Cell Phones Thief Clubbed and Stoned by Mob of Muslim Men in Kenya

Cell Phones Thief Clubbed and Stoned by Mob of Muslim Men in Kenya

A thief who allegedly used to rob residents of Mombasa off their cell phones and other valuables is shown in the nighttime video being stoned by an angry mob of apparent Muslims shouting Allahu Akbar.

He was reportedly caught stealing early in the morning after Ramadan prayers, and as is common in Kenya, received instant street justice by being clubbed and stoned to death.

Props to Best Gore member @real_nigger for the video:

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103 thoughts on “Cell Phones Thief Clubbed and Stoned by Mob of Muslim Men in Kenya”

  1. you can almost hear the retardation in their akkbaa screams. i can picture them all alone in their huts just staring into a mirror and repeating their shitty retarded fucking akkbaa wails. humans are a pitiful bunch, we really are a disgrace to this beautiful planet. i am starting to despise all humanity, even the people i relatively like i just know you are shit because you are human. and yes that includes me i am also a giant cunt and i know it.

      1. I think he would have preferred having his hand cut off to being killed, so he can carry on thieving with his left hand.
        I would prefer to be killed than having my hand cut off as life would be pretty shit. Would never be able to do an office job, or tie my shoelaces, or make dinner, ride a bike, drive, carry suitcases to the airport. Fuck, even when I would sign cheques with my left hand, the signature would look all wrong and it wouldn’t be cashed.

        Well I could wank with my left hand, but it ain’t great.

        1. Chin up @Mr Spock. You’ve eliminated a handful of shitty jobs and mundane tasks from your life. And let’s face it, nobody needs to use checks these days. Your one handed future looks pretty bright.

    1. want to escape the human condition of being a piece of shit human being? become a psychonaut and seek as many psychedelic drugs as your mind is capable of handling. You will get over that phase of yours and become an enlightened, peaceful human being who just wants everyone to get along…But still buy a gun in case some piece of shit cock sucker tries to steal your phone so you can pop the mother fucker.

    2. Your views on “we” humans pretty much match mine. Sometimes, I look at humanity as vile, disgusting creatures who enjoy doing “evil”.
      IMO, “evil” is in our DNA and probably has some survival value. What to do? I don’t know!

    3. yes i agree, i’ve also started to think like that, the Human race is a race of sewer rats all we do is find someone weaker to feed off, the quicker that nuclear ww3 starts the better, me you all of us need wiping out

  2. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m from the States that I think this is crazy overkill but it is to me. It’s a phone. So what? If somebody stole my phone, I’d be pissed about losing info stored in it. But the actual phone? Definitely worth less than a life. But this is only a fraction of the scene. Maybe it’s over more than phones.

      1. I’ve had my phone stolen and it is very aggravating. Not because of the information lost, but because of the principle of losing something of mine to some fucking cunt who has no claim to it whatever. I’ve since learnt to be very protective of my stuff when I go to pubs.

        This guy did more than steal one phone. I’ll bet he stole lots of phones whilst owners were praying. There are some people who will do anything for personal gain regardless of the misery inflicted on others. Screw those people that do it in 1st world countries.

        Ok this guy might have been dirt poor and had no other way of making money to survive.
        Insofar as he had no options and couldn’t work, then his death was harsh.

    1. I got a couple motherfuckers that I have offered a prayer for their asses that I don’t catch them cause they will know what is like to be this fellow cell phone thief on this video.
      Fucking stupid thieving ass motherfuckers, out of all the things you shouldn’t steal is a personal cell phone.
      Death warrant right there don’t really matter circumstances.

        1. Listen to you @itsplaster now you feel like continuing I thought you were done with me…
          Anyways so according to your response to my comment, I believe in Jesus and God but I don’t follow their teachings and I don’t worship and I’m passionate about it and I don’t respect it…
          oKay plaster take off your prejudicial lenses next time you want to see me…
          Otherwise you gone see image of your typical churchgoer biblecarrier Jehová Witness type of guy and thats not me…
          You’re thinking I’m somebody else.
          Funny how you cry when Mark describes your stereotype whore and your the first to lash out in the defense of these poor woman, not knowing if they’re really whores or not but you judgemental either way and now just because somebody believes in God and Jesus they suppose to be at church 24/7 banging themselves hard in th chest and dance around and worship.

    2. @itsplaster.
      Personally, I would not be mad to the point of homocide either but it would be close. I’ve spent the last 4 years carefully cataloguing 100’s of dick pics by costume design, level of flaccidity or “dangle angle”, head wear, and a category that I call, “Shit I Stuck My Dick In” which ironically does not include shit…yet.
      BTW everybody. If anyone needs ball sack B-Roll I have several clips to choose from for a small fee. D’snutz.com

    3. right!WTF,,,,that is a dangerous clan of uneducated FN idiots alla akbba..musalamalakum??i thought catholics where mean,,give them powpeople a gameboy!!i wonder was it android or apple???no definetly a flip phone??

    4. i think it’s to do with that shitty religion of theirs, it’s about making things right with allah, it’s all muslim weird shit, they kill their own fathers and mothers and often kill their kids because of that brainwashed shit

  3. You get shit from shit or is that shit skins a beating over a £5 phone. A.I.D.S is a weakening virus now and not enough too stem the black tide we need too sterilise these apes. Trick them with a free bucket of Fried Chicken with every op shouldn’t be too hard.

    1. @Lucythepoosy; aha ha ha!

      Unfortunately, these guys are running on full leaded fuel with fuel additives; no concept of taking one’s time, easing into things slowly, savouring the moment, prolonging the ecstasy, and building up to a climax with a choir, dancing, fireworks and laser lights.

      No class.

      None at all.

        1. Too bad it’s not legal, or I’d have you put a bullet in my head since I don’t own a gun. Not harmful to others, though sometimes I wish for half this world to get wiped out due to corruption, but my worst crime was a ticket 8 years ago. I was born Muslim (Persian), lived in Boise, Idaho for 32 years. 35 years old now and ready to die so I don’t have to deal with another human again including myself again. BPD disorder is a bitch to live with.

          1. Fuck Islam
          2. Fuck all religions.
          3. Fuck most humans, they are toxic to this planet and to each other.
          4. This site is full of white trash. I assume this is where they come to hang out and talk trash about 4 billion people on the planet because they live in a trailer and hate their miserable lives, and fear the rest of the world.. (Not referring to you, but in general)
          5. For you stupid fucks that believe the Middle East is a bad place and the people are all crazy like this, you are a sheeple who’s lived in a bubble their entire life. There’s kind people everywhere, and shitty people everywhere.

          I’m not racist, not psycho other than my sad attempts to terminate or harm myself. Had a good one for BG, I was able to unintentionally slice my head open last week and was hoping the bleeding would continue, but no thanks a blood clot, I am unfortunately still. it’s far easier to die than to deal with this bullshit. I have a masters, 2 bachelors, used to model, and I’m actually pretty good looking compared to 90% of the middle easterners.

          Now the question is, in theory, since suicide is considered “illegal” in Idaho and all it takes is telling someone you hate your life and you have cops detain you for it. There, got that out of my system. I would even consider paying someone $10k to put me out of my misery, but what hitman would take my money, and still execute me? 🙁

          What would better to blow your head off with, a 44 magnum, or a 357? I have seen too many videos of people surviving 2-3 bullet heads to the head before they die. I prefer the first one does the job. Somewhere that’s “legal” of course, but those have been my two picks. Both would be great for BG I’m sure. If I go, I don’t want an open casket funeral..hell I don’t want a funeral at all.

          1. Wow, @alex, I just friended you. Bro, I could tell you the best way to end it all, but man, there has to be something else here. Want to talk to me, man? I’m all ears….. I promise, if there’s no hope, I’ll help you. But there is always some glimmer of hope even if you don’t see it. Let’s talk about it, OK?

          2. @Alex; I’m sure that Lucythepoosy would agree that a .44 or .357 is going to take care of things, pretty much.

            Other than the clearing up afterwards.

            That kind of sucks for whoever has to do it.

            A few home truths; the longer I live, the more I despise the stupid, greedy, intellectually-dull, procreating, demanding, consuming, polluting, masses.

            I would have no problem if 99.99% of the human population was eradicated, tomorrow.

            If I’m in the 99.99%, then no problem.

            If I land in the 0.01%, then I really hope that we, as survivors, take the human race forward from the conceited self-adsorbed blobs of protoplasm that currently exist.

            Religion sucks; I avoid treading on insects and get upset if I kill anything accidentally e.g. a field mouse, because I’ve stepped on him in the garden.

            Maybe Hinduism is where it’s at?

            I try to treat people equally, and fairly and look after those that can’t look after themselves.

            Some people do not, however, deserve to be treated equally, or fairly, because they are cunts (I’m using the word as a negative here).

            These would be the shitty people.

            The Middle East is a shithole; I’ve travelled across and fought in most of it. Persia is, very much, on my to-do list, not least because I love the food, and I have never met a Persian that I didn’t like.

            Idaho is an awesome place; I had really good crab cakes in Boise, and there is no better potato than an Idaho potato.


            I’m intending to visit soon, to meet up with Lucythepoosy, and my new acquaintance Alex.

            I’m sure that there may be some ‘trailer trash’ seeping through BestGore but, in the main, I think most of us are fairly intelligent and gravitate to the site to witness the cruelty, mendacity and sheer stupidity of the fleshy virus.

            I’m not planning on having a funeral, either; I intend to disappear.

            Hang in there, Alex.

            I’ll see you in Boise.


          3. @Lucythepoosy.
            I’ve been feeling so very down and depressed lately. I can’t think of a single thing that could possibly help me. Not even pics of you and your boobs sent to my personal email which I could easily provide. Alas, I can’t go on another day (WEB CAM) like this.

          4. Alex – Yes, BPD is an evil, sneaky bitch. “Hey you been feeling great for a week? Oh well, here’s a shitload of depression. Enjoy!”

      1. Ah but you see, with big rocks, you need much more muscle force to send them flying fast.
        Smaller ones require less effort.

        Those stoning cunts have it wrong. If you hit him with a huge rock, you put him our of his misery faster. Keep stoning him with small stones, the torture will be prolonged! Yay!

  4. Mexican drug cartels can give these muslims some important lessons in how to kill a guy. For example, you have to strip him naked in public, hang him up by his ankles, then cut off his penis and balls (giving them away as trophies to the crowd), then start snipping off fingers and toes, then hands and feet. You don’t want to kill your victim until he’s been sufficiently humiliated and tortured. By all means, slicing the head off is the last thing you do to him. Other than maybe skinning him for his human leather.

  5. They say wild chimps communicate 19 specific messages to one another with a “lexicon” of 66 gestures. Flinging pooh, Bashing Head With Rocks, Beating With A Bat and specially, the all annoying “alohabakur” shout are just a few of the 66 gestures.

    Scientist were able to discover this exciting new find by following and filming communities of black chimps in Baltimore, Detroit, Los Angeles, Washington DC, and New York and by examining more than 5,000 incidents of these meaningless exchanges.

    The research is published in the journal “Current Black Chimp Biology”.
    Dr. The Vulva Eater, who led the research, said that this was the only form of intentional communication to be recorded in the animal kingdom.
    Only humans and chimps, He said, had a system of communication where they deliberately sent a message to another individual.

    The message was usually sent via a Bullet to the head, a Knife to the throat, a Big Bus Smearing You All Over The Road, Two Guys On A Motorcycle Shooting At You In The Street, a Machete, a Truck, a Train or an Angry Mob Hurling Big Rocks and Shouting Alohabar. With an Angry Mob, the message was usually well received.

    “That’s what’s so amazing about chimp gestures,” he told BBC News.
    “They’re the only thing that looks like human language in that respect.”, “When we see them bashing their heads with rocks or stabbing each other or cutting each other’s heads off, we as human can understand what their gestures mean.

    In this particular instance, their gestures meant that “Homey Don’t Play That” and you’re going to pay with your worthless life my nigga.

    That’s the message I got. That’s from studying chimp gestures from a magazine I got at the zoo.

  6. In my country the black community protects it’s own criminals thus encouraging more criminality to arise from within the ranks of the black community.

    “He din du nuffins, Isa swearz, he beez a goot boi” can be heard uttered excruciatingly all too often by the mammy of the “aspiring footballer” in question.

    If the above ebonically enhanced lamentations aren’t enough to throw the conviction to the winds black lives matter steps in with their usual folly backed up by a defensive line of liberals, feminists and social justice warriors. Failure to surrender at this stage brings about stage two wherein looting and rioting takes place and everyone gets a nice new TV and surround sound system courtesy of Mr aspiring footballer, mammy and co.

    I must say, if the black community in my country did things the Kenyan way it would save a lot of time, money and effort and turn my frown upside down.

      1. Good old days? You mean that’s illegal now?
        I uh, need to go cut a few dead “branches” from my tree real quick. I’ll talk to y’all later.

  7. As much as the man is a thieving cunt.. please tell me what part of the Quran say “if someone steals a mobile phone they must be stoned to death”… it just goes to show these ignorant cunts just make it up as they go along. Cave men.

    1. Oh you silly horny devil, there will be plenty of dumbbells around to fling at these monkeys. The name will be changed to dumbbelling (same as stoning, but without the weed). So, you see, (dumbbelling)stoning will continue as usual. Thank god, all of them.

  8. May I ask all ya mother fucking Muslim men what actually was the outcome after clubbing and stoning the man to death ….was the cell phone found anyway afterall those kicks thrown in with sickening cancerous chants .
    Muslims are a total disgrace to the humanity and they have this fucking false notion that they are above par than the rest of us .
    Now I am starting to wonder how the hell they even can afford all that sorta stuff cause theirs is a miserable lot with no food no money & no shelter .

  9. This video is very simple. Mindless savages finding any excuse to murder someone while chanting their snackbar shit. These sub human animals are regressing instead of progressing. This world is due for a factory reset!

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