Wrist Ripped Open in an ATV Accident

Wrist Ripped Open in an ATV Accident

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member coldflames. In his own words:

The arm in this picture is of a student that I went to school with. He was in a ATV wreck last year and this was the result of his wrist. I don’t really know how it happened I just know it was ATV related. I messaged him on Facebook for a story but I haven’t gotten a reply.

Thanks a lot coldflames for the pics:

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34 thoughts on “Wrist Ripped Open in an ATV Accident”

  1. Did yall know that ATVs are the most dangerous recreational vehicles out there they’re even more dangerous than dirtbikes and reason for that is that ATVs are more prone to flipping and rolling over especially since they’re always driven at high rates of speed, they also weigh a hell of alot more than dirtbikes, dirtbikes weigh about 200lbs more or less depending on the size..ATVs on the other hand can weigh four times as much..small ATVs 300lbs-400lbs, medium ATVs 500lbs-600lbs, and large ATVs 700lbs-800lbs, there are even some ATVs that can weigh up to a 1000lbs almost a ton, all that heavy weight coupled with how easy they roll over equals broken bones, you also find that the vast majority of bones that break during ATV accidents are the wrists bones and many times its both wrists that break. When I was younger I would ride motocross (race dirtbikes) and I racked up many broken bones because of it including my fractured patella (kneecap) which was by far the worst off all, I’ve had six broken bones in total and four of them were from racing motocross, out of those four bones two I broke in the same place my wrist. Aside from having first hand knowledge on these types of accidents I’ve also seen them happen to other people many times and ATVs are always by far the worst accidents when it comes to recreational vehicles.

    1. @rydah
      Exactly. My favorite thing is when a parent says something such as: “gee whiz golly. You and your no good snowboarding/skateboarding friends doing radical dangerous stunts. You’re gonna kill yourself! Oh by the way I just bought my little son a 4wheeler! Yayyy.” Ignorance at its finest. Same with the parents who won’t let their kids ride a skateboard but will sign them up for some all american football fun.

      1. Yep alot parents learn this the hard way..they think that by buying their kids ATVs they’ll be safer because they’re on 4 wheels but its only a matter of time before junior gets too comfortable for own good and ends up eating shit wrist first, one of the first ATV accidents I ever saw was when this little kid was hauling ass on an ATV that you could tell was to big for him I’m not sure if anyone here is familiar with the Yamaha Banshee racing ATV the thing is a fucking beast its got twin two stroke 350 engines, basically its an racing ATV with two very large dirtbike engines in it, its literally one of the fastest ATVs out there and here was this little shit that was probably about 13 years old hitting the throttle harder than most racers any ways I alot of people were watching since its not everyday you see such a little kid control such a fast ATV..well needless to say he’s finishing up a lap when he come around the straight away hits the whoop section loses control gets bucked around like crazy and in the process gives the ATV more gas sending him flying straight into a turn where the ATV went straight up threw him off then immediately came back down and fell on him, I can still remember his dad screaming at someone to call an 911, since ambulances were only present during races and not practice days it would be a while for an ambulance to get to the track since it was located way in the sticks, either way the little kid was knocked out cold and soon as they got the ATV off of him they wanted to carry him off in the truck and race him to the E.R. but they managed to convince the dad not to move him since that could do more damage than good so they covered the kid up with some towels and waited for the ambulance to get there which took about 20 mins during you could hear the mother getting after the father that why did he let him ride that thing and he knew better and that he knew how dangerous whose things were and that she was going to sell it and just bitching him out which he definitely did deserve, him and his kid wanted to show off..well they definitely put on a show that day.

        1. By the way the little shit was fine..turned out he just had a concussion he lucked out with no broken bones but either way I never saw him at the track after that although his dad would still go from time to time I don’t think the mom would let the kid go anymore.

  2. Jumping an ATV is the dumbest shit ever. Drifting takes a keen attention span to know what’s happening at every split second. Making sure your tires have enough air is also a huge factor in not destroying yourself.

    I have been riding an ATV like I stole it my whole life and had one accident; the cause was a tire with LOW AIR, and the outcome was a scraped knee.

    People just need to treat the vehicle with respect..

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