Video of Hot Air Balloon Explosion in Egypt, 19 Tourists Died

Video of Hot Air Balloon Explosion in Egypt, 19 Tourists Died

A hot air balloon that took the visitors to Egypt’s Luxor up into the air for aerial views of the ancient city caught fire and plummeted into a sugar cane field below, killing 19 foreign tourists. The casualties include British, French, Belgian, Japanese and Hungarian nationals as well as nine tourists from Hong Kong. Three more people – two British tourists and an Egyptian survived the crash and were taken to a local hospital, but one of the British survivors later died as well.

According to the Egyptian authorities, the air balloon caught fire which triggered an explosion in its gas canister and sent it into a 300 metres freefall from the sky. It crashed outside al-Dhabaa village, 510 kilometres south of Cairo. Foul play had been ruled out.

Get ready for quiet muttering of Allahu Akbar in the video that was filmed from another hot air balloon that didn’t explode:

TV report on the tragedy:

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77 thoughts on “Video of Hot Air Balloon Explosion in Egypt, 19 Tourists Died”

    1. needles deaths. they didn’t follow the hot air balloon falling to the ground in flames survival guide. they should have jumped in the air a split second before the basket hit the ground to survive the fall, then they should have employed the stop, drop and roll technique to put themselves out of fire.

  1. The only way I’ll die in a hot air balloon accident, is if it falls out of the sky and lands on me. That must have been horrifying… can’t imagine anyone would have actually survived that. RIP tourists.

  2. I wonder if the survivors managed to survive by using the other foreigners as human body cushions. I would’ve done it…I would’ve told them the best way to survive is to lay down and stay there then at the last minute I would’ve jumped on them lol.

  3. Something like this happened here in the US recently. a hot air balloon fell out of the sky and obliterated on impact.
    Oh wait, that was just our economy fucking taking a fat shit. obama’s kenyan hot air ran out. Seriously, fuck taxes. I just got fucked hard.

    1. It did, see my post further down.

      The economy is tanked because the fucktards in congress aren’t doing their jobs. It is up to congress to provide an adequate budget, not the president. So if you want to point a finger of blame, please be sure to include the fucktard congress along with the president.

  4. I don’t understand why you guys made fun of them because they are muslim? they were all praying together for the victim safety and you made fun of them? You can even hear 1 of them crying. Please remember not all muslim are bad and not all christian are good!

  5. The ones who jumped were on fire. The survivors are severely burned. I’m amazed anyone lived through that.

    Some time back there was a hot air balloon tour in tornado alley. Everyone on board was wearing parachutes. The pilot saw the storm coming, a tornado was forming really fast. He managed to evacuate everyone on board before the wind caught his balloon and slammed it to the ground, killing him. All of his passengers lived, it was a split second after the last passenger was evacuated when the wind caught it.

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