Muslim Woman Buried Neck Deep in Hole and Stoned to Death

Muslim Woman Buried Neck Deep in Hole and Stoned to Death

Muslim Woman Buried Neck Deep in Hole and Stoned to Death

The video shows a Muslim woman being buried up to her neck in a hole, and stoned to death by a group of people standing around. The woman had her feet bound together, and a blindfold tied over her eyes before being dumped in the hole.

I don’t know where this took place, nor what she was accused of that she was sentenced to death. My guess is this happened in an African country, and not in the Middle East. Some African countries, including Somalia, parts of Nigeria and Sudan are known to practice stoning.

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    1. I’m pretty stressed out right now, but I can always count on BG to remind me that my day could be a whole lot worse…

      I guess you guys don’t wanna hear me rant, but I just feel like bitching here instead of to my offline friends. I’m leaving to go on a big trip tomorrow, and I’m not at all prepared. Also, it’s just going to be my dad and me, and my dog is really old and sick and might die while we’re gone šŸ™ It’s all just causing me a lot of anxiety. Sorry for whining, but I hope you all had a great Christmas!!!

          1. I’d be prepared if i were you… Give your dog a warm long hug before you go… šŸ˜• You’ll feel a relief both ways if your dog’s strenght allows or not.

            And since its still the 25th in there, dies natalis solis invicti, optimus optat novus annus MMXVI šŸ™‚

          1. better off you die suddenly if it’s just a burden having 8 dogs from beginning..why not give ’em out who would take care of them…idiot!

          2. You’re sick however I can relate somewhat, I can’t afford my pets anymore due to a nasty separation. I don’t wish them dead, I wish them a good home if I can find one. alas, My kitties will never find a better home than with me.

          1. you kushkate need to leave that hatred brings no good to you or the others , be a example of a human being a soul that has a heart.. amen peace be with you all.

        1. thats true that when my dog trusty was a very old aged dog i cudnt bare to leave him even to go shopping incase ,turns out the flies got to him before he succumbed to much to indignity of cancer etc he got fly strike and tho at the time i was angry etc over time i realised that the flys actually helped him to not suffer too much as the vet informed me his body was becoming riddled with cancer

      1. I’m so sorry @GC!!! It’s never easy when your babies get older or sick. I’d say if you’re that concerned maybe it would be better to stay home but that’s 100% your decision. You can always come to your BG fam with your problems. We’re all here for you šŸ™‚

          1. @Nextie I know a lot of fucked up shit is viewed and said but still lines shouldn’t be crossed…God forbid let’s say @evileverywheres gerbil got sick…I mean bad sick…how would he feel if we asked him to film his dead gerbil being removed from his ass ?

      2. I’m really sorry to hear that šŸ™ Sending a hug to you and your dog. I don’t mind your ranting here, although there are others here who might say some nasty things. Don’t take the mean comments to heart. I can sympathize with wanting to rant and having no friends online -_- and it’s also very true that being on this site makes you realize your day could be a whole lot worse, I’ve never thought of it that way before. Thanks! And good luck on your trip, try to enjoy it if you can :).

      1. There are Many places better than the U.S., Also Many more that are worse. I for one am glad to be Canadian., despite the political BS we may not all agree with., we don’t have to worry about getting Stoned., especially since now it’s legal. .

    2. Well I know what we in America can do when Isis starts their shit here.
      We will bury the men up to their neck and take a piss on their head. Then Shit on their head. Then stone them.
      That would be the worst thing one could do, as that is only for women in the Islamic world.

      1. Seeing some muslim bitch tied up and buried with only her head sticking out of the ground and people throwing rocks at it… I just thought it was funny, is that so wrong?

        Don’t get the wrong idea though, I do think the ones doing the stoning are pieces of shit to, I just enjoy watching creative executions

          1. A mental institution you say.. Well maybe you can help me with a question

            If a person with multiple personality’s threatens to kill themselves, do they consider it a hostage situation?
            Inquiring minds need to know.

        1. Jack if you see someone dying a torturous drawn out death and your first instinct is to laugh you do have a mental disorder. It doesn’t matter what religion or color someone is. In the face of death a person is a person. I really feel bad for you

          1. Fuck Muslims i have no sympathy for them I have mo respect for them dirty fucking animals everyone having a go at jack for stating he’s opinion well if your so fucking offended what are you doing on bestgore you won’t find no sponge bob video on here I to found the video funny to bad it was ruined by that shitty Muslim video I would love to hear them rocks bouncing off her head to bad if wasn’t a HD cam I would love to see the proper damage of her head getting smashed in. Hey jack keep expressing ya self we all entitled to freedom of speech haha

          2. This is just too fucking much…American warrior? hahahahaha please…call of duty hardly counts as military service…Jacks right fuck on back to facebook…seriously…by your screen tag name thing youre leading us to believe that youre a “warrior”? then you of ALL people should know about dealing with atrocities through humor no matter how ill thought out or poorly executed (no pun intended I fucking swear) realistically I doubt youve got anything to do with the military and if you do I bet my dick between two bricks that youve never been on the front lines shooting General Ahkbar in the face…if Im wrong Im sorry…if Im not then fuck you. @Ablebodybenjamin As for you kind sir youre falling into the trap that oh so many fall into…over-generalization…not everybody reacts the same…to anything really…if you think you can boil down a stranger to a set of rules then “i really feel bad for you” How is Jack supposed to feel? honest question. Is he supposed to feel bad and pray? Is he supposed to donate to some charity to help poor poor africans and muslims oppressed by a fanatical religious society? or maybe head over to the middle east and fight the good fight against…ummm…whoever the fuck we’re agreeing is the bad guys! None of it does any good so we all sit here and laugh…because at the end of the day we’re not there…and we dont know them…and we’re powerless to stop it…also Ive been drinking…

          3. @ablebodybenjaminon you are talking out of your asshole.First what the fuck is a mental disorder? Consciousnes experience is subjective for a start.Srcond are you qualified to diagnose someone else’s conscious subjective experience? And finally coming to a gore site and preaching from your moral high ground makes you an inexcusable cunt.

          4. And what mental disorder is this, that people who laugh at this video, supposedly suffer from? I would just love to know your professional opinion, since you’re obviously an amazing psychiatrist…

        1. I didn’t make my name an I would like to change it. And I have my opinions on the way Muslims’s not the religion it’s the ppl behind it tarnishing the religion just like ppl behind guns ruining gun laws..but just in general to see another human being tortured is hard to watch. Yes I agree the site is filled with non normal ppl an I’m not all the way normal either but there is a limit. Just think with a roll of the dice of destiny you could of been Muslim on the other end of it stuck in a country like that with all it’s messed up laws. I guess I get my good heart from my mom and I’m glad I have the one I do..but I don’t judge do you! Who am I..

          1. It’s the religion. Islam is a fucking cult. I should know, I am an ex Muslim. I’m sick of idiots like you who blame it on people “tarnishing” the religion.

            The Prophet Mohammed loved stoning and murdering and raping, you know nothing about the disgusting true history and nature of Islam.

            And you clearly judged people for laughing at this video, your first comment is clearly visible. And its full of your moral high horse judgement bullshit.

    1. I find it interesting that there are so many posts with people dying horrible, brutal deaths and many members (including myself) make jokes or even laugh at their fate yet this particular post is too horrible to poke fun at? I’m curious why it’s bringing out such reactions vs other gore in the past. Personally, I found the way she died quite brutal and savage but everyone is going to react differently.

        1. The way they dispatch her is pretty heinous but I hate Muslims as well and they are doing this to their own kind…one less like her probably equates to 10 less future stone throwers….sometimes we just have to look beyond the dead Muslim bitch in the hole to find the good in things.

        2. Nothing to explain @jack.
          Fuck the hand wringing on this one. What’s up with everyone?
          She’s a brain dead muslim and was likely chanting to her imaginary God about how fucking great he is as the rocks piled into her skull. This religion of theirs is utterly laughable when you realise how brain washed they are.
          OK I personally don’t laugh at a vulnerable or weak person being slowly snuffed out but each to his own.

          1. Sounds like you are telling people what they should feel to satisfy your own ego.Death is part of life,so is ,rape,murder,and all the other shit.Cry all you like nothing will change.

          2. Are you directing that at me @zipzap?? If so, I don’t know why considering I said it seems people are being too sensitive about this particular post when there have been others just as bad if not worse that everyone was free to give their opinions without being chastised for it.

        3. @Jack fuking disgusting that you happy and find it amusing that this lady has died a slow and terrible death just because she is a Muslim you piece of shit . You hate all Muslims ? Just shows how you and people like you are a fuking scumbags and don’t judge people on there merits you just generalise oh she a .Muslim she is a piece of shit and I hate her and find it funny that she put in a hole and fuking stoned to death take a step back and put yourself in her shoes imagne the fear and terror she will of felt the pain as fuking rocks bounce off her head and you find it funny just because she a Muslim fuking hell I hope you get a to face a terrifying death you fuking waste of oxygen ! You realise is Muslim country’s woman are stoned sometimes for absolutely nothing only takes a mans word / false accusations and she has no say or she falls in love with wrong guy and yes for that she stoned to fuking death and you enjoy it and find it funny and she deserved it just because she a Muslim you fuking pure ass hole here is wishing you a slow and terrifying / agonising death then you mite realise that despite anybodys religion no body deserves that death . except fanatics isis etc obviously but to say she deserved this just because she Muslim is just fuking brain dead commet

          1. All this shit just cause I laughed at a dying muslim? If the bitch was a man would you havegiven a shit that I laughed? Spare me your fucking lecture on morals, we all come here to watch gore but fuck help me if someone actually enjoys it. Have you even met many muslims? Have you ever had a group of em threaten to kill you if you don’t convert to their fucking religion? If you ever do I’d like to see how fucking sympathetic you’d be towards them then. Even non fanatic muslims are a fucking problem, they don’t teach their fuckin kids right about religion and they end up turning into more of the fuckin savages you see in this video. Wake the fuck up you idiot.

      1. @Jack you know what pisses me off ,these invisible leftist politically correct cunts and feminists teaching their daughters nasty shit which boils down to looking down on men.I really want to know how many of these feminists would demand to fight frontline as a soldier.Or how many fucking social justice warriors would freely walk into an African slum full of rapists alone ,or watch their daughter shoot heroin.You get the picture the list is endless….

        1. #jack again you totally wrong you FUCK wit and yes I have met many Muslims and none of them are anything like you describe maybe you need to go out and meet some real Muslims not fuking fanatics im talking moderate Muslims !! I like gore as much as anyone and nothing on this site brothers me but seeing a woman buried to her kneck hands and feet tied up and her head caved in with fuking rocks and then have some fuking brain dead cunt say it funny and she deserved it because she Muslim is fuked up you

          1. You’re a fucking idiot and I’m not discussing this shit anymore. If you love muslims so much then go join one of their fucking terrorist groups who think the whole world should be muslim. I think that’d be perfect for you

      2. It is in fact a brutal death.
        Being executed is hard enough. But if you have to wear a smelly blindfold, you’re up to your neck in a hole and there is that shitty music playing in the background which alone would make you crush your own head with the nearest boulder, and you are waiting for some self righteous goatporn loving unwashed smelly cunts to start throwing rocks at your head over some sin that Western women commit on a daily basis with panache and fucking impunity, then that is just not funny. It’s macabre.

        I’m here for macabre stuff

    2. Yeah, the music really sucks and it is quite entertaining, but they are way too unproductive.
      Digging a hole for just one person?
      I bet it took quite a while.
      In that time they could have stoned more people or something like that.

  1. that’s what you get for believing in akbob snackbar, maybe she should’ve followed their rules to the letter, you wanna be Muslim these are the things you have to expect , maybe she’ll get 12 nude virgen men and a goat once she gets to heaven

          1. I told my daughter that mosquito’s were the only big that had absolutely no use. She told me that they do….they feed birds fish and bats. Stupid 9 year old logic!

  2. This is why it is okay to shit all over Islam.
    A religion of cruelty and death filled with believers that have as much common sense and humanity as those fuckin rocks they were chucking.

    1. Gay has become quite the problem hasn’t it? Two things that annoy me the most: all this stupid gender neutral gay and tranny worship going on. Having Bruce Jenner in drag shoved in my face all the dang time makes me want to cut a bitch.
      The second thing that drives me nuts is the phrase: cultural appropriation. When people start saying that white’s shouldn’t cook Asian food, do yoga, use ghetto slang words, or braid their hair into cornrows because they’re “appropriating” someone else’s culture, you know political correctness has gone too damn far. Bitch, please. I will do whatever I want.

    2. No she did NOT have a fair trial.
      The trial council was full of old goat herding cunts.

      These trials are a “kangaroo court”. They already made up their homosexual minds that she was guilty as fuck before they even started trial. The trial is just a formality.

  3. The rules are rather simple: Contestants are each given a bucket full of pebbles, cobblestones, chunks of bricks, etc., and start taking turns on the target bitch’s head. He who misses his shot waives his next turn. The one who misses the least times wins, and the one who misses the most times is himself blindfolded, has his feet tied and…

    1. Ok dude ,I can see you are struggling with this.But let me ask are you shocked by murder,violence ,afraid of death?

      About her passing away this is what I noticed, she REALLY felt the first few rocks make no mistake that would’ve been extremely painful something hopefully you or I will never suffer.But it is quite clear she loses consciousness after a while ,and is feeling nothing.One big rock on the head would’ve done it quick,but that’s not the way these nasty fuckers work.My only wish is that my death is not painful the rest I dont care about since I know what happens after…

    2. She lost consciousness after about 30 seconds or so,very painful.One big rock would’ve done it but these animals dont do it like that.You are really struggling with violence & death right? Do not fear death, it isn’t death at all …..

  4. Muslims and their Sharia Law and Honor Killing horse shit…really fucked up thing about this is I got to wondering how many of those stone throwers might have been her own family members ?…maybe none but who knows.

    1. Do you live in Africa? If so, which part? I would like to hear about what it’s really like to live there from someone who does. All we ever get to see are the disgusting and horrible people and places, but it can’t ALL be that bad, can it?

      1. It’s not that bad as it’s been displayed by some media sectors. Your well being depends on how much income you have. People with less income ends up in the slums or rather the jungles the source of videos you usually see here. If we can link up on some other social medias I can be able to give you a full glimpse of Africa

  5. So when you hear that the majority of the planet’s Muslim population advocates Sharia Law, remember this and don’t take it lightly. And don’t let liberal progressives shrug it off either. Remember just what it entails. It means huge percentages of Muslim populations around the world, including significant percentages of first world Muslims who live in peaceful, tolerant, wonderful countries like the UK, want to return to the ways of 7th century barbarians; they (claim to) want to see this kind of barbarism carried out against adulterers, apostates, homosexuals and basically any non-Muslim because as we all know, non-Muslims do not fare well under Islamic rule. Islamic theocracy is no joke. It is not something we must ignore for fear of being called xenophobic or racist. It something we must actively oppose or we are taking for granted our freedom and justice. We must single out those who advocate it and condemn and criticize them. No evils are exempt from my scorn, as a TRUE liberal. Not one of these so-called ”progressive” liberals who will excuse this kind of barbarism if it calls itself ”religion” or the culture of an ethnic minority. If you stand in solidarity with an ideology that teaches this or the people who openly state that they want it, I have nothing but resent for you. Of course that doesn’t mean we should condemn all Muslims, far from it, we should unite with Muslims for they are our greatest allies in the fight against Islamic extremism. But the fact that this kind of barbarism has divine authority in the minds of a 1.5 billion human beings is problematic to say the very least. I fear that change will only come from natural progression of the Muslim people. That said, there are many Muslims who don’t take the Quran seriously thank fuck. We need to fight the political ideology of Islam to death. And that doesn’t mean more bombing or whatever. It means the most effective way of making this political ideology called Islamism as unappealing as possible. We need not to be alienating Muslims in this crucial time, and not generalizing about them, and not denouncing them all based on the depraved content of the Quran, but to be empowering true reformists of the faith, to be reaching out to Muslims and educating them so they may break free.

    1. In all seriousness, any person willing to carry out such barbarity in this day and age deserves only death.
      These morons with such twisted ideals are a stain on this earth.
      Evil begets evil, nothing becomes cleansed via sickening deeds such as this.
      The days of pandering to religion must be numbered, something ought to be done to halt this brand of barbarism, once and for all. No excuses, no pussy footing around.
      A religious cull is required. It is a major problem, very problematic indeed, as the ” Islamification, Islamisation ” doctrine has become a profitable industry.
      There are no easy answers to this sickness, but come what may, acts like this and the foundations from which they are bred, must be nullified and defeated.
      The modern world has no place for this idiocy.

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  7. …my moderate friend tells me if stones are used,it is for adultery meaning just speaking bad/ill..? about her other half,looking at other men,being alone with other men in unlit enclosed area/room…blablabla…bla.. I told him to shut the fuck up and enjoy the video,he left me to finish up the joint..What a wonderful X’mas..! Thanks guys.

  8. Such a peaceful religion. It’s really saying something about your religion when joining a suicide cult would be the better option. Although… when you get right down to it, I suppose Islam already IS a suicide cult. Well, suicide AND murder. With Islam you get a twofer!

  9. In many Islamic countries, this is the norm. There is an ancient proverb in many islamic countries that is applicable to Islamic societies:

    You can take a Muzzie Diaper Head out of an Islamic country, but you will take Islam out of a Muzzie Diaper Head.

    The Muzzies are in vehement denial about rampant homosexuality and bestiality in Islamic societies.

    I have seen genuine displays of kindness and affection out of hayenas and wild dogs on African Plains. To expect the same out of a Muzzi would be a folly indeed.

    Why should we, in the west assume that if the muzzies emigrate to the west, they will change their ways. No one should be surprised in respect to the manner in which they treat their women.

    If the muzzies wish to emigrate to the west, there is no need for a religious test or background check; it should simply be required (by force if necessary) that they must eat and enjoy a Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato Sandwich (with Extra Bacon) for lunch and Pork Chops for dinner as a test.

    It will surprise you to see how fast they? ll run back to their shitholes.

  10. Is it worse to be blindfolded, or better? I sometime’s wonder if all of the “ALLAHU ACKBAR!” Screaming is because they are scared and get creeped out by the death drones, perhap’s they blindfold because they are too scared to look the person they kill directly in the eye’s…

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