

  2. Hmmm, I guess that is why we should all be scared of nuclear reactors. Or like Russians, we will all be one day saying,” they don’t build bones like they used to!”

    Seriously though, some of the kids developed leukemia and others have bones like chalk.

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    Every now and again, they try and tell us here that we need nuclear power plants and the whole country gets insanely angry and they fuck the idea off again for a year or so…….

    Costa Rica actually terminated it’s entire military in the 1960s and pumped all the military budget into schools, hospitals and social programs that has made the country a leader in just about everything in Latin America…..

  3. I like to tie down live black scorpions at the finish line shit in my arm wrestling contest ’cause it’s not enought that your arm breaks like ginger snaps you get twitchy stung and totally fucked up. -951-

  4. As a pro armwrestler myself i can comment a lot on this…yup there is such a thing. ..pathetic i know…so guys it has nothing to do with the size or technique as such. It is called a break arm position and even happens to pros though very rarely. All matches at pro level have at the very least 1 referee and he or she will stop the match as soon as one person gets into the break arm position. Basically when you look away from your wrestling arm all it takes is five pounds of pressure to snap it like a twig. Arm breaking happens a lot at fun school amateur levels because they just don’t know any better.

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