Kenyan Man Takes Stoning Like Boss Before Giving In

Kenyan Man Takes Stoning Like Boss Before Giving In

This video is from Nyanza Province in Kenya. It shows a man who is suspected of stealing a motorbike being stoned and clubbed by a mob. Initially he takes being repeatedly struck on the head like a boss, but it became too much and he gives in.

Only yesterday we saw a video of an alleged bike thief being burned to death by a mob in Kenya. Seems like killing suspected bike thieves is a popular past time activity in the country.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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159 thoughts on “Kenyan Man Takes Stoning Like Boss Before Giving In”

        1. @xizang
          In London we have this ‘Black lives matter’ shit because of all the black people being stabbed to death. However the people also doing the stabbings are also, er….black and from gangs. Mainly innercity kids who dropped out of school.
          HA !!!

      1. Oooh! Could we? Pretty PLEASE?
        Many will disagree with you, but I’m 100% in agreement… NUKE THEM ALL!
        I had never even had a racist emotion or thought in my entire life until just a few months ago.
        But my peepers were opened WIDE by some shockingly similar events in my own country, perpetrated by Kenyan, Sudanese and Somalian gangs – AND FUCK THEM . These rabid dogs have been behaving like this for millenia, and we could leave them to their own devices for another ten but they’d progress no further as a civilised beings. They are devoid of all humanity and humanitarianism . What you see here is what they really are, with only few exceptions. Do we need these savages? No! Referring to these jungle-bunnies as uncivilised baboons is an insult to all Leporidae, Neanderthals and Primates – but do we NEED (much less WANT!) such inhuman inhabitants anywhere on this planet? Absolutely not. Particularly given their recently developed habit of migrating to our Western civilisations as ‘fakeugees’, bringing their despicable, animalistic traits with them. It only serves the purpose of rapidly devolving our own level of civilised societies by behaving exactly as they did in the 3rd-world shit hole they ran away from. LIKE THIS. And that’s their ONLY contribution to our society. That, along with everything else they do, is purely a detraction: They refuse to adopt the laws of our countries, they refuse to assimilate, they refuse to adapt to our ‘norms’ of what we regard as acceptable culture, ideals, beliefs, and behaviours. Most refuse to even speak our language much less engage in gainful employment in order to support themselves and their huge families, or to contribute to taxes – whilst we must work extended hours for reduced salaries and increased taxes in order to support them all. Meanwhile they sit on their asses and breed ten to the dozen when they’re not engaged in forming gangs en masse to carry on their natural penchants for thieving, stabbing and shooting us in our backs, raping our women, stealing our cars then burning them just for fun, smashing up businesses and robbing them blind etc, etc, etc – and all JUST because they hate and despise ‘old Whitey’ – even though WE are working our butts off to support their free housing. social benefits, educations, health services, etc, etc – and everything else that we ourselves work hard to PAY FOR OURSELVES. And I’M considered the racist?? -.
        They fuggen HATE US! They blame EVERYTHING that’s fucked up in their own shit hole countries on old Whitey – never on their lazy selves or their own corrupt government officials who pocket the TRILLIONS UPON TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS that our governments give them in foreign aid FROM OUR TAXES EVERY YEAR, plus the many MILLIONS MORE that old whitey donates to them through charitable aid agencies – and they still behave like rabid dogs, all the while blaming old Whitey and complaining that WE don’t give them enough, and WE don’t do enough for them … Blah blah blah.
        So I’ll ask again: DO we need or want this garbage on our planet? No! NUKE THIS FILTH.

      1. You’re a cynical fooka ain’t ya, lolololol. No respect for his brashness. Well he might have to give up being stoned every Sunday afternoon as he now needs extensive head surgery for the next 4 years.

    1. The incident happened in Mombasa County. Not Nyanza province (nowadays identified as Nyanza County). In Kenya, bodaboda thieves a.k.a motorcycle thieves are never spared. Those stoning him kept saying “mwizi huyo…..kuma mamake!” To mean, ” he’s a thief…. her mother’s pussy!”

  1. Everyone should be forced to watch the videos posted on sites like these and then they may understand why we shouldn’t be taking in “refugees” (economic migrants, aka parasites and leeches) sub-human pieces of garbage who are far beyond civil.

    1. Exactly! These kind of vermin breed their own kind. Stupid liberals, Democraps, Blacks, progressives, candy ass millenials, snowflakes, and LGBTs will be the first to get lynched by these violent cockroaches.

          1. Republicans or democrats, you’re all sheep being herded by the Jews. Muslims immigrants are not the problems, it’s the Jews setting you up against each other.

    2. Exactly! These kind of vermin breed their own kind. It is in their DNA to act in these ways. The same DNA violence genes are found in Brazil, and the USA ghetto populations …. Keep them out of the USA!

      The love mankind Kumbayah liberals, Democraps, Blacks, progressives, candy ass millenials, snowflakes, and LGBTs will be the first to get lynched by these violent cockroaches.

      1. Kumbayah liberals, Democraps, Republitards, candy ass millennials. <>.

        My slang vocabulary is fast increasing, don’t anyone say that BG doesn’t teach you anything.
        But what’s a snowflake? Presumably the clue is that it’s a soft minded Caucasian?

    3. EXACTLY CORRECT!! Look at England today. Peeps be blowing up and getting run over and stabbed all because they let migrants in. I was taught in College that Language defines the way a person thinks including their mentality and values. They are a COMPLETELY different type of human being more animal than cerebral. They do not share our (English/Spanish and other Western language’s) collective sanctity for life. That goes ESPECIALLY in regards to their offspring.

      1. Well islams entire goal is to dominate. Anyone who takes the time to study it will know that. It’s been the entire goal from the beginning. The morons will say it’s americas fault causing the refugee crisis, the same ones that compare it to other religions. What separates Islam from the rest is that it’s deeply rooted political aspect. Saying all religions are the same is like saying all sports are the same because they are sports. Muay Thai is not the same as badminton just because they are both declared sports does not mean they are the same.

    4. @remzap86 Now, you my friend, have the right idea. I’m so sick of the: “Gee, let’s take it more violent, lazy, worthless ass scum so we can eventually be completely outed by them.” Fucking dumbass “we love everyone” liberals.

  2. I got this sudden revelation. An African robber is usually a strong tough determined man who will not be reformed by mere words or prison.
    So, after many years and decades of experience with robbers and bandits stealing their hard earned valuables, Africans have lost their patience and have come to the conclusion that the best solution is to kill these types.
    If they leave them alive or hand them to the cops, they will just come back to steal or kill after a period of time.
    So, the best solution in their minds is to kill these criminals.
    Any Africans here, please correct me if I am wrong.

    1. I will be glad to correct you. Mob justice killing thieves is not an “African Way” as it is actually practiced elsewhere as well from Brazil to Guatemala to Colombia to Mexico to India to Thailand, to China. This Sh!t happens everywhere.

    2. Life is worth more than a bike to me. I wouldnt kill someone. But id let a nice ass beating ensue. Not a mob one though because then you just have angry villagers who had a bad day and take it out on the poor thief.

    1. LOL @appledicticprinciples
      Your comment made me laugh!!!

      The guy in the white hat was probably the owner the bike that the guy being stoned, had tried to steal. LMAO.
      Or maybe he is just a psychopath.
      But yeah, a normal person on the street would have a lot of trouble sleeping that night if had been throwing fatal rocks at the back of someone’s head during the day.

  3. Before this video I kinda didn’t but now I feel like if I hate this primitive knee grows…
    I would say they’re like animals, but then I’ll be insulting all animals and beasts
    These motherfuckers are worst than animals.
    If you observe any animal whatsoever you’ll notice that they exhibit some type of sense and order in what they do.
    Now why would a human behave in such animalistic way
    is because of the excess in skin pigmentation obviously…
    Now you got a human with lots of extra pigmentation and you got yourself a human who cannot absorb the rays of the sun which are needed for proper emotional brain and thinking brain development.
    or enlightenment for short.
    So this people are actually almost similar to a whatever animal as far as cranium content and brain development is concerned.

  4. As usual, all I can say is that I hope every one the blood thirsty shitbags doing this meet the same exact horrific painful fate!

    I’d to this to a rapist or a pedophile but the way these Third World shitskin arm pit shithole countries go this guy probably stole a loaf of bread. Fucking animals well deserving a good, thorough nuking!

  5. These porch monkeys have some good aim. Some good pitching prospects among the crowd. The NY Mets could use good flinging monkeys in their rotation. I hope the Mets get a chance to watch this video. The next Dwight Gooden is in that crowd.

  6. I was going to comment on last night’s post, but didn’t.

    Kenya is one of those shit counties where it’s necessary to demonstrate that you are armed, prepared to to use, and carry a bigger fucking knife than anyone that comes up to ‘talk’ to you.

    You can add in South Africa, as well.

    Unfortunately, tourists only expect to see the wonderful scenery, other-than-human wildlife, and can’t.


      1. And your point is? Are you one of those “Theres just one race, human race” believers?

        For starters i didnt said niggers werent human, you might wanna read that part again for confirmation. Secondly, human classification of species is just complete nonsense. There are 9 different speecies of moose, and all of them are capable of interbreeding with each other, same goes for the hundred different bovine species, dozen different corvus species, the different species of interbreedable dogs, and cats… all classified “DIFFERENT” simply due to their aesthetic differences… and you come here saying that “Niggers are Human” as a valid definitive statement, like if i had said something outrageous?…

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        So althought we might be all “human”, in medicine those racial differences matter alot, let it be for the transplant of stem cells or marrow bone… or when developing and distributing certain drugs, like Clopidogrel, that works better in a specific race but not in well in others for having the lack of pathogenes to activate them. So again, if we’re all “human”, we’re certainly not equal, biomedicine itself says that we are ALL DIFFERENT.

        1. theres no such thing like race. you are dumb as human. and i beg you are not german – your pig dont look very “nordic”. i am ashamed of germans who are simply dumb. germany is a country we are very proud of.
          so, dont mess around with nonsense and idiocy.

          1. 1 – I make no secret that im NOT german.
            2 – My nose shape tells a different story.
            3 – You should be ashamed of Germans that dont recognise the glory that National Socialism brought to your country before zionism took over instead, and the 12 years of freedom that Hitler gave you from the chains of the Weimar Republic’s hyperinflation. If you dont, you are of no use to anyone alive, and you should consider suicide.
            4 – Race IS real, get used to it, arschloch!

            Du bist besonders… nur wie jeder sonst…

  7. And Americans think they’re oppressed and are bitching about inequality? What’s worse is they want these people here. Say no to multiculturalism and Muslims especially

  8. Here is one would be biker who got flattened out
    He was only a suspect but wasn’t caught red handed …….but the crowd reaction was quite acidic . May be he had his hand in earlier robberies that’s how they thought it best to lynch and nip the evil in the bud

  9. Shit that was crazy. As it’s really hard to afford bikes in Kenya and I bet few are insured, the mob is really pissed.

    Anyway I’d rather be stoned to death than burnt to death. But if I had a choice, I would like to be flogged to death by Michelle Pfeiffer in her Catwoman suit. No that wouldn’t kill me, it would actually make me more alive than ever. OK, so malletted in the back, to death (by M Pfeiffer), like that guy in the other recent clip.

  10. Not pretty!!!!

    His career as bike booster off to a rocky start . . . .

    There’s enough there I wish they all slithered back under the rock they came outta…

    When they evolutionize to paved streets, they’ll upgrade to using bullets by then rather than cumbersome rocks and stones…. one would hope… it happened in a number of American cities to date…

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