Wrestler Fatally Faceplants Performing Frontflip

Wrestler Fatally Faceplants Performing Frontflip

Somewhere in Latin America (Mexico?), a wrestler performing a fronflip from the ropes onto his fake opponent outside the ring somehow miscalculated the stunt and faceplanted hard on the concrete.

The bounce reveals that he instantly painted the floor red with blood. The organizers then flipped him over onto his back, like that was anywhere near a sound decision, and after listening to him perform agonal breathing for a while, carried him away on a stretcher. The wrestler reportedly died in hospital. The landing fractured his skull.

Props to Best Gore member @crybaby for the video. The two of us decided to dedicate it to all the double braindead sheeple who use Google Chrome and wonder why they can’t see the videos. They are double braindead because one – they use Google Chrome, and two – they wonder why, after handing over their aability to decide what they get to see and what not to Google, they wonder why they can’t see content intended for the aware. The wrestler in the video is a personification of a Google Chrome sheeple. Only they faceplant twice. Anyone been around to remember the triple liberal fail? Yeah!

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81 thoughts on “Wrestler Fatally Faceplants Performing Frontflip”

      1. Since this is fake and they know what is going to happen it would have probably been smart to at least added some padding to the floor. Even if it hadn’t been fatal then I’m sure some serious head trauma or broken neck could have been very possible

      1. Chrome users are an insult of their own. They insult themselves so insulting them would be redundant. IE is closed source just as much as Chrome. Whichever other closed source software you use, you are at the mercy of the controller. Go with open source alternatives so you know what you are getting and have a say in what you view yourself, instead of surrendering it to the evil companies that seek to control what you see and what you think.

        Either way, if you have a support request, take it to the forum instead of spamming the comment section, which is for discussing videos, not for whining about being a wool-blinded Chrome user.

        1. Ha! Thanks, Mark! I just got rid of all my Chrome shit and installed Mozilla Firefox. Every video on this site works now! Yay!! FUCK Google and FUCK Chrome! Now I just gotta switch off of gmail to something else, haha.

      1. Like Mark’s motto… Truth conquers all! We’re only here once (imo) and there’s no reason to be a sheep, unless you’re an ignorant masochist dumbfuck and you want your balls chopped off. I can think of one demented sheepish faggot, who earlier filmed such content for us. Tank chuus!

  1. I don’t know whose bright idea it was for the wrestler to fly into the concrete. Do you know how solidly heavy and hard that material is? I work in engineering so know a bit about these things. Don’t ever think you can beat concrete. It’ll get you every time!

  2. Anybody who uses anything but the greatest browser in the world, Chrome, is a fucking idiot. Chrome is the number 1 browser and greatest browser in the world. I have been visiting BestGore for 7 years on the Chrome browser, never had a single issue. So, clearly none of us have an earthly clue what Mark or anyone else is tripping on about.

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