Skiers Injured as Ski Lift Malfunctions at Gudauri Resort, Georgia

Skiers Injured as Ski Lift Malfunctions at Gudauri Resort, Georgia

To our American friends – there is also a country named Georgia.

At the Gudauri resort, located in the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range in what was formerly the Soviet Republic, skiers were being flung like ragdolls from a ski lift that malfunctioned, and went in reverse at double its normal speed.

Ten people were reportedly injured, among them foreigners from Sweden and Ukraine. Props to Best Gore member @pktrkt1 for the videos:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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73 thoughts on “Skiers Injured as Ski Lift Malfunctions at Gudauri Resort, Georgia”

      1. Is people just taking advantage of the situation to try to sue the ski place? if not i see several darwin nominations here. On the other hand it must have been fun to get flung around and land softly in the snow.

    1. Clearly a Polish language. Basically chavs where vocabulary is something to be desired.
      first vid: Kurwa, co tu się odbjebało. Ja pierdolę. Tam chyba zginęli ludzie. (Fuck, what has happened in there. Fuck it. I think people died in there)
      sec vid: Ja pierdole co za ****?. Stop, do chuja no. (Russian in background: “Fuck!”). Uciekać do chuja. Ja pierdolę (What the fuck. Stop! For fuck sakes. Run away for fuck sakes. Fuck it).

    1. I was born in Georgia but moved to Canada when I was 5. I visit nearly every summer though. Georgia has improved TREMENDOUSLY over the past 2 decades. It definitely used to be a shitty country (hardly any electricity, garbage everywhere, high crime rate, no running water, etc) but it is actually really nice now. I suggest you visit if you ever get the chance.

    1. It might have been the long awaited polarity switch of the earth’s magnetic field,
      that the tinfoil headgear folks are warning us all about for years!

      Switch the polarity, switch the direction of the motor is turning 😉

      1. Very true… I went to school with a kid from Georgia. He looked middle eastern crossed with black.
        Georgia is also where Joseph V. Stalin was from.
        Also, interestingly there are many centenarians there too.

  1. Probably Its the result of Vodka spillage on those skis yet again that played havoc. I liked the way all skis called it a day piling on to one another tipsily

    And Whoever said machines do not have a mind of their own must have been dead drunk.

  2. There must always be at least (1) or more hyper-shrill female screamers anywhere at any given moment in order to pierce eardrums and leak estrogen everywhere at the first possibility of misfortune, danger, violence or FUBAR activity.

    Someone should have shoved the screamer in front of the lift so it hits her and knocks her out.

  3. Looks like some muricunt jewfuck has sold a second hand Riblet chairlift to some Georgian baboons witout the emergency system, which was an extra option for 30 000 000 shekels (a friendly price).
    Oh, and fuck Trump and Israel!

      1. You should try speedball one day; it could help you to forget you live in a great Native Americans’ country ruled by Aipac and a potus known as a terrible juicy ball licker.
        Joyeux Noël (happy hanuka if it’s your choice, comrade).

  4. Mountain Resorts Development said in a statement on Facebook that the malfunction may have been caused by a rope on the chairlift, while the Economy Minister Dimitry Kumsishvili said it may have been caused by an “electricity outage,” according to The Guardian.

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