Youth Treks Down Steep Mountain Side and Slides to His Death

Youth Treks Down Steep Mountain Side and Slides to His Death

Youth Treks Down Steep Mountain Side and Slides to His Death

One could tell by the accent and by the rocky camera work, this was most likely filmed someplace in the mountainous regions of USA; though I can’t pinpoint the exact location.

The video shows a youth trekking down a steep slope on a mountain side, all the while being told to “go back“. The boy doesn’t listen and ends up sliding to his death. Traditionally, since it was filmed in America by an American the actual moment of impact is missed. But you do see a glimpse of his lifeless body at the end.

Props to Best Gore member @seraphim-serenata for the video:

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227 thoughts on “Youth Treks Down Steep Mountain Side and Slides to His Death”

  1. Stupid dumbass, judging by wind variation, amount of birds and coastal brush I conclude with certainty it’s a beach location in Californiastan. I know try hard morons always climbing up and down cliffs etc to impress uncle survivalist or parents.

    1. The little shit was definitely one of those American-born spics. “Dreamers” as you call them. Plenty of time for dreaming now with your big beaner head face down in a rock pit, eh homes?

    2. Theres a difference between free climbing and being a total retard. Ive gone bouldering with friends. You pick a rock that isnt higher than 20-30 feet tall, unless you are an expert. That way if you fall, at least trained individuals can land/roll and get away with a few broken bones instead of dying like this doucher. Ive personally taken a fall, and hurt my ankle going up a 20+ foot wall without gear. But i didnt die, because i knew if i fell, which i did, i would land not too far.

    1. I know that you’ve hit rock bottom, and you’re under a lot of pressure, but don’t take life for granite. You don’t always shale through life. Sometimes you just have the stones to make a concrete apology, so you can start off with a clean slate. It’d be gneiss for your parents to trust you again, too, ore this thing will hang over your head and they’ll just get boulder.

      1. Ahh, good shit, HK. You gots good taste. I was waiting for the G.O.A.T reference and wondering which sport he was gonna reference to. Was guessing either football or basketball but nope, boxing it is, lol.

  2. I went down a cliff like that last night on PUBG. I was 10x more careful that that shit…and I didn’t get hurt at all; not even a fucking energy drink or painkiller needed to be used.

    At least the gene pool is rid of him, because the last thing we need are some retarded wannabe goat children faceplanting down more mountain sides..

  3. The boy was an inbreed, His parents are brother and sister, Like all Aryan offspring they are too stupid to make good judgment and common sense, Like the character “Ralph Wiggum” Aryan children where far stupider then Ralph Wiggum character in the failed series “The Simpsons”

        1. Inbred malforms and perks are amplified through inbreeding. You usually end up with a sick, incapable child, but in the case of intelligent parents you can get a fragile genius. I know because I’ve seen one. I do not detest the children of inbreds, for it was their parents decisions, not theirs.

  4. I think this is the kid. I read a few versions of the story and in one of them, I don’t recall which, one of the witnesses said he stepped on a rock which gave way, causing him to fall. I’ll have to re-watch but the dislodged rock was not what caused his fall in the video, if memory serves. Someone went on to mention how nothing was being done to prevent this from happening. I don’t know, maybe don’t try to climb down the cliff? Just spitballing here.

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