16 Year Old Girl Assaulted by Black Man in Plaistow, UK

16 Year Old Girl Assaulted by Black Man in Plaistow, UK

On Tuesday November 13, 2012 a 16 year old girl was assaulted just outside the Black Lion public house in High Street, Plaistow, E13, UK. The girl was followed by a black male from her house for approximately 500 meters and then knocked out with a sucker punch to the head. The assault was completely unprovoked.

After the victim fell unconscious to the ground, the attacker turned around and casually jogged towards Green Gate Street. The victim was taken to Newham General Hospital here she was treated for bruises to her head and cuts to her face.

The suspect is described as a black man of muscular build, approximately 6 feet tall with a shaven head. He’s between 25 to 30 years old and was wearing a baseball jacket and jeans at the time of the assault.

Detectives at the Newham Violent Crime Unit are asking anyone with information about the attacker to contact them on 020 8217 5890. To report the attacker anonymously, call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 and quote reference S/194/12.

Best Gore member Hawk who hooked me up with the video says:

I would say “unbelievable”, but nothing surprises me anymore about diversity in the UK.

Just from the video and past events, I assume that the two-legged simian was “hollering” at the 16 year old girl, when she told him she was not interested or to bugger-off. Thus, evoking a diversity attack. The attack looks like there could be permanent facial or brain damage… unbelievable.

CCTV video of the assault was released by the Scotland Yard yesterday:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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192 thoughts on “16 Year Old Girl Assaulted by Black Man in Plaistow, UK”

      1. Trust me my friend , segregation is going to happen on a MASSIVE scale, God will not be mocked and the Jewbastards attempt to destroy Gods people will fail miserably ! The root word for Issacs sons IS “Anglo Saxon”, yes sir we are the true Hebrew Israelites and the so called JOOO’s are a counterfeit and they are Esau! Keep watching , the day is nigh.

    1. Agreed. I am fairly certain she is wearing a head covering of some sort. And in news interviews after the attack, the girl DEFINATLY is. Still “unprovoked”, but it would make sense if the girl were muslim. Seen plenty of those attacks in the past 10-15 years.

    2. No fucking way. This is the typical nigger behavior that is known as the knock out game. Colin Flaherty first coined this shit that only niggers do. American niggers and now apparently U.K. Nigg-Noggs get their Muh-Dik off on these pussy moves. They go around with their polar bear hunting (their game not ours) skills sucker punching Whites, Elderly Whites, Women Whites , young Whites, and those fake Whites when convenient Jew fucks . This is their social behavior on full retard low I. Q. display. If it were a hit or a get even this would not be the way it would have been done. No way I ain’t buying that b.s. excuse.

    1. umm actually Im absolutely able to call this POS exactly what he is .. a massive nigger ( a person of any race or origin regarded as contemptible, inferior, ignorant, etc.) – and given the video i just witnessed the man deserves no respect from me or anyone for that matter

      1. Agreed, being English maybe it’s about time we got our ‘Land’ back. Seems morally right else where so maybe we should fight for our country. I for one am getting pissed off with people throwing the race card. If you don’t like it, piss off out of our country.

        1. @Happybunny, the international Jew is systematically trying to discard your English heritage. Be it by One you are a racist this or bigoted that comment. All in a calculated effort to silence your actions of trying to make a wrong a right. And what is right is a White Christian country free of parasites like that fuck. No one ever says Africa is to black, Asia to Asian , or Latin America to Latino. Nope it’s only traditional White countries that need be DIVERSIFIED. BULLSHIT!

    1. Christ. The hell is polar bear hunting? Its shit like this which makes me angry. I’m black, and because of stupid “niggers” with their idiotic “polar bear hunting,” I’m now gonna be a target. It sucks man, it really sucks.

  1. In the UK it is not classified as a racist attack if a back person assaults a white person regardless of whether the black person yells racists words or not. Diversity UK is also a complete and utter shit hole, a collection of filth from around the world was brought in just to drive down the wage levels for the working class man, if you are working class and a heterosexual white male you will have no chance of securing any type of employment, I advise any would be tourists to avoid the UK particularly London, if you accidentally walk into the wrong part of London you will not make it out alive.

    1. Hmm… That’s strange, I’m a white, heterosexual male and I’ve been employed by the same company for the past four years, come to think of it, all the white, heterosexual males in that company have been there for years. Get your info right before posting.

      1. ConduciveMammal, my info is pretty good actually. I work for a large recruitment company, I wont say which one because I prefer my anonymity, and my job is to go through the statistics of all the people we place with the various contracted companies. The info I can see are mostly demographics, age, race, gender and so on and I can state with fact that the civil service and that includes the councils employ based upon gender and race more than anything else, I have seen many, many white heterosexual working class men, despite having more experience and better qualifications being rejected for jobs for belonging to the wrong statistics and it is not illegal to do this that is why they get away with it and the private sector is getting just as bad.

          1. What exactly brought you to that conclusion? Your failed effort at life obviously made you think you’re important enough to assume things about me. I’m actually a white, British male with no religion.

  2. First of all, I personally think there’s more to the story as well, but then again maybe there isn’t. Secondly I notice how ignorantly racist some of you people are, but I can’t say I’m surprised, you learn what you learn from your parents I guess. Me being a goddamn good defense attorney in a major metropolitan city for longer than most of you have been on this planet, I would have to be a complete and utter mentally deficient moron to think that one race is in anyway better or worse than another. My clients tend to tell me the truth in order for me to defend them properly, and its my job to keep them out of jail. Blacks do more heinous acts than every other race? Apes? Barbarians? Savages? Funny. How about the 43yo suburban white guy with 3 children of his own who divorced the mother of his children to marry another woman who had a 5yo daughter. And tell me how he brutally raped this woman’s child to the point that the child died from internal bleeding, and he continued to rape her long after she was no longer alive. This guy had the nerve to tell me he didnt want to go to jail because its full of niggers and spics, but he knew he would be convicted and asked if I could arrange for him to go to a white collar jail with little to no niggers and spics, go figure. Or the sucessful Asian businessman who beat his 8yr old son into a coma with a skateboard, who later died, because he received some not so stellar grades on his report card. Maybe the Irishman who sodomized both his 9 & 11 year old sons for years on end, keeping them quiet by threatening to kill their mother and then them until they came forward. One of the boys committed suicide a few years later, the other went off the grid. Then the black man who raped his own daughter for many years until he went to prison for it, got paroled, and then brutally raped, then burned his daughter alive for sending him to prison. I can tell you 1000 stories about white, black, pink and purple people, the human race is equal shit, period. Blacks and hispanics tend to get caught more because of the greater law enforcement presence in their community and becase the sheep present it a certain way in the media. If you think there are less drug dealers etc in the white community you are sadly sadly mistaken, trust me. Is this black guy in this post who did this any less of a derolic than the gypsies who beat and rob people all over Europe for no reason? But I saw no racial slurs on that post, odd. I have just about an equal amount of white drug dealers who’ve given me “just in case” retainers as I have blacks who’ve been arrested for drugs that retain me. I’ve defended people of all races for the same unthinkable sick evil shit pretty much equally, although on a less brutal note whites tend to love their DUI’s more with their children in the vehicle and blacks tend to enjoy getting pulled over with weed in the car while smoking weed, and an illegal firearm lol. From reading Best Gore especially, you guys should know from DaSilvas, to Bangkok, from snackbars to Mexican Cartels, no race is above gracing the pages of this website we love. I expect a higher level of awareness here. Stop the ignorant unintelligent racist bullshit and say something worth saying. Show intellectual prowess instead of dimness. Trust me when I tell you evil has no color or nationality. I know a shitload of judges, prosecutors, as well as other lawyers that used to have racist tendencies. That tends to disappear when you’re in court everyday seeing every race on this earth on trial for doing shit that Hollywood couldnt even think up. The blood I see on the crime scene photos in court pretty much daily is always RED, caused by every shit race pretty fuckin equally, period.

    1. Are you going to send best gore a bill for your time taken to write your little rant .Must have taken a while. Anyway, I’m not racist but anger does well up when I see some of the crap that goes on, and I guess some people can only react to ultra violence and ultra maiming, by lashing out with racist comments because its easier than being philosophically expressive.

    2. I couldn’t agree more, I am white and my wife is black. She has a doctorate in psychology and is an ordained United Methodist Pastor in in the state of California with a thriving congregation. Am I supposed to think she is pre-ordained to villainy? I can assure you that she visits parishioners of all races in our county jail in equal numbers.
      Now, I must point out that racism goes both ways. Last Sunday evening, My wife and I were at a local all black church for their church anniversary (I being the only white person out 250+ people) and the guest speaker made some very clear racist comments about whites. To say the least, it made me very uncomfortable.

    3. I’m sorry was there a point to this long bullshit rant cause if there was then what a big fucking waste of comment space…darksith no one here gives a fuck about you being a lawyer or what you’ve seen or what you think you know cause you and I know your so full of shit its pathetic. Who the fuck are you come here and talk down on people views if someone doesn’t like niggers and they feel like saying it then they have every right to, don’t come on here with you fucking lies and bullshit stories trying come off like some kinda big head big shot when you know you ain’t shit. If you don’t like what you see here then get fuck out cause this place ain’t for you we don’t cater to bitches and their needs.

        1. @Darkersith, Your assumption is wrong, the surgeon doesn’t intentionally try to kill anyone, as your “guy that just shot 3 officers” did. You however, intentionally try to get your clients off, even if you know their gulity.

          1. Absolutely amazing! Shit is just too funny. My analogy makes perfect sense actually, it just happens to be over some people’s comprehension levels. So let me put it a different way. A cop walks into a crime scene of a man who just killed his wife and 2 kids and then shot himself. But the guy is still alive, should the cop let him bleed out and die for what he’s obviously done, or do his job and call the paramedics for him regardless of his personal feelings? Or the guy who admitted to 4 drug related cold blooded murders and numerous drug charges. He got a plea deal with because he snitched out a drug kingpin much higher up on the ladder than he was. Is the judge that has to let him off with a year in county jail and 5yrs probation and back out on the streets doing the same thing to blame? Every man is responsible for HIS own actions, period. I do my job, and I prefer my job over minimum wage any fuckin day. Does my job in anyway contribute to a better society? Fuck no. But i doubt you’re doing anything in your own lives that contribute to the better of mankind either.

    4. Darkersith: you don’t have to answer this obviously, but think about it truthfully. Do you, or have you ever, lived inside of a city? Have you ever had to coexist in a population with brutish thugs like this? My guess is your job title puts you in either the most gentrified part of a downtown area, the suburbs, or the sticks. Just a guess. Real easy to write people off as ignorant and racist when you live in a safe little bubble surrounded by carbon copies of your white collar self.

      I’m sure you see them all the time in your lawsuits – in a professional capacity, when you’re not being targeted by them, when they NEED you to stay out of jail – but have you ever been looked in the eye and intimidated by people like this?

      More importantly, do you currently have to endure a daily struggle which involves this type of living, say, taking a bus with a bunch of rowdy high school future criminals looking for trouble every day? Do you find yourself living in fear of being jumped, stabbed, or shot simply for being of an out-of-place race? No. Of course you don’t. You just look at the aftermath in the controlled environment of a court room or office and try to squeeze some money out of it. Then drive your own car home and preach “equality” on here sipping your diet green tea with ginseng listening to Dizzy Gillespie and priding yourself on how “culturally sensitive” you are.

      1. I’ll respectfully correct you. Suburban lifestyle with my diet tea? Lol Not quite. Speaking high & mighty from a controlled environment? Never assume anything about anyone. Have I ever co-existed with brutish thugs like this? I most certainly have, I grew up in Brooklyn NY. I’ve seen my fair share of barbarian violence long before law school. There are some savage cold monkey spic honkey cracker gook fucks out there, whatever you wanna call hem makes no difference to me.

        All I’m saying is that to GENERALIZE a race of people, instead of commenting directly at the offender who’s inner primate came out is ignorant in MY opinion. So no, I’m not afraid of a black person on a bus, not afraid of the arab guy i was seated next to and spoke with on my last flight any more than I was afraid of all the white people walking into the movie theatre this weekend to watch The Bond movie. Should I of been afraid one of the white men would pull out a gun and start shooting like in Colorado? Nahhhh. Didn’t see to many racist posts when that happened. If he was black, it would have been WWIII, but he’s white so it’s just a “tragedy”.

        For the record, I hate everyone pretty equally. If you’re a piece of shit, then you’re a piece of shit. If you’re a man of integrity and honor then you’re my brother in my book regardless of your hue. I just happen to come across a more broad racial spectrum of pieces of shit than most people. In no way shape or form am I exalted from the next man.

        1. That’s the biggest pile of rubbish I’ve ever heard. Of course you can’t treat everyone the same and live in a world of all blood is red we are all the same. The reason being religion and beliefs. The reason why wars start in the first place. A prime example is Muslims believe life is a test for something better after therefore don’t value their own lives and think nothing to flying a plane into the world trade centre. We are not and never will be the same and that is a fact.

      1. There are groups distributed differently throughout different parts of the matrix and any race can play any role. In america the blacks play the poor, criminal mentality; however in South Africa now in places it is the exact opposite. If there was just a single race the one race would start to split and they would create different classes of the same color. Unfortunately top down hierarchical racist stupid lame degrading societies is what we likely face for several hundred years.

  3. Oh, and Darkersith, ever lived in Africa? Try it some time, it’ll change those pretty little libtard views of yours pretty damned quick. And no, my parents aren’t racist – not in the least.

  4. Sorry to hijack this story but can anyone shed some light on a query of mine. Why is it that black males seem to only be attracted to white or Asian women, I base this upon what I have seen around me both in my home country and abroad. I see very few black males with black females and when I do it is usually the poorer black males who live in ghettos, when they become rich they mostly always have white partners.

    I don’t see this happening in any other culture or race which leads me to believe that black males see white women as a trophy, a symbol of status if you will, maybe the media as played a part in this eroding of the black cultural identity which was quite prevalent in the 60’s and 70’s, we see on TV and in adverts black men with white women and white men with black women all the time.

    My point is not to question how people choose to live or who to date as that is a personal choice, my argument was, are our governments and media on purposely trying to socially engineer us in a particular way via brainwashing during our formative years and if so, to what ends.

      1. It’s a numbers game… hit on as many white bitches as you can and eventually you’ll find one whose got low enough self esteem and daddy issues to date you.. once you have your white bitch you get her to pay for all your shit and sponge off her ass as much as possible… black chicks dont put up with that shit.
        And being a white guy I have to say I’ve been with the occasional black chick and found them to be as clean and giving (blowjobs) as the white girls.

    1. Generally – not strictly – but generally, white women are more attractive. Not to mention they are bigger slags. Also, the young teen white girls have this idea that having a black boyfriend shows that they are pro diversity and open minded. That is until they are beaten or raped or robbed. By the time they’ve learned their lesson, they are already soiled and devalued.

  5. Yes, I have been to Africa, a few times. And what I saw there was no different than what I saw in Cambodia, Vietnam, the slums of Moscow and Serbia, or all over South America, poverty. Poverty breeds sick bullshit and it’s amazing what humans will do in those conditions, does that make you better than another race? Its a false sense of superiority, your shit stinks just like the next mans dung. This isnt africa its america, i dont think a damn black person i know has been to Africa nor do i think they even want to. Besides the criminal side, the litigation side of my firm represents a shitload of very very wealthy and successful black and other minority business owners, way more intelligent and successful and happy in life than the people on here who spew retarded garbage could ever dream to be that’s for certain. You have Budweiser drinking honkeys who run over their own children drunk, represented them, and 40 drinking homies in the hood, who just got caught carrying their 2nd illegal firearm, represented them too. Then you have the normal Caucasian who lives his life and dreams tp the fillest and the normal blacks who do the same, like the group of 7 Ivy League black businessmen who closed a 45 million dollar oil venture with my firm representing them. And I have hundreds more files just like it of successful honest black n minority business owners that do wayyyyyy better than the ignorance I see here thats for sure. It’s so damn funny, we have this 30yo black kid, very intelligent, but dresses like every other black guy, you see him walking next to you and you racist morons will say to yourself “damn nigger probably wants to rob me and fuck my pretty lilly white daughter who listens to rap”, difference is this black kid has never been in trouble in his life, nor his black and hispanic partners, he owns 23 franchises of a brand name hotel chain everyone has probably stayed at and makes a good 15 mill a year net. In my business It’s not possible to indulge in the racial superiority ignorance, I see it all daily. Money is GREEN, blood is RED. every other color is of no concern to me. But ok, minorities are all monkey spic scum and whites are crem de la crem, great, white power!…..Anyway @empty soul, I think it’s more prevalent these days because its becoming more accepted, same way gay marriage is. And the way you worded that was kinda interesting, that blacks only seem interested in white women? Soooo um are those white women being forced to the black cock at gunpoint? Doubt it. Its a two way street. They want white snatch just as much as these white girl want black dick, who cares, i care not about others cockumentaries. People are free to love who they choose, don’t you agree? The president isn’t married to a white woman, Robert dinero and even George Lucas are married to black women. Because they are probably amazing women to them. Doesn’t matter what their hue is, it matters WHO they are inside and how they treat their fellow man.

    1. Darkersith, my post did clearly state that I did not care who dates who, my interest was in why black males tend to, by a large majority, prefer to date white women instead of black women. I also never mentioned that white women were being forced to as clearly they are not, nor do I care whether white women want to date black men, I only wanted to know why they seem to be rejecting their own race when choosing to mate and from what I have read many black women also seem to be perplexed at this phenomenon.

    2. I would like your posts more if you could stop with the run on sentences. Plus some formatting would help. As noted by someone else, there is something called a “paragraph”. Reading your posts is like listening to someone who is tweaked out by crystal meth.

    3. I think your completely wrong Dark. If anything it’s the other way round. Have you ever heard of a black person being arrested for calling someone white trash. No, even when the riots took place all over the UK our papers were not allowed to refer to them as coloured youths which is in fact what most of them were. It’s actually us who are not protected or have rights in our own countries. The race card is used so much as an excuse to behave like animals and get away with it that it totally stinks. Is it any wonder white people get pissed off. It doesn’t matter what job you do it doesn’t make you god or guarantee your correct. Your crime cases do not change anything.

    1. Darkersith, I was wondering, did you employ your hot busty young paralegal because of her looks or academic accomplishments. The reason that I ponder this question is because I have seen on many occasions good looking women rise through the ranks without actually achieving the best results of the group therefore I am trying to establish whether it is sour grapes on my part or a actual occurrence of eye candy prevailing.

      1. I have never hired a paralegal for their academic accomplishments (it’s a two year degree for Gods sake). I hire them because they are intelligent foremost and will do exactly as they are instructed by the team. The last thing I need is a 23 year old telling me how to run a case.

      2. Jeeze, the Sith goes on a rant about racism and then goes all sexist. So what is more offensive than demeaning half of the world’s population? I love the ladies, all colors and sizes. I guess justification of one’s sins and judgment of others is OK once you go to law school.

        1. He’s full of shit. Who would go online and just spew every aspect of their life to complete strangers. I’d have a hard time believing this VERY successful defense attorney would. I’ve never seen him post before so I guess he signed up just to tell us how great he is and that we should all be ashamed of ourselves.

          1. Spew every aspect of my life? Lol what did I spew? A few very vague details of cases? Above everyone? Not quite, read again, my shit smells the same as the next mans. It is truly amazing how people can sit in front of a computer with such hatred and anger. It’s fairly simple, if you hate monkey niggers so much, go to the hood and find the nearest group of thug black men that you can, and tell them how you feel. I’m quite sure most people here share my sentiments when I say that we come here to see gore and shit the news won’t show, not for some cyber klan rally. 1st amendment does give freedom of speech so all can say what they feel, regardless of how ignorant. Love this country.

  6. That there is the definition of a peace of shit.

    1. Attacking unprovoked
    2. From behind
    3. Victim is someone who cant defend them self against you
    4. Running away immediately after.

    Can you get more “peace of shit” than that?

  7. Thats the results of slave trade. You took them by force from Africa, exploit their energy and then dumped and treated as 2nd class citizens. Nice hit nigger. Do this to all white bitches who think they can mess up with blacks in diaspora.

    1. ” You took them by force from Africa”. Hey dipshit, newsflash. All the people involved in the african slave trade have been dead along time. Blaming this generation for the acts of people six generations ago isn’t fair. Maybe in a couple hundred years white people will exterminate black people in “diaspora” because of the actions of blacks from today. Bet that would be real fair, huh? Troll.

  8. Sexist? Absolutely not I was being facetious. My paralegal is highly qualified and does her job very well. I’m a very happily married man. As far as defending scum, it’s a job. It’s not my job nor do I have nor want the power to past down moral judgement. I’m not god, I’m a lawyer.

      1. Lmfao, uhhhh ok thats fine. I have no need or desire to sell myself to you, or my practice. Isn’t it interesting how simply browsing one website like this you people post hate filled nonsense and are obviously so full of rage and anger it’s sad. Then you close out the window and get on Facebook and most are a completely different person. This site is entertaining, relax people. Some of you act like you’re sitting at your keyboard with steam coming out of your ears and punching holes in the wall lol. Its cute

        1. But your talking rubbish. My friend is a solicitor and continually she says of how different races etc are treated through the legal system. They have to be careful when there’s an involvement with a black person to avoid the race card accusation. Another example is my boss sacked a black man for being aggressive at work and upsetting staff. This man played the race card and it cost my boss ?10 grand in legal fees to prove the reason was legitimate. If this had been a white man no case would of been opened. You say your a lawyer yet how come you’ve not come across these situations yourself, hence why I don’t think you are. You don’t seem very educated at all in understanding reality. This isn’t a hate filled site, it’s a site where it’s accepted for us to say how we truly feel as in most aspects of life we can’t do that. Maybe you need to go back to Facebook and like a lawyer page then chat cases on there as this doesn’t seem to be the site for you. It’s rather cute!!!

          1. Umm probably because you’re across the pond and I’m in the good ole USA. I’m not trying to change anyone’s views lol, I put murderers back on the streets remember? I loose not a wink of sleep about it and most certainly not about people’s ignorant comments on here.

            Its simple, i don’t have any desire or mental energy to devote to hating black, pink or orange people. I prefer to just enjoy life with my loving family and my good honorable friends of all races that I have. One life to live, no sequel. If you feel your race is superior to another then HI FIVE!!, thats great!

          2. Don’t be so ridiculous it’s nothing to do with being across the pond it’s the same everywhere. You point is not valid as your saying we should treat everyone the same. Im saying thats impossible as we are not treated the same for the reasons I’ve explained earlier. This obviously builds up resentment and rightly so. Again with religion, do you think a good catholic man would fly a plane into the world trade centre killing over a thousand people. No because we they are not Muslim who believe death brings 40 virgins for an act like that and life and death is better. For those reasons how can anyone ever be treated as one. Unfortunately as sad as it is that is reality. You’ve come on here insultingthernice people for expressing themselves which is what this site is about yet I don’t believe you even have a point strippingit’away your giant speeches and the fact you say your a lawyer which seems highly unlikely to me with what your saying. Maybe it’s you who needs to open your eyes.

    1. @Darkersith, …”It’s not my job nor do I have nor want the power to past down moral judgement.” ….and yet, thats exactly what your doing to fellow Best Gore members for their opinions, isn’t it? ….”Darker sith”…hmmmm

      1. @Darkersith. “…I would have to be a complete and utter mentally deficient moron to think that one race is in anyway better or worse than another. All I?m saying is that to GENERALIZE a race of people, instead of commenting directly at the offender who?s inner primate came out is ignorant in MY opinion.”
        Your words on this post.
        But in THIS post:
        “Can someone just nuke that region of the world and be done with this shit? These fucks disgust me to no end.”
        Hypocrite or troll?

        1. Probably hypocrite. In the same sentence people who want to cut your head off simply because you read a different book than them and share different views than them should be nuked. Sorta like you guys, if I shared your views you’d go after someone else that didn’t, I don’t so you attempt attack, in a very futile effort I must say. I’m not impressed, come harder please llol.

          I’m not attacking fellow members, I’m attacking ignorance, so if the shoe fits, then it fits. The author of this site and I don’t share some of the same views, but I respect every single word he says because he’s intelligent enough to get his point across without sounding like a genetically deficient mental midget moron. FUCK NIGGER JEW SHIT GOOK nonsense is mental midgetry, period. And the only ones who relate to that bs are your other fellow midgets.

          1. @Darkersith, Here, you dropped this. Its your sense of humor. You must have lost it when you picked up that giant bag of how important your opinion is. You’ll never change anyones views by attempting to belittle them. You may be a hypocrite, my vote remains “troll” !

          2. Dark it’s you that’s ignorantmfor not understanding reality. We’d all love to live in a world like the song Imagine by John Lennon but that’s not going to happen.

          3. @Darkersith.
            Probably hypocrite? Ah com’on, you’re definately a hypocrite. As much as you despise them, you’d happily defend those people who you think should be nuked in a court of law, (for a substantial fee of course).
            And even though I might not agree with them all of the time, I’m fine to share a website with what you call racists and I’ll tell you why. They’re up front and HONEST. But you being a lawyer, you’ve probably forgotten the defination of that word. Look it up in the dictionary,(or get your highly qualified paralegal to do it for you). You’ll find it between “Holy Joe” and “Hoodwinker”.
            @It was me.
            Agreed, It’s a troll.

          4. @d.i.y., excellent reply!! Some on here doubt Darkersith is a lawyer, I don’t know if thats true or not, but he bloviates like one. Thats 2 votes for “troll” 😉

  9. I’m old enough to remember the time before the left wing liberal elite let allowed scum like this to enter my country. It’s the reason I and many others moved out of the major cities. England is fucked.

    1. I can’t pass judgement on the scenario however the idea of a seemingly large man running up behind a young girl, beating her and then cowardly running away makes me feel physically ill. As a young woman who often walks by herself it’s not great to have one of your perhaps not so paranoid fears of being randomly attacked on the street confirmed as possible.

      That’s where I draw the line regarding humanity so to speak, How you treat those weaker or more defenceless than yourself (Animals, a completely unaware innocent small girl).

    1. Wouldn’t it be nice? Then the only nigger BO I’d have to worry about is all of the shot up corpses rotting, and piled along the side of the road, waiting to be picked up for their mass grave. Stop depressing me with dreams I’ll never see…

    2. Shoot the jews is a better idea.
      They’re the ones who imported niggers into europe, promote nigger “culture” and the practice of bestiality with niggers.
      The jews used their control of world finance to corrupt european politicians and allow europe to be flooded subhuman turds form third world countries.

  10. While blacks NEVER need a reason, “valid” or not, to assault a non-black (see the recent post in BG about the teenage black who left a group of his kind to assault a passing white teacher) my guess is that there’s more to this story than we now know.

    I doubt it was an anti-Muslim thing; Ive never heard of blacks attacking Muslims for their religion (although they certainly have for other reasons). She might not be Muslim in any event.

    My guess is that she gave him a look that he felt offended by and that’s why he pursued and attacked her. There was a recent case I’m aware of in Oakland, California, where an elderly Chinese man clutched his wallet when a black man approached him. The black took offense, hit the old man in the stomach, and the elderly man subsequently died. This is doubly horrific since blacks do, in fact, commit the vast majority of street crimes in this area, if not in every area they occur. We’ve had a couple of other killings around here where blacks attacked Chinese on the street.

    Usually blacks kill other blacks, though, because of greater simple opportunity: other races try to stay away from them. There are many more dead blacks in big city morgues who died by violence than other races.

  11. Always nice to see the racism come out whenever a black person does something wrong.

    This is why we used to tell our kids to never do anything bad because this is how white people respond.

    I suppose it’s only to be expected since this generation have forgotten the true values of being black.

  12. “You got knocked the fuck out” but all kidding aside that is really fucked up, girl didnt do nothing to dude but he feels he should fucking smash her with everything he’s got……its sad man the UK allows all these immigrants to migrate to their country and this is how they get repaid……pathetic, i hope he gets what he has coming ~Trp5

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  15. I live in New Orleans, we have to deal w/ these primitives every day. Maybe if you Brits live long enough to learn, you’ll demand the government restore you’re right to own firearms & you can deal w/ these savages the way we do here!!!!!!!!! If you live in the jungle, you carry a big gun. If you live in the city w/ niggers, you are essentially IN the jungle so……………………………………

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