Skateboarding Fail Compilation

Skateboarding Fail Compilation

There can never be enough of douches getting their tailbones shattered, testes crushed or faces planted in concrete so here’s a little compilation of skateboarding fails. Some of the stars in the compilation should not be on a skateboard in the first place. If you can’t see the skateboard for your gut, you’re too fucking fat to skateboard.

Some of the tricks shown are like – what exactly were you trying to achieve, dude? The foot caught in the railing one was my favorite.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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49 thoughts on “Skateboarding Fail Compilation”

          1. Jeralulz has a point. It ain’t weird looking at it like that, but… Where the Hell did you get access to midget porn when you were 10?! If that was the age before the internet, then I just have to know.

          2. I found a vhs tape labled “freaks” in my dads video collection. There was Long dong silver, a transexual, a midget, and a blond lady with huge boobs on a exercise bike. But I was doing things way before that. Like sneeking my brothers porn mags. I was a horny trollop.

  1. Since I am an English asshole I never experienced the skateboarding phenomena growing up. No one I knew was a skateboarder and it is only recently that I see young people skateboarding around the place therefore I ask the question:

    Is skateboarding fun?, do people actually like to engage in an activity that tends to brake your bones and crush your nuts?

    1. Nowadays kids skateboard because celebrities do it, it’s a trend thing I guess, teens are followers. But I used to skate 8 years ago. It’s fun landing the tricks but then I stopped cause I kept getting hit with the board, on my shins.

    2. I’ve been watching skateboarders since the 60’s. The boys in the nieghborhood would practice on skateboards when surfing wasn’t possible. never saw anyone but the surfer boys messing with them. I tried and have the scars to show for it. Only good thing was the hottest skate boy was the one who carried my busted bleeding body home. Thanks for the memories, Chip.:)

    3. Of course! Skating’s pretty much the most important thing in a skater’s life if they love it. I love skateboarding more than I love females and family.

      And all that crazy stuff isn’t what skateboarding is at all. The things that can lead to serious injury are usually no fun at all, and just a way to test your luck for an adrenaline rush or if you’re filming for a video with your buddies.

      The only way that dangerous skating can be fun is if you’ve practiced the tricks enough to be able to do them as natural as jumping. That’s the only way because that type of skating is a mental and physical drain if you’re scared or failing.

      But yeah, it’s never too late to start, man. It’s the simple things that are the most fun. Speed, for instance.

  2. Scateboarding is an activity that never appealed to me. Looks far too easy to be seiously injured, especially if you aren’t wearing the proper safety gear. The up side is, some of them won’t be reproducing.

  3. i had a skateboard as a kid in England (20 years ago) but i would use it with by kneeling with one knee on it and then push with the leg, i had skates and had some serious fuck up moments too. im just glad for the invention of skateboards and video camera plus people that think its cool to be a flying ninja

  4. Lol, i love it! I personally don’t care for the “sport” myself but only because I’m still bitter about eating the asphalt when i was about 6. Going down a seriously steep apartment complex driveway to underground parking. I was the cute lil girl amongst all the rowdy boys on skateboards and just HAD to have one myself! Lol. Anyhow, on my tummy going down, down, down- and what do ya know, i hit a rock which caused my skateboard to dead stop! Sent me airborne and blam! Chin plant to the hot asphalt! Blood pouring, i really needed an ambulance, but instead all the boys pulled me up and told me to do it again! Lol. Still got the cute little scar to remind me! Lets not forget the “road rash” too. Back in the 80’s we didn’t wear protective gear, but in any case i survived. Lol. Knocking the complete wind out of me when i fell out of the tree with those Dane boys was much scarier but has made me into the tough bitch i am today! 馃槈

    These kind of videos make me smile! I had too many favorites to name but i loved the ones where the skateboarder took out other oblivious skateboarders! Lol. The one where he got his foot stuck was a classic for sure!!

    Keep these coming!! Always a nice change to see someone hurt the shit out of themselves but not exactly die! Lol

    1. Hi Juicy, I appreciate those who evoke memories in order to make a point because our experience of life dictates our actions and because our actions make up the persona that we hold dear.

      Humanity can only ever hold strong to those that view humanity as a form of best practice, best practice being a state of self reliance that is held up as the norm.

      Don’t ever let those who wish to dominate you force you to believe in what they want you to believe because to live for someone else’s sake is to give up living.

      1. @empty- thank you for your extremely kind words and thoughts. Not only did you take the time to enjoy my lil stroll down memory lane, but you worked your magic with words in a comment that was just for ME! That truly means a lot to me! I appreciate everything in life. The good, the bad and the little things. As much as i love to see brain matter spilled on the concrete, I’m quite a sentimental girl that just wants extra kind words and sentiments. And what you wrote was so personal to me. I love it! I hold you in a special little place in my heart! <3

        1. You find unless you keep doing those things, like skateboarding, downhill skiing etc, your balance fucks up, I did all that stuff, but as with anything, if you don’t use it, you lose it….

  5. This is why i stick to longboarding, no air, no bullshit flips. just the open road. but i had my fair share of accidents. i remember when i was 16 i was going about 45 mph down a hill in my neighborhood, keep in mind this is in the great smokey mountains in north carolina. so it was about a 2.5 mile long road. and i come to a hair pin and i tried to bust out a predrift so i can make the corner but i end up drifting off a little 5 foot ledges and slid into thorn bushes, and i had a full head helmet on but the plastic shattered when i fell and a stick went through the bottom of my helmet and went through my lip. i had to get 14 stitches total for both the inner and the outer part of lip. a pretty severe concussion. i dont remember shit all i had was my friend telling me, but i still do it. the pictures were intense..

  6. As shitty of a show as it was, on as shitty of a network, with such shitty censorship and a raging dickbag of a host, I actually kinda miss the show ‘Scarred’. There were some gnarly crashes on it. Especially the kid that tried to neuter himself on the rail.

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