African Man Clubbed and Stoned to Death by Mob

African Man Clubbed and Stoned to Death by Mob

The video depicts an African man getting clubbed and stoned to death by a mob. We have no background information, but Best Gore member @african-angel shared some thoughts of her own:

Should I call it mob justice or simply two angry motherfucking niggers murdering their fellow?

Have lived in Africa much of my time but have never witnessed this kind of shit with my
naked eyes!

It’s not that easy to get the background information for videos from Africa. I listened to the language in the video but came up with nothing, and I cannot tell which region, or rather part of Africa this thing happened in.


Best Gore member @cholera182 notes that at 1:21, the woman says “jou moerskont”, which sounds like one of South African dialects from either north or south Sotho, or Tswana. @cholera182 also notes that in South Africa, mob justice like this is usually delivered to anyone from a thief to a rapist.

Thanks for the video @african-angel.

Originally Published on: Aug 25, 2016 @ 05:56
Original Author @acneska

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for sending in the video that was once gone forever:

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