African Man Clubbed and Stoned to Death by Mob

African Man Clubbed and Stoned to Death by Mob

The video depicts an African man getting clubbed and stoned to death by a mob. We have no background information, but Best Gore member @african-angel shared some thoughts of her own:

Should I call it mob justice or simply two angry motherfucking niggers murdering their fellow?

Have lived in Africa much of my time but have never witnessed this kind of shit with my
naked eyes!

It’s not that easy to get the background information for videos from Africa. I listened to the language in the video but came up with nothing, and I cannot tell which region, or rather part of Africa this thing happened in.


Best Gore member @cholera182 notes that at 1:21, the woman says “jou moerskont”, which sounds like one of South African dialects from either north or south Sotho, or Tswana. @cholera182 also notes that in South Africa, mob justice like this is usually delivered to anyone from a thief to a rapist.

Thanks for the video @african-angel.

Originally Published on: Aug 25, 2016 @ 05:56
Original Author @acneska

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for sending in the video that was once gone forever:

Zero-Decibels ®

211 thoughts on “African Man Clubbed and Stoned to Death by Mob”

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  1. The mobjustice meted out was brutal as hell but even after bludgeoning with that heavy boulder slab his life hung on to it and he didn’t die instantly .
    The crowd just kept egging on and on and it took couple of niggers to shut his living daylights off .
    Gotta give to the roach for he sure was some Hard skinned nigger bastard to have warranted this sorta punishment .
    Every criminal raoch needs to go this way .

  2. There’s stoned, and then then there’s STONED. The newest spectator sport, as evidenced by the nice sized crowd off to the right behind the fence. Wonder how much tickets cost, & whether you can order them online? And what’s on the menu for the hungry crowd? Baboon kebabs & beer?

  3. Wow African mob Justice is surely blind ! one can only wonder what this horrible horrible person must have done… steal a piece of bread …shoes…? maybe he raped someone , maybe he did something that you and I do everyday….. suddenly! someone points out the window at you… nose picker!! booger flicker !! that’s him !! that’s him !!! and get him!!! we’re not sure what he did ….but get him get!!! him get him……..

  4. Shooting someone or, even beheading is not hard. THose are rather quick and the executioneer does not have time to feel mercy.
    But in this case, after hitting him once, twice, three times … at some point you have to feel pitty and stop (or at least that’s how i think i would feel).. these are mercyless and violent men .. not the casual south american that pulls a pistol trigger.
    Anyway … that was on tough victim.

  5. People are fucked up, been behind on bg for quite a few days and I got to say the content put on here lately has been some top notch gore, shit that makes my liver quiver. Hope that fucker got what he deserved for doing something horrible but I can’t help but think it was probably over some trivial bullshit.

  6. Wow clubbed and stoned myself prefer getting stoned in a club as we have seen before African justice is painful thanks African queen your videos are amazing as for the guy he now in nigga heaven were the KFC. is free and white bitches on tap

  7. these videos with these chimps lobbing concrete at their heads are the only videos that I cant bring myself to watch – along with most of the prison lynchings too… brutal as fuck. Ironic that the cunts that are handing out the lynching are as bad in every way as those on the receiving end for whatever they did.

  8. Why did they have to beat the living shit out of him with a concrete slab? He must have pissed them off pretty good to deserve that kind of treatment. That, or they just must be pretty bored down there with nothing better to do…lol

  9. Much of life comes down to random luck. Wrong place wrong time and you end up a victim. If you’re born black in most places you will be treated as a common nigger unless you can rap or play ball. whatever your present circumstances thank random luck that you are not stuck in an African shithole with THESE niggers. I feel lucky today.

      1. This, I’m reminded of what Muhammad Ali said after he returned from Africa, the land of his origin, he was glad his ancestor was on the boat to America.
        But that’s not to say, it still happens here in places like Chicago. They just use guns.

  10. This happened in South Africa. I understood what was said. Not surprised, probably an act of xenophobia, all the people were saying was, hit him again, and calling him terrible names. I am glad i dont live there anymore

    1. Yeah, he’s gonna wake up with a splitting headache. That last drop of the concrete chunk was when you could see it was lights out. This boy took quite a few hits and kept on ticking. Savages indeed.

  11. Last time I seen something convulsing like that, we put down a rabid dog.. Bashed it’s head like that. But placed his head on another rock, so the impact grin the rock being thrown has more power I guess ha. But uh pretty brootul

  12. Some people think street justice is a good thing, I disagree. If the person is guilty, fine – good riddance. But this could be a person who is being murdered because of a rumor or a flat out lie. At this point the attackers don’t really care anymore though, their anger makes them unable to see that this is human being tortured. He’s just an ‘it’ now.

  13. sadistic people youd think they would be humain but i say who is worse he who was wrong or those whom punish. i could say who was worse? its crazy and a shit stain on humanity bunch off

  14. I felt sorrow for him. truly.
    I dunno if its the brand of wine ive been drinking tonight, the heavy/fragile heart i have anyway just now due to family matters, or just some unbiased,fucked up empathy with any of humanity… but i felt for him.
    Id love it if @africanAngel could supply some other, more damning info- like that he was a kiddie fiddler, rapist, or child murderer – so i could exorcise these feelings.
    But knowing something of the nature of mob mentality – especially in less “civilized” enviroments (or for that matter,in so called “civilized” enviroments)…. then it is just as likely that this guy was mashed to death with a fucking big arsed lump of concrete for pushing into the queue at the wells hand-pump?

    I just dont know what the fuck is up with me just lately

    1. Karmen40, what i can tell you is that this is really from south africa, “moerskont” is an afrikaans word used by the blacks, it means he is a “fucking cunt” in english basically. What he did, l really can’t say, i will need a black guy to translate everything for me too, but i know the language, just not the words. I will work on that on monday and email BG with the words.

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