UFC Champ Jon Jones Breaks Big Toe During MMA Fight Against Chael Sonnen

UFC Champ Jon Jones Breaks Big Toe During MMA Fight Against Chael Sonnen

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones broke his big toe during an MMA fight against Chael Sonnen, which he apparently didn’t realize until the post-fight interview with Joe Rogan inside the octagon.

The Jon Jones vs Chael Sonnen fight was the UFC 159 main event held at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. Jon Jones was celebrating his victory when he realized his big toe was broken.

Props to Best Gore member bgftw for the video:

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44 thoughts on “UFC Champ Jon Jones Breaks Big Toe During MMA Fight Against Chael Sonnen”

    1. i just started using this site, i think im gonna stay away from beheading for a while. watching the 15 year old kid get his head cut off messed me up for a little while.. never seen someone get their head cut off while they where still alive until i came to this site.

      1. Isn’t it strange how limbs broken in strange directions is more disturbing than a guy smeared across the road? I am the same way. I can’t believe he didn’t notice. I imagine it must have felt strange walking around with a toe like that.

  1. Haha,
    I broke my big toe once. I was having a muckabout fight with my boyfriend and I thought I would be really clever kicking him up the arse when he was bending over. But being a total twat I wasn’t wearing shoes when I did it. I knew I’d broken it straight away because I got that electric shock and blue flash when you break a bone, but I was to proud to tell him. so I just crawled off really quietly. Eventually I had to tell him because my foot came up like a balloon and went completely black and I couldn’t move on it. The bastard laughed his head off when I told him, but he ended up carrying me everywhere for days so he payed for breaking my toe with his arse.

  2. I broke my big toe once. First it was sprained, but since I was in a competition, I wasn’t about to pussy out from a little pain. So I continued running and it eventually broke ๐Ÿ˜€

    It didn’t look like that, but it was black & blue and it’s not not “bent” as my other big toe.

  3. Shit, i find this picture harder to look at than anything else on this awesome site. I’ve always had a fear of breaking a toe. my arms and legs could be smashed to mush and id deal with it. a toe on the other hand – I’m completely irrational about.

  4. *Long-time lurker, first-time poster*

    For some reason things like this have WAY more cringe factor for me than your standard shredded-in-a-car-accident or shot-in-the-face posts, whether the victim be dead or still kicking. I’ll take that all day. Smashed up crooked toe? Makes MY toes curl up. And I’ve never had a broken bone so it’s not because I can relate somehow.

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