17 Year Old Student Disciplined Outside School, Caught Drinking Beer

17 Year Old Student Disciplined Outside School, Caught Drinking Beer

17 Year Old Student Disciplined Outside School, Caught Drinking Beer

This video is from Tegucigalpa, Honduras

A 17 year old student is caught by her parents drinking beer outside of her school, after the father slaps her in the face he ask her, “is this what you do in school?”

Props to Best Gore member @mandingo7 for the video:


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        1. Hate to say it, but compared to SOME shit out there, that actually is good beer.

          Can’t say anything about the new ‘flavors’ they’ve made to cater to the millennium and/or hipster crowd though. They got some tea bullshit out now I saw.. what the fuck

    1. I think I might have posted the following before (once at the most) so I’m sorry to anyone who gets a repeat of it. I guess that’s going to be everyone who reads this as you know I’ve posted before. Fuck I’m stupid.
      Here’s the quote for your goat-piss Coors Light. Credit for this goes to Monty Python. I am only 1/2 sure that it was John Cleese, but then again I’m 100% sure that I’m 1/2 unsure as well. Here goes the quote:

      “What does making love on a boat and American beer have in common? They’re both fucking near water.”

      [mic drop] hehehehe 🙂 (I like your post. I wanna see somebody CGI in some Coors Light cans & bottles lying around.)


  1. I suppose they pay good money for her to go to school, naturally the parents want whats best for their children. Even if it is by the thread of their hide. Who knows what she got when they got home…yikes!

      1. Isn’t it ?? Cool h Bro! 😉
        The Exorcist is, and has always been for me,,, The Scariest Movie Ever Made. So if you have never seen it bro @s2Dillinger ,,, Then You should check it out Bro! 🙂

          1. I Was not sure how old you were brother. And because many people under 40 have not seen it cause it came out in the late 70’s early 80’s a time when many of our members were still inside Daddies balls, lol. 😉

          2. Ha, that reminds me. Our younger daughter and friends rented The Exorcist two years ago, and could not get through the movie. Kathy and I found that out the next day.

            So I asked at which point she stopped watching. No answer. (lol screaming inside)

            It does my heart good to know a younger guy like s2Dillinger appreciates the classics.

  2. Perfect lesson to her and other kids who watched.

    Fuck NWO leftism and sjw scumbags: Physical discipline from parents to children must be re-banned world wide or we will have(and we have!) little demons everywhere.

    1. That’s because those old generations were ultra brainwashed. This is why they call the WW2 generation the greatest. Double speak right in their faces but they’re too stupid to notice. Basically you take an idiot, low IQ mediocre person and through the education system convince them they are bonafide genius. Add in $50,000 a year salary and they will feel like a god.

      “Always make them think they’re clever.” Mayer Rothschild

      1. my generation was far better than this one, fucking living in a 3rd world country now, i’m not getting into a pissing contest with ya cause you’d win. But they allow the low IQ POS run the street and kill ppl, keeping having babies , and OUR GOVERNMENT PAYS FOR it, FUCK THAT let the low IQ’S of my day keep their jobs, who else gonna help pay for the generation SCUM of today, don’t know if their male/female, can’t show white pride because everybody racist who do, can’t PRAY to GOD in classroom because some fuckin dot head is offended, ENGLISH is a 2nd language, but you can MY TAX MONIES and live here for free and not speak a lick of ENGLISH, nope bring back 60’s 70’s

        1. It’s those people from the 60’s and 70’s who pushed equality and open borders. They turned 95% white 1st world cities into 10% white 3rd world cities. They are the one’s too afraid to speak their mind for fear of being called a racist. The younger generations have 10x more balls because they have nothing to lose.

          You can’t blame the 3rd savages for acting like 3rd world savages. We can only blame ourselves, the traitors around us and them.


          1. damn, i don’t know about all that, but i do know we had the best DRUGS EVER and the MUSIC was the greatest, I was a kid I enjoyed life then SEX DRUGS and classic ROCK. if i was as depressed as you, i would of offed myself, instead of trying to get laid by Robert Plant

          2. @55yroldfingjackazz You would “have” offed yourself but like I already said your generation are cowards. This why you need drugs to cope. Without it life is too scary.

            Anyways you dumb hippies were the first SJW’s. Your drugs, clothes, music, political ideals etc etc were all crafted for you. Anything to distance you from your parents and the old culture. Without it how could they ever convince you to “imagine there’s no heaven or countries and the world is one”?

            LOL you will never figure it out.

  3. What I would be interested in knowing is at the moment on UK TV news channels it is all about Northern Ireland terror brewing up once again. But what I would like to know is what is this reference every 5 minutes to the “troubles” years ago ???
    One mong who slurps in my local Ale House, just before he collapsed having an epileptic fit, said the troubles were about Bakeries in Ireland not having a constant supply of Yeast for bread making causing riots all over the fucking place, yet an acquaintance of my Grandfather (who is actually Irish) said that back in the early 70’s there was a spate of Garden gnome thefts in South Armagh and it basically escalated from that.
    Any info be welcome.

    1. I will answer your question for you.

      The re-emergence of the “Irish troubles” question being played throughout the UK media is purely an “anti-Brexit” tactic.

      I lived though the 80’s and remember the Irish troubles like it was yesterday. I have Irish family and am part Irish in fact. The UK media of the 80’s was very much against the Irish though and always sided with Westminster.

      The re-emergence of the above then, and the reversal in position of the UK media, is, roughly speaking, a big fuck you stance to all those who voted Brexit. It is the minority screaming at, and attacking the majority. It is a big fuck you to democracy in other words.

      The “Irish troubles” has therefore been hijacked by snowflake libtards as a tool to attack and undermine the greatest democratic decision ever made by the UK people.

      If they do stop Brexit though democracy in the UK gets destroyed on the spot and the far-right will gain by the tens of millions over night.

      Interesting times lay ahead.

    1. Then why the fuck haven’t you posted the turtle porn vids you made with them? That would be much better than the video on America’s Funniest Home Videos where the turtle cums and all the people start giggling like kids.

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  4. If what the comments say is true, then this guys was called by the principal about his daughter getting shitfaced at school and begging anyone with a penis to fuck her. From the looks of his sweaty shirt and rubber work boots the father came straight from whatever slave labor he was currently doing to deal with his whore daughter. These people work looong hours for shit pay at shit jobs to put their shit kids through school. Its understandable why he and the mother were pissed.

  5. Clearly this man loves his daughter more than anyone else could.

    Why else would he save her from the horrors of staying after school and just slap the shit outta her for a couple of minutes?

    I wish my parents had cared about me this much. I hated staying after school.

  6. I got caught with a bottle of rush at school once. I hid it in the stone tablets that I took my notes on. (Im old joke). I got suspended and recommended for expulsion. It was fucked because it was legal to buy but illegal to possess. How does that work anyway. I would have taken a beating to have made that situation go away, boy howdy!

  7. I back handed my daughter and spent the night in jail 4 orders of protection and had to move out of my house. Year of criminal and family court. Lost my job because of court dates. All for trying to discipline my daughter. No wonder these kids are so fucked up. They got more rights then us

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