Mentally Ill Man Stoned to Death in Malawi on Suspicion of Being Blood Sucker

Mentally Ill Man Stoned to Death in Malawi on Suspicion of Being Blood Sucker

On January 9, 2018, on Chileka Road in Blantyre, Malawi, a mentally ill man was stoned to death by a mob who had suspected him of being a blood sucker.

The man was found lying near a graveyard, and was taken into a police station. Rumors have quickly spread and the community members invaded the police station, taking away the man and lynching him on the street.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

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147 thoughts on “Mentally Ill Man Stoned to Death in Malawi on Suspicion of Being Blood Sucker”

          1. Hmmm. Until I read your remark I never understood the age-old loathing and discrimination against the mentally ill…Most people who are mentally ill are victims, not victimizers. However, that minority of mentally ill persons who are dangerous are no doubt enough to provoke fear and hostility. No doubt it is somewhat instinctive to reject and even attack the mentally ill. No wonder we have to work at convincing individuals and communities that the vast majority of the mentally ill are not a threat…Because, as you pointed out, some most certainly are.

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  1. This is the most primitive kind of reaction to something that is different or misunderstood,…. Kill it murder , destroy it… Because they don’t understand it… He probably only was sleeping by the cemetery because it was quiet and no one bothered him there… A fine idea except for one small detail… Aside from the fact that this poor guy was either retarded or mentally ill and these people were just dying for a reason to bump this guy off anyway

    1. @howefrank, you’ve got a point.
      First off they should know from community knowledge that he was mentally defective, so his actions would be weird anyway. Second, he has to be caught in the act of blood sucking (which I’m sure he wasn’t doing) to be condemned, if at all.

      This kind of shit wouldn’t happen in more advance countries.

  2. Here in the West they use anti-psychotic drugs to treat mental illness.
    In Africa, the methods are more direct. However, as with our system, it’s still difficult to know who are the doctors and who are the mentally ill.

    1. im on anti psychotics.. its just makes me less angry at all the wrong turners in the world. and theres a lot of them. the drugs do fuck all else… id never be a victim tho.

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