Young Man Crushed to Death by Basketball Backboard in Philippines

Young Man Crushed to Death by Basketball Backboard in Philippines

In Camarines Sur, the Philippines, a 23 year old man died after being crushed by the basketball backboard when its concrete post collapsed while he and some friends were playing the game.

That’s all I know, and there is only one photo of the aftermath. Props to Best Gore member @proculo18 for the pic.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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90 thoughts on “Young Man Crushed to Death by Basketball Backboard in Philippines”

  1. LOL jesus I was thinking it’s only a basketball backboard… how could it kill him and crush him. Because of the angle of the photo I didn’t see that massive concrete arm jutting out of the backboard.

    This is one time where I am glad I wasn’t able to dunk.

  2. Ive actually seen someone go to dunk and the glass backboard shattered it was intense. Was in my highschool gym. Cant say ive ever seen someone crushed by a backboard but I have now lol. That shit is concrete reinforced with rebar how the hell did this even happen?

      1. No way man its a true story lol I wish I had a way to prove it but it totally happened I swear on all I have to swear on. They had the backboards attached to like a mechanical system that could raise and lower them, they fold down from the roof and the backboards are glass with like a metal rectangle skeleton. We were having a pep rally and one of the tallest basketball players was set to do a crazy dunk off a trampoline with the hoop raised up pretty far. He nailed that shit and hung from the hoop and the backboard shattered around him. No word of bullshit lol

  3. Holy F! The design of that goal is so bad. The guy that put the goal together must have been drunk and stoned from weed at the same time. It is like a death trap to whomever plays.

  4. Okay, so this some real life unbelievable shit about an old friend of mine I use to know from Oaxaca, when I first met him he introduced himself with the name of Miguel and it wasn’t his real name it was a name he just made up cause he was embarrassed of his real name, eventually after a couple of weeks he probably felt weird and decided to come clean and reveal that his name really wasn’t Miguel but it was Proculo and me and my other friend couldn’t believe he was telling the truth.
    For once we’ve never heard that name before and if you’re Spanish speaker when you hear the name Proculo is kind of weird in a funny fucked up way. Like dammn dude what kind of name is that, you must hate your parents for giving you that name or your parents must’ve hated you. It’s kind of a way to clown him for having that name. Of course me and my friend didn’t believe him, we thought he was bullshitting.
    That’s when he comes fully clean and tells us that he has a second name as well and that other name was Castulo….
    So at this point we’re all cracking up and thinking, ok
    This motherfucker really is fucking with us, I mean who the fuck’s name is “Proculo Castulo” so we ask him to show us proof that he wasn’t lying, and to our surprise he pulls out his birth certificate and there it was with written ink….
    His full name “Proculo Castulo Q.” the BG membet who submitted pic for this post has the same name.

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