German Homeless Man Donated Roundhouse Kick, Benefactors Also Kick Him When He’s Down

Homeless Man Donated Roundhouse Kick, Benefactors Kick Him When He's Down

On May 2nd in Cologne, Germany, a 68 year old homeless man is kicked in the head after speaking up to
teenagers who insulted him. He’s still in critical condition.

The blanket stiff contributes harm to his warfare by sticking up for himself. The young punks may have gifted the hobo a forever home. The blanket stiff will have the luxury to never call a stiff blanket his home ever again.

Props to Best Gore member @therobin for the video:

43 thoughts on “German Homeless Man Donated Roundhouse Kick, Benefactors Also Kick Him When He’s Down”

    1. That’s right chinky boy. That’s what he gets for being an old fartknocker in Germany. Was a nice high kick, slow as fuck though, could only do that to an old man or someone drunk. And also, to hell with all fucking niggers!

  1. Bruce Lee never died , its just that he’s in a different guise posing up , as a German teen ;these days.


    Herein ibid, on a tragic note though , the homeless , now has a home on the other side of the white rainbow. All thanks to a flying kick .

      1. I know all about Germany. I have been there enough times over a span of 30 years. Germany always had the Turkish problem but Merkel advanced things massively.

        The early 2000s saw a massive increase in Eastern European migrants but it was Merkel’s reign that brought in all the fucking Africans and Arabs in great number. Not to mention gypsy scum everywhere walking the streets and robbing people in every major city.

        Germany pre-Merkel and Germany today are worlds apart and if you haven’t noticed that you haven’t spent much time in Germany. However I do agree that the problem is much bigger and deeper than Merkel. The EU’s Free Movement Act and its “refugee” policies are the cancerous tools used to rot away everything.

  2. Maybe the Germans, like us, are just getting tired of those animals shitting on the sidewalks, tent cities, trash, and panhandling.
    Hitting the old man wasn’t right, but goddamn it, sometimes you can only handle so much before you see red.

    1. Yes, the sound made me feel that pain.
      I think beating that ends with victim’s head hitting floor should be treated as murder. There’s so many ways to fight without killing or disabling someone for his whole life.

          1. Laws here in the states vary from state to state, commonwealth to commonwealth, courtroom to courtroom so hard to pin down but I do know you can be charged with manslaughter pretty easily even if the death was, ‘accidental’. I believe murder implies some sort of intent or premeditation here.

          2. I know they have voluntary, involuntary, vehicular, and justifiable manslaughter and homicide. Then they have 1st, 2nd, 3rd degree of murder. The laws over here are so convoluted and like I said they vary on the state level regarding everything from whether or not it is a crime to possess certain drugs/firearms, whether it is a crime to not wear certain safety equipment i.e. helmets, glasses, seatbelts
            etc etc

        1. Yes ,you are right. Murder does imply intent but I believe that we” changed” that here for the “one punch rule” to reflect the severity. So i apologise for loose terms. It does appear to be still considered manslaughter but punished now as if it was murder.

          An excerpt below.

          One Punch Laws
          This legislation is taken into account in New South Wales, Northern Territory and Western Australia. The consequences for the coward punch is the following:

          “New sentences for ‘one punch’ assaults a 20 year maximum sentence for anyone. If the offender was affected by alcohol or drugs, the offender will receive a minimum of eight years and a maximum 25 year sentence applies to the offender in New South Wales.” Says the NSW Government website.

          Most coward punches occur around pubs or at night around the street due to people who were intoxicated. This is the main cause to coward punches. The main age group in which coward punches occur are teens 18+ or people in their early and late 20’s In Australia. This is a problem since the legal age to drink in Australia is 18.”


          1. Hold on I will have to take some time to read this. Someone wants people to read I will, Give me a few minutes to digest. I have to deal with this bando that wants a chance on a ride

  3. Dang,
    i thot Bruce Lee was dayed!

    why walk away from perfecklee fresh road kill,

    hey, it was a set up like my associate above said.

    phonepicboy knew it was coming but freezer-meat never saw it coming but maybe
    he was being paid by phonepicboy or the guy they all swallow for him dude.

    interesting business model

  4. Welcome to modern Europe. Youth ;weak as piss and dumb as doorknobs. There was a neonazi party and shit in germany about ten to twenty years ago but as i expected they were weak as piss and dumb as doorknobs. What did they do? I know ..they murdered twenty or so Turk gastarbeiters who were LAWABiDiNG! Wow saved the nation!

    Where are those nazi german toughs now when their country has been inundated by jihadists stealing their patrimony and fucking their women?? Maybe stoned and getting fucked up their arse by their new moslem masters! Disgusting weak peaces of shit. The only men in Europe are the ones from the Balkans and Eastern Europe and even they are now tired,old and /or dead.

    Welcome to your new reality Euro rayahs!

  5. He doing better now:
    “Weidenpesch had been worried about the homeless Jean-Pierre (68). After the brutal kick against his head, the native Frenchman fights for his life. Now the little miracle: The Frenchman has awakened from the artificial coma. He was transferred from the intensive care unit to the regular ward in the university hospital. Previously, he had been operated twice for a brain hemorrhage. His condition had been rated as critical. The doctors had said that the next few days after the surgery were crucial.

    Only two days earlier, there were signs that Jean-Pierre might survive the brutal attack. Because a good friend had been allowed to visit Jean-Pierre. As EXPRESS learned, she sat down at the ICU bed and sang folk songs in his native tongue to the native Frenchman. And then that happened, which gives everyone hope: Jean-Pierre showed a physical reaction.

    On Saturday, about 40 local residents had spontaneously met to a vigil for the homeless in the Veedel very well-known. They lit candles and placed flowers at the scene of the crime as a sign of compassion.”
    (The photo on that site is older, from a different “accident”)

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