African Thief Keeps Recovering from Stoning After Being Burned

African Thief Keeps Recovering from Stoning After Being Burned

African Thief Keeps Recovering from Stoning After Being Burned

This allegedly happened in Nigeria, Africa. The video shows the lynching and stoning of an alleged thief who takes a lick’n but keeps on tick’n.

His skin is discolored from having been doused with flammable fluid and burned, which alone should have sent him to a major shock, but he just wouldn’t give in. The mob then throws multiple stones at his head, each the size that should have killed him and leave him with a cracked open skull, yet he continuously recovers from each of them. That is some tough motherfucker right there.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

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139 thoughts on “African Thief Keeps Recovering from Stoning After Being Burned”

    1. haha Now you know why they come to the west to steal. Especially england where they are encouraged to steal because teresa may loves anyone but the english

        1. It’s funny how people like “Shelly Bassey”, “Sade (Helen Folasade) Adu”, “Anthony (Oluwafemi Olaseni) Joshua”, etc are called “British” when they’re clearly Nigerians 😀 ..

          Cherry-Blossom may be a Japanese thing but Cherry-picking is British Culture

          1. You are now officially my BG best friend. I love the list you created down in one of the comments below, not because of the call out…not because its correct, not because it was informative…not for anything else but the sarcasm…hahahaha loved it.
            And just to let you know, im copying it, but i will be sure to quote you if i ever decide to not make it my personal mantra.

            Back to topic, Africans, especially West Africans, are built hella tough. I should know.

          2. @dieselfuel
            haha thanks for whatever that was.. The seeming popsy downstair thinks any nation which did not go around invading, raping, killing, enslaving and colonizing others is not civilized…
            Sometimes you need to school them outside their little mainstream media box which helped them evolve beyond commonsense…
            I don’t think there are any Africans on this platform and it’s hypocritical to see the way we mock them here, as if we don’t have enough brain-cells to realise how doomed we ourselves are becoming…

          3. I love it when someone talks about civilized africa.
            For over 6000 years of recorded history, the pure blooded africoon nigger has invented NOTHING. No written language, woven cloth, calender, plow, road, bridge, ship, system of measurement, or even a wheel.
            They are not known to have cultivated a single crop, nor domesticated a single animal for their own use.
            They have not progressed beyond a mud hut..of which a beaver, or muskrat, is capable of building a better structure.
            You know why niggers got the nickname ‘coon’? It’s because they have an eye for shiny things. Just like a raccoon, they will sulk around and steal away anything shiny that catches their fancy, no matter whom it belongs to, and no matter the consequences. It is in their dna. As a majority, they can never lie enough, steal enough, or even kill enough to satisfy that deep rooted tribal drive. And that is why the saying still rings true, ‘you can take a monkey out of the jungle, but never get the jungle out of the monkey’.
            The common american negro is conditioned to blame the white man for his short comings and his woes, when he, himself, is the main root of his problems. Look around..they value shiny things over moral compass and family values. They value animalistic behavior and cannot over come herd mentality. Dont believe it? The internet is full of negro violence, and negro animal behavior.
            Sure, there is similar behavior in all races, but it is prevalent in negro culture. So much so that they over represent in all crime statistics.
            But I digress, its all whitey’s fault as the sheeple have been taught. Go back to your reality tv shows folks…

        2. You’re insane. Africans haven’t built any country. They haven’t invaded and conquered anywhere. More like the British made African countries somewhat civilized. Even though Africans seem to not be able to be civilized.

          1. @messymitzy
            “More like the British made African countries somewhat civilized. Even though Africans seem to not be able to be civilized”.
            Can you define the word “civilized”? Or perhaps we should create a formula :

            1. Throwing rocks at a person, taking more than one hour trying to kill them
            = Uncivilized.
            Using Automatic weapons to commit mass shootings , killing more than fifty people within five minutes = Civilized.

            2. Stealing food by hand and trying to run for it = Uncivilized.
            Stealing millions of $$$ by creative accounting and signatures = Civilized.

            3. Using spears to fight time consuming and exhausting battles = Uncivilized.
            Building radioactive materials to wipe off major life forms = Civilized.

            4. Farming healthy foods through time-consuming natural methods = Uncivilized.
            Using chemicals to achieve maximum yield of food and health problems = Civilized.

            5. Eating fish / meat brought freshly from nature = Uncivilized.
            Eating factory processed, chemically preserved fish / meat to develop cancer = Civilized.

            6. Living among the provisions of nature = Uncivilized.
            Clearing off acres of forests for unhealthy urban expansion and pollution = Civilized.

            7. Understanding the natural combination of leaves to cure diseases = Uncivilized.
            Mixing up chemicals for western medicine with endless side-effects = Civilized.

            8. Using valuables like gold as legal tender or in exchange for goods and services = Uncivilized.
            Creating a piece of paper called “money / currency” and getting the whole world to accept and put their faith in it and work their arses out for it INCLUDING Committing crimes to get it = Civilized.

            Now let’s define it: Civilization is a white man’s endless effort to make evil more convenient through advancement of initiatives, science and technology. Any evil you’re able to look cool in and smile while at it (e.g using drones to remotely bomb a wedding ceremony, causing a global financial crises, etc) is under the category of civilization.

            Yes, for once I agree, thanks to the Brits for trying to show Africans the white man’s culture of detaching / disguising emotions while committing evil. But it clearly does not fit. Africans were created to be a natural / pro-nature people. I’m surprised the Brits were and still are too stupid to realise it.

          2. Ok life started in Kenya 1.5 million years ago. The Bible is full of stories about the Ethiopian and Numidian empires. Also Julius Ceaser had treaties with both Empires because he wanted there chstiots and Calvary.

        3. England was built by Africa? Lol, yeah right mate. We are not responsible for our ancestors actions, the empire ended decades ago, don’t use that to justify your thieving ways, Do you know how much money and aid the UK has given African nations by the way? Alot more than what we took, so go fuck yourself.

    2. Doesn’t matter where niggers are in the world they steal, loot, riot , rape and murder. There is something wrong with them genetically they are less civilized and suffer from violent rages.

    3. Think about it, image if you were born with brillo pad hair big ugly lips a squashed nose and skin the same colour of shit, wouldn’t that be so depressing, you would want to kill yourself surely? I think they know they are ugly af. That’s part of their problem. Such an ugly race of people, how did it happen.

      1. Now, imagine if you were born with an 88% tendency to catch some kind of cancer in your future . And you are . Additionally, your evolution beyond commonsense PLUS “advanced civilization” has created irreversible artificial dependencies that only spell death, if not for you then for your next generations. Still on “Advancement”, the whiteman has created stockpiles of nuclear warheads enough to destroy every square-inch of this planet. You think those will be preserved forever without use? Think again, while the Africans are taking hours to stone and burn one person to death, the white-man is creating technology to wipe-out all major life-form from the planet within hours.

        Whenever I see an African or people from other races, I see ignorance and INNOCENCE. you have no right to insult them when the source of our daily worries (Wars, Gun-violence, modern diseases, social and economic problems, etc) is created by Caucasoid.

        Yes, Africans may be savage-minded, emotional and confused, but they don’t hide their evil behind underhanded plans, fake smiles and glamorous technology.

        They are still simple people. Something we can never be again

        1. @goritian
          Your calculations aren’t accurate regarding the potential for developing – not “catching” – cancer. Also, Africa has the highest incidence of cervical cancer in the world according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Cervical cancer develops, unchecked, after exposure to certain types of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) or “genital warts”. Its a horrible way for a woman to die but she can thank the indigenous African male for fucking around and passing it along to her. Additionally, the rate of HIV in Africa is roughly 50% per capita. Too stupid and “innocent” to use protection, I suppose. I remember reading an article which stated that African “men” who were HIV positive were raping young virgin girls because the “men” believed that the girl’s purity would rub off on the rapist and make him clean again thereby removing the HIV. Ignorant bastards… Oh, yeah. Then, there’s sickle cell anemia. When Africans go to northern climes, they just can’t seem to get enough vitamin D. That pesky old melanin… Lastly, the WHO states that cancer among blacks worldwide has been grossly underreported due to lack of advanced medical care. Healthcare leads to reporting and that demonstrates statistical data. Heart attacks, diabetes and breast cancer among domesticated blacks is excessive. So is obesity, hypertension and stroke. Not to mention higher rates of incarceration: blacks account for 13% of the population in the US but represent 30% of incarcerated individuals. What else? Why are blacks generally disinclined to give themselves a hand up instead of scratching out a dirt life existence? If they’re not doing that, then they’re trying to ride on the coattails of advanced societies. Like leeches. I don’t get it. And don’t blame developed countries. Whites have been to the moon and sent probes into the far edge of the solar system while Africans are still chunking spears.

          1. I was talking about cancer generally (colon cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, etc), not cervical cancer specifically.

            The USA has the highest number of cancer patients per country in the world, highest obesity rate in the world, coronary heart diseases, mental illnesses, etc… These are all overwhelming problems in the west whether you choose to know it or not.

            And who created HIV? hmm! go find that out!!

            Of course the west funds the WHO so the reports from them is generally what we want to hear (all good about us all bad about them). Same as CocaCola had US health scientists on their payroll back in the 60s to omit facts about the correlation between coca-cola / sugar consumption and diabetes. That was known but hidden for so long… and what’s the result? over 10% of the population in Europe and North America are diabetic. Compare that to the more active Africans who consume less sugar

            So tell me again to trust research data generated by capitalist funding … That data is only suitable for conformists. I do my own research by being involved with the places and the people rather than echo reports from western funded and deeply corrupt UN

      1. everyone knows blacks hate each other more than they hate whites, you lot love raping and killing each other. I like that , Redneck, yes i’m very proud to be called that

          1. They’re dumb as fuck. That’s why they’re used so much by politicians. Look at those idiot blacks that shot those cops when trump won the election, they killed cops, killed themselves and for what? hilary clinton and the democrats, they throw their lives away for the dems. How dumb as fuck is that

        1. That and “ashy” skin. And God help you if you hand them a white cotton towel or let them sleep in a bed with white sheets.
          That shit rubs off.
          I know, I have swabbed many apes before starting IVs or stitching a laceration.

    1. I’m guessing it started with lynching, clubbing, then burning, and then stoning. Not only does he survive, he retains full consciousness and sanity still speaking and trying to reason with his assailants / murderers. If he makes it, his genes would be priceless in Superhuman Research

      Even Bear Grylls (Ultimate Survival) would have died less than a quarter way into this lynching

    1. The NFL could use someone like him. However, being half black and half white, he wouldn’t know what the fuck to do during the national anthem.

  1. I did not make it past the first 2 seconds without laughing out loud. I usually expect a few seconds to go by before the action starts but in this case it is instant. That first smack in the back of the head is absolutely golden…. love it HAHAHAHAHA

    Does anybody else feel the same?

  2. I agree I think they should forgive him as he has a lot of spunk & took the beatings/burning..

    Just one idea tho, next time cut thru the Achilles heels so he can’t get up & run off..

  3. He was the most popular man in Africa during this revolutionary shift. He has an aura of resilience that thrives in this hassling. The slight blood drenched smile insinuates he is a bonafide thief. A crook and proud. Say it out loud. The condemn thief is unwilling to revision his views of whether he actually committed a crime. The petulant herd is spewing their hatred even more ferociously and the intentions is to undermined. This is merely a sign of love. Best gore loves you. They want you to have your revenge. One own’s handy work and a way to make amends. COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS.

      1. the age old conundrum, do you kill or forgive a thief? god is happy with both. i would have killed the mother fucker though. you can’t let that shit slide and you have a free pass to kill the cunt.

        1. “Conundrum”?
          Wtf you talking about? Wanna be a funny? Do i have to Google words while talking to you here? Jez..
          -Use simple English for fuck sake, we don’t have same associations for every word and we are from different countries.

          Btw, i don’t give a F for your mercilessness.

          1. Exodus 22:2-4 “If a thief is found while breaking into a house, and is struck down and dies, it is not a capital crime in that case, but if the sun has risen on him, then it is a capital crime in that case. A thief is certainly to make restitution, but if he has nothing, he is to be sold for his theft. If what was stolen is actually found alive in his possession, whether an ox, a donkey or a sheep, he is to repay double.”

            as i have already said, god is happy with both. your “mercilessness” is homo shit. god hates homos as well.

  4. How can they be SO(!) angry to mercilessly continue with stoning, after they burn and beat him madly? They aren’t and they can’t. Their anger vanished and this right there is Sadism. They cower their sadistic enjoyment with alleged anger. Disgusting people.
    He learned his lesson hard core. There is no need to kill the guy but since these are niggers, there is no hope for him. He will be killed and those around scared of each other much more. They harm themselves with this, not bringing a justice, just darkness.
    Stupid people.

  5. You the only one around butt naked bloody and bleedin’ With 7 demons in your ear got you believin’ you’re healin’ Talk you into pulling out your own intestines to get even
    You were born with the shine but you lost it down the line
    You fucked life up and you can’t rewind…

  6. You’re all assholes!… This is obviously some stupid cuckasian who dressed himself as a niggr to buy crack from a village… You can tell by the paint comin off him… Looks like he didn’t even have to do that… When they discovered he was white, they were practically throwin the crack rocks at him… Whites have GREAT credit, you see..!

  7. Bene! dovremmo adttare anche noi in Italia lo stesso trattamento a questi negracci, ogni giorno queste bestie nere ne combinano di tutti i colori, uccidono, stuprano, rubano, rapinano e fòttono con la violenza le donne bianche. In Italia sono protetti dalla Stato, quindi non abbiamo la possibilità di linciarli a nostro piacimento, cosa che invece è nei nostri obiettivi quotidiani. L’altro ieri un senegalese ha stuprato una ragazzina, e come al solito tutti a far finta di nulla.

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