Guy Ends Altercation on Street by Taking Out Man with Rock to Head

Guy Ends Altercation on Street by Taking Out Man with Rock to Head

Guy Ends Altercation on Street by Taking Out Man with Rock to Head

Somewhere in Latin America, an altercation between a cowardly young punk and a middleage man sparked up on the street.

The young punk acted like mommy’s pussy bitch, so the man literally let him breathe and walked away from him. In that moment, once the man’s back was turned to him, the young punk hurled a rock at the man, taking him out by striking his head. The prick would not have had the nards to do jack shit had the older man not turned his back on him and began to walk away.

Props to Best Gore member @carnage-2 for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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130 thoughts on “Guy Ends Altercation on Street by Taking Out Man with Rock to Head”

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    1. By the accent I’m sure they’re Colombians, at first the woman screams: NO! DO NOT! FRIEND NO! (Addressing the man in black clothing with the knife in his hand). Then in an oversight the green shirt man hits a stone in the black shirt aggressor and the woman behind the camera says: Do not leave daddy, do not go out … He killed him, hit him in the head. It was the Mao, the guy

          1. My crystal ball’s in the shop right now, but I imagine the bastard will be dead in less than a week. The older guy probably has lived in the area for some time now, and has a few drinking buddies that will catch wind, as to what had happened.

            From there, only one’s imagination can draw a conclusion, as to how many heartbeats this punk has left.

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  2. Ooof, that was quite the hit. He went the way of Aeschylus.

    Something tells me that, cowardly as this guy is, that he was in the right.

    Also, what is it with fucking puerto ricans butchering the spanish language up to the point it sounds as retarded as brazigger portuguese? I could barely understand the gordita maker filming this video.

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  4. That’s happened in Dominican Republic, i saw this videos months ago, but the old guy stabbed him before, the altercation start becouse the old cunt man ask to the young one to return the money he loans to him, the “pitcher” answer him to wait some days and bum the old man become crazy and stab the buy on the neck, so ……….take your considerations ……

  5. That was a fantastic throw. Where are ya dude? because we want you for trials…for our community darts team.

    Does anyone know if this shitty cam footage (as we see it presented here) has facial recognition capabilities?

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