Woman Falls Out Giant Swing and Plants Ground Fatally Hard

Woman Falls Out Giant Swing and Plants Ground Fatally Hard

Woman Falls Out Giant Swing and Plants Ground Fatally Hard

According to the backinfo I got, this happened in Turkey. It seems to be an amusement park of sorts, and not really geared for safety.

There’s a woman who’s being hoisted up a giant swing. When she’s released, she swings down, but appears to falls out of the harness and slams with full force on the ground. Allegedly she died, which would not surprise me.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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        1. @MasterSky
          I Don’t Know How He Did It Brother. But What I Do Know Is That He did An *Excellent Job* Translating all the slang that many of these North-African Countries Like Egypt, Turkey, and The Middle-East, Just To Name A Very Few use while Speaking Arabic.

          And I Say This because depending on the region you reside in, many are not easy to decipher cause of the different slang that many of them use. It’s Like A *British/Irish* Guy Trying to have an inept conversation With An English Speaking Canadian. Or A France Frenchman Attempting to Speak With A slang-French filled French Canadian. They Are So Hard To Understand, because of the slang that **they, and we** use both use in Canada, & The Rest Of The Word.

          And This Why Our Good Best-Gore Brother @MasterSky Deserves Nothing Less Than Major-Props,,, “”And Kudos””,,, For Translating what must’ve been Challenging to do. 🙂

  1. I’m not surprised, once I was watching a TV show, of those who travel through countries and their tourist areas. They were in Turkey, making an aerial balloon ride, and went straight to an area where there were electric poles and cables. Nobody died, at least they did not broadcast it on TV, but they were very close to being electrocuted.
    Definitely if you travel to Turkey do not go to their tuisticas attractions.

    1. And if you visit the states, do not go to public areas. Do not go to church, tall buildings, nor even walk on the streets. And if you see police, run for your life.
      More people die from terrorism, mass shootings, stray bullets and unprovoked police brutality than anything else

          1. Well at least she went out with a splat! That thing didn’t go very high, so I doubt her last moments were even fun, that’s a shame. I’d wanna be flung into the air at least 100 feet and then come crashing down. Now that would be fun!

  2. I’ve never trusted carnival rides. This just reaffirms my belief that those rides are final destination type of deaths waiting to happen. I wonder if her intestines turned to slush from the impact. At that force I’m certain a few organs detached from other parts causing massive internal bleeding then death. Any scientists wanna correct me?

  3. Wonder if that very brief “ugh!” shriek was the air blasting out of her lungs as she landed? That’s pretty fucked up, one second being nervous and excited about a fun ride without a clue she is in the last seconds of her life.

    Well, at least she is going to meet her false God Allah!! AaaaaLAAAAhu Ackbar!!

    1. Actually I cracked the fuck up so hard I almost spit out my wine. I saw the bike up there and I was thinking ‘What the hell ride is that?’ I wanna watch someone fall off that. Then I started thinking too much, my ADHD got out of control and I fell off “track.”

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