Somali Migrant Worker Stoned to Death in Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Somali Migrant Worker Stoned to Death in Port Elizabeth, South Africa

A video has leaked that shows brutal stoning of a man in broad daylight, in the middle of a road in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The victim was reportedly a Somali man who escaped his war torn country to try a new life in another African country. As migrant worker, he made his way to Booysens Park in Port Elizabeth where he worked as a shopkeeper.

While on the job, the Somali protected the shop from a group of criminals who tried to loot it. The criminals overwhelmed him, dragged him outside, beat him up to hear death, stripped him naked and took turns at finishing him up with stones and kicks as cars casually drove by. Use of the cinder block was pretty brutal. There appeared to be several underaged kids that partook in the stoning.

Joe Slovo, a Jew who’s no doubt frying in hell is laughing his ass off with his satanic masters at what mess he had turned South Africa into.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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140 thoughts on “Somali Migrant Worker Stoned to Death in Port Elizabeth, South Africa”

    1. Somalians are sometimes like pain in the ass. They breed like rats and spread like cockroaches all over the world. The only problem I’ve seen is that they are very sarcastic despite being foreigners. Even in my own country one Somali man shot a man dead in broad day light w.t.f!!!! Black South Africans naturally hates foreigners, maybe because they suffered alot during the apartheid era, who knows?? Anyway Somalians sucks!!!

    1. No, thats not apartheid, apartheid doesnt exist anymore, thats just plain murder. Somalians isnt white SenorPiggy, they are sort of yellow. Apartheid was white against black. I know this, i live in south africa.

    2. @Senor Piggy the South Africans blacks were treated badly by the whites during the apartheid era!!! It looks like now they are offloading their apartheid anger to these immigrants. Remember also the Xenophobia where a lot of immigrants were lynched.

  1. This is so cruel. That dude who trew that big stone at that guy walked like: “Hell, I’m SO badass, come at me'”. And that person in that car, just driving by, and not giving a single fuck.
    I also hear a group of spectators. They could’ve joined together and help that guy instead of yelling: “Woo, ooh” and stuff like that.

    My faith in humanity dies a slow death by seeing things like that.

    1. Sadly there’s no humanity for them to begin with. I pity them. It seems like the only good thing they’ve done it provide us with these videos. A minor contribution but now everyone sees the same light as you and I

  2. This guy who got killed was trying to stop thieves from looting, funny how nobody from that same store came to help him. If he knew this before hand he would have made a different choice most certainly…

    1. Umm.. he is one poor ass, underfed somali, who runs a business to survive instead of waiting for the government to give him all, in a shithole with 1 million kaffirs. And they are by nature jealous little monkeys. You do well = they hate you for it cause they’re worthless = they steal and rape and murder to get back what is “theirs” by some fucked up divine logic og theirs.

  3. This video is pretty much in contrast to the info above it saying that the victim is a Somali. I thought Somalis were black, and South Africans white? Anyways, this white Somali” mustve been inside one of those african neighbourhoods of South Africa. Even though apartheid is not officially in work anymore, it is still pretty much undergoing the same shit as when it was. This has created hate towards the whites in Africa. There are even white, right wing supremacist groups in South Africa that struggle to cleanse the country from blacks.

    1. What are you smoking? or are you a jew?

      The facts : SA population – 55million (estimated to be much higher due to illegal immigrants).
      White population – 6million (3million Afrikaners and 3 mil others).
      Brown/Coloured population – 6 million.

      That leaves about 40 million blacks (subtracting all the other types).

      Somalis have a lot of Arab blood due to its close proximity to Arabia and the Arab slave trade of earlier times.

      Whites, especially Afrikaners do still have aprtheid, reverse engineered on them through stuff like Black Economic Empowerment, which excludes whites from any type of government employment (except for a few token whiteys). The first time in the world where these type of measures are implemented against a minority.

      And you know what, I don’t care. Because even with 20 years of discrimination to their advantage, the black government hasn’t done shit for their people, and their people have not gotten off their asses to do anything for themselves.

      I’m just waiting to hear the jews and liberals who shouted so loudly at the “morally unjustifiable actions” of apartheid to shout some at these kids for their obvious racial hatred and xenophobia. But alas, they will not, cause as Markey says, they can’t criticize their own handiwork!

    2. Apartheid, Jim Crow laws etc, all they did was force blacks NOT to integrate with whites. In the federally imposed black history month we learn that blacks have been able to be powerful historical figures, get college educations and live lives equal to that of whites, even during times of “oppression”. They were just made to do it separately.
      Well, the problem there was that they couldn’t sustain and take care of themselves. The “oppression” was that they were forced to live amongst, and sustain, their own people.
      They have to force themselves upon whites because we support them!! Find me one nation, city, state, hell neighborhood that is completely black and is civil! Go ahead, I dare you. You, can’t, it don’t exist

  4. Africans are always jiving, dancing and singing, I guess it is a cultural phenomenon, they have a dance and a song for most occasions, a rain dance, a dance for the Gods, a dance for good luck and now it would seem a dance for a good stoning.

    A rather primitive culture which further creates primitive actions, the kids joining in shows just how cheap life is over there and how acts of crime are an accepted and daily observed phenomenon, sadly I cannot hold the moral high ground because western culture and societies are going much the same way.

    1. There are many biological differences between races. Culture is merely an expression of racial character and racial distinctiveness.
      Please do not buy into this lie that race is only a social construct. This lie is promoted because there is? an agenda of Cultural Marxism which is trying to eradicate the existence of race, the existence of nature’s diversity.
      Race exists. Read “Race, Evolution and Behaviour” by J. Phillippe Rushton. It’s very informative and factual.

  5. Maybe I am saying it because I wasn’t there and I am sitting in the safety of my home. But honestly I wish to think that if I drove next to something like that I would just run all the motherfuckers over.

    They seriously beat him because he did not allow them to steal from his shop? And people around probably too lazy to figure out what is going on just joined in the fun. I guess the biggest problem with street justice is you can never know if the guy is a victim or a criminal, people just enjoy hurting others I guess…

    1. I feel you, but in the Marikana shooting, two cops tried to stop protesters from doing this to a Scab and got cut up with machetes before being burned alive.

      You wouldn’t stand a chance, maybe run a few over and then get trapped by burning tires and rocks in the road.

      It’ll be like Black Hawk Down, but without Josh Hartnett to hold your hand.

      1. Yeah I also think that if it actually happened and I was there I would too scared to do something, although it doesn’t look like there are a lot of people there. I guess If I see an opening to run one or two and then just flee I would probably do it.

    2. Here in Kenya it’s the same as pietbrandy says. You see something – anything – whilst driving, you keep driving, don’t look and don’t stop. They are savages. Life is cheap and if you want to keep yours, you don’t get involved. At any cost.

  6. Hello BG family!! Been on this site for years and finally decided to register. Started out at back in the 90’s but they stopped updating a long time ago and Mark has a much better site anyway. Anyhoo, Just wanted to say hello to you all. Long live Gore!!!

  7. After the Rodney King trial, a riot broke out where a trucker driver was pulled out of the cab and severely beaten nearly to death. Now I know where the pieces of low-life dungs got their modus operendi… it’s in their DNA. Chimps be Chimps.

  8. No one deserves to go that way. I bet the act of stoning him, is so much worse than the crime he commited.

    There’s a reason why I train self-defense and general stability/flexibility a few hours a day. So I can help. Help those poor bastards. And give the attackers the lesson they deserve.
    I don’t care if he’d killed my mother or father, just send a knife through his heart, and get over with it. No need for any rituals like that.
    Especially in public, since it somehow brainwashes kids to think it is acceptable.

  9. Animals. Kill them…no, let them kill each other.

    Most important: Keep them locked in their African-Cage, keep them out of Europe, out of all western civilisations; we already struggle with highly incompatible ethnic and religious mass-immigration.

    Keep them out – and return those groups unable to integrate in modern societies back to their underdeveloped hellholes, now!

    We don’t want them, and we certainly don’t need them. Good bye, have a nice life!

  10. Theses filthy monkeys probably thought ( and I use the word thought very loosely knowing that monkeys and thinking don’t go hand at hand) were killing a boer,but little did they know that they were in fact killing a kike who helped them free themselves from the mean whitey apartheid oppression. Damn ingrates I tell you.

    Everyone knows that these jungle bunnies lived a by far better standard of living once the white man colonized South Africa but the kike had to fucked it up for the niggers who had it good, but are to stupid to realize it.
    Haiti is a prime example what happens to mud skins once the white man is removed from the environment.

  11. Pisses me off. Back when i was a young lad (late teens) i became a General Manager for Little Ceasars pizza, One day a young short Somalian dude showed up looking for employment as a Pizza Driver, so i hired him. He would take a 10 min brake 3 times a night, would pull out this little carpet, he would face it a certain way & would bow to it 4 or 5 times. Then he would stand up , smile and thank me. Ahmed was his name. He was the kindest,most soft spoken, friendly person i had ever met. If i was stuck, Ahmed was there. Needed somebody to stay late he was there. This little man about 5 feet tall had deep visible scars on his face which i never questioned. He was my best hardest working employee and we shared many laughs together. One day he came in crying saying that his family was in trouble in mogadishu and had to leave. He asked me that if he came back would he have a job, of course i said , gave him a hug & yes i cried too and off he was. I never saw or heard of him again. I hope ms KARMA protects him as i still think of him daily . There is good in all humans if you look hard enough 馃檪

    1. @CanadaDre- I don’t truly think every single person is great. There’s many who have evil seeping through their pores, but you my friend are a good man! On top of the fact that you’re extremely good looking, your aura is bright as fuck! I can just tell that you’re a genuine and caring man! You’re the kinda person I like to surround myself with! Even if your physical attributes weren’t so great, they would be after getting to know you! You’re just lucky to have the whole package! Your fiancee is a lucky woman! I hope she takes really good care of you- and gives you head whenever you want it! 馃槈 Sorry, had to throw that last part in-couldn’t end on a sappy note! 馃檪

          1. @obli-Can’t see it per se, but judging from his pictures and the way he gets his feelings out through his writing and what he says. It is something I feel and it’s hard to explain. Hope I was able to explain it somewhat..

    2. What a lovely story. These people get a hard time but that guy was probably busting his ass to try to give his family a better life and yet some redneck on welfare has the right to call him filthy names without fully knowing his situation. You’re a good man @thedre and it’s comforting to know that you’re out there.

  12. It is always hard to watch someone who was doing the right thing and not being able to defend themselves. I’ve been in a situation before trying to stop thieves more than once and the same group for a matter of fact. Not to this degree but they tried their hardest to intimidate me and make me back down to them. Being half their size ( huge black women and men ) I stood my ground each time. Gosh …. poor guy just trying to do his job. RIP

  13. Is it just me or does the information REALLY not match the video? If this man was only defending himself and his shop from looters before being stoned to death, then why would this be filmed on a street, in public, with people cheering with every hit against him? Were the pedestrians on the looters’ side? Why were there children partaking in the attack? Someone shine some light on the subject?

    1. This is a kind of Xenophobia – segregation against foreigners. South African blacks ran from street to street searching for black immigrants. They claim that these people especially Somalians and Nigerians displace them in terms of employment and business.

      This dude here happen to be the victim of xenophobia. In South Africa more less like in Jamaica and Brazil pedestrians including the police don’t give it a shit to whatever is happening in the streets

  14. fucking niggers. they should all be sent to death camp where they would be raped with red hot pokers and killed slowly and painfully, along with those dirty stinky kikey jews and indians and other dirty annoying brown people. the good ones can be spared though.

  15. I condemn these xenophobic killing for somali people in south ,
    Hey listen South African Bantus history sometimes repeats itself right? Well where will you go when them white people try to slave your home staying no life having ass mf do? What will you do? Somalia won’t help you next time mf because a savage always bites the hand that feeds him init and that’s what your doing to us Somalis. We helped you but this is how you mf repay us back? Ones Somalia becomes stable my people won’t have to put up with you savages believe that. . I guess they miss their white master all they good for is To be lazy and slaves, fuck agly monkey south afrcan people the are all some drty faces, i hope finily they will go hell, mother fuckers

  16. Haha, I dated a girl from S.A and she told me that us whites in America have no clue how bad blacks can be. I totally believe her now. We do not belong together, period. I find it funny that all the the government programs and all the forms of intigration, simply get them up to par with whites. On their own, they simply live in brutal savagery. One comment asked to list one country, city or neighborhood that is predominantly black that is civil or not completely fucked up. I’ll stand by for a reply.
    I know personally, from going to a school in San Francisco as a kid, with an intigration program that bussed in “underprivileged kids” , that’s liberal for black, it was rough to say the least. I was pushed down a flight of cement stairs and kicked and beaten at the bottom. The teachers did nothing, and even told my parent I might be happier some place else. This was in a neighborhood my great grandfather from Scotland helped build. Other whites left so they wouldn’t go through the same. When my family finally decided to leave, the teacher ridiculed me in front of the class.

  17. I will never set foot on the African continent, the Persian Gulf, Isreal, Southeastern Europe or South Asia up to India. That is the septic tank of the world… a complete digression of human kind. Those people are a lost cause and there is no hope for them.

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