Video of Daytona 500 Crash That Left 33 Spectators Injured

Video of Daytona 500 Crash That Left 33 Spectators Injured

At least 33 spectators were injured after a crash during the final lap of DRIVE 4 COPD 300 race on Saturday, February 23, 2013. The crash sent large chunks of debris, including a tire into the grandstands following a racing car’s impact with the fence. DRIVE 4 COPD 300 is a warm up for NASCAR’s biggest race – the Daytona 500 which opens on Sunday.

A fan posted this video of the crash filmed from the area affected by the flying debris. While most injuries were minor, one head injury was reportedly critical. Makes you wonder if that’s the guy who caught the tire in the head.

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34 thoughts on “Video of Daytona 500 Crash That Left 33 Spectators Injured”

  1. Merica! I never really found these races amusing, but i do remember lots of white people when i attended one, especially the white girls in booty shorts 🙂 You`ll find better crashes with more blood in Mexico.

  2. Yea, I’m with all of you guys. Not much to say that you guys already haven’t. I will add though, that at least the red-necks care to help out. Fat and drunk or what have you, but for the most part, they don’t just stand around and watch! I’ll give them credit for that part. The drunk idiot with the camera should’ve moved to a fucking spot where we could see the injured dude though.

  3. In all honesty, seeing the chubby guy taking his shirt off to help the tire-victim with it (right at the end) kinda said a lot about these people. We make fun of their dumbass “sport”, but they’ll fucking stand up and help a neighbor.

    I live deep in the heart of American Redneck country, so I know many folks whose necks are just as red, but hearts are also just as big as the chubby-helper guys. :S

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