South African Bodybuilder Breaks His Neck Attempting to Show Off with Back Flip

South African Bodybuilder Breaks His Neck Attempting to Show Off with Back Flip

A South African bodybuilder from Umlazi in KwaZulu-Natal named Sifiso Lungelo Thabete, died after he broke his neck in a freak accident. Sifiso Lungelo Thabete attempted to show off for the crowd with a back flip, but landed on his head, causing instant paralysis and quick follow up death.

I’m not sure what the bodybuilder was thinking. He barely got half a rotation. It looked like he had no idea what he was doing, but tried it anyway. Or maybe it was because he tried the backflip on a mat while wearing socks? And underwear.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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264 thoughts on “South African Bodybuilder Breaks His Neck Attempting to Show Off with Back Flip”

      1. i beg to differ, he had perfect form, you think he was trying to do a back flip don’t you, well he wasn’t, that is an african tradition called landing on your head to break your neck, he got it just right, another one out the gene pool, thank fuck

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    1. good point. as an introvert when i get too overly excited or happy about something, i sometimes find myself contemplating doing something celebratory and over the top to exress the joy. nothing this over the top tho.. he never had a chance making that kind of flip.and you say he wasnt attempting to do a backflip, wtf else could he have done with him attempting that

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    1. This is what you call “coming back to reality with a bang” after he realises [on the floor] he had never practiced this stunt before and was motivated purely on the adrenaline from people around him bigging him up. He must have known, even for a short time that what he did was the most idiotic thing that anybody could do.

  3. Going out on a limb here & giving the benefit of a doubt, maybe he he is able to tumble, but this time the excitement got the best of him and he changed his mind as soon as his feet left the ground. Whether to do a tuck (back flip with no hands) or a back hand spring (back flip using hands) and he got all discombobulated in a millisecond.
    Something like this happened to me when learning and attempting to pull off a full (twist). I got half a rotation in and impact wasn’t pretty. Although the consequences weren’t as extreme as this guys’ landing.

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  4. This has got to be THE most pointless death of ALL TIME!
    Kiplangaat had it all – prize body from training hard in the gym, big black man’s cock, prizes and the adulation of women. So far so good.

    Then all it took to fuck all that shit up, was one FREAK about of stupidity, doing a backflip that he had never done before on the spur of the moment (to impress chicks he was going to shag anyway, he was such a badboy), and then very SUDDENLY, all the shit I listed above is gone…..flushed down the toilet.

    This guy had could have had it all. Just goes to show, one tiny bit of bravado stupidity and life as you know it is gone in an instant.

    Poor fatherfucker.

    1. It was stupid of him but It’s not pointless @mrspock. He send a great message to everyone on how this sport is retarded. From an outside perspective it was really useful. It discourage kids from following his steps! 🙂

      1. Or just stick to what they know. Crack dealers rarely die doing backflips. But yeah, swimming is funnier. Water beading up on their skin and being repelled from that weird hair.

      2. @gnat and out of spirits.

        Even if he took up running or swimming, same shit would have happened. In swimming he will avoid sinking like a stone, win first prize, stand on the podium receiving his gold medal, and then…….do a backflip off of it!! Haha!!

  5. Ok so im from South Africa and im so embarrassed by this video… who moves or in this case lifts the legs of someone who could have a neck or back injury? Dumb cunt koons thats who.

    1. He was overconfident, cocky and deluded… listening to the commentator big him up and the crowd cheering him on, he thought he was a golden god. Just because people big you up does not mean you are actually that good, but he thought he could do no wrong. He was clearly unable to pull off this stunt judging by how badly he fucked up and he was motivated purely by the crowd.

      Fail to prepare = prepare to fail.

      The only thing he was passionate about was showing off to the crowd. I bet they don’t think he is that special now LOL

    2. I don´t like people getting hurt and dying ether, but there is nothing sad about this trash. I love to see people die on account of stupidity. It leaves a lesson for everyone else.

      1. Lol. Most in here think the bodybuilder deserved it. I think we’ve all done stupid things at some points in our lives. The only difference is that there were no consequences for us. We’ve all driven our car too fast in heavy rain, or staggered too close to the edge of the platform etc. But after about 35, you become more aware of your mortality and become more careful. Kiplangaat here had a lot to live for. He was just enjoying a bit of adulation he earnt. Poor bastard.

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