81-Year-Old in Zhejiang, China Attacked by Frustrated Bicyclist

81-Year-Old in Zhejiang, China Attacked by Frustrated Bicyclist

On September 25, 81-year-old man, Zhang Laotai, leisurely walks with cane down back alleyway of sorts in Zhejiang, China. Coming into view, a younger man walking bike exerts symptoms of small penis syndrome. Visibly angered and frustrated with his malfunctioning bike, he chucks what appears to be bike lock at the decrepit. A font kick bulldozes Zhang to ground; miscreant stomps him then strikes with cane.

Concerned citizen, Lao Tai, intervenes and defuses the situation before the attacker can inflict further discomfort. Zhang Laotai incurred multiple fractures and was hospitalized. The unprovoked man was detained on probable cause.

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    1. As a chinese, it is very shameful to see this shit. respecting the elderly is not a responsibility to us. it is about our own honor and disgrace. i think that bicycle guy may have mental illness.

      1. @KingWang seeing as you’re Chinese, any chance you can clarify why it is we see so many vids from China (and Asia in general) where someone’s hurt/being attacked and people just step over them like they’re not there, or carry on walking/driving?

        i genuinely don’t understand the cold heartedness.

        1. I’m not Chinese, but it’s fairly easy to understand that the more people are concentrated in a certain location, the less value each individual holds. Chinese are digging their own graves by multiplying like rabbits

          1. i supposed you’re right to a point, but it doesn’t explain why this behaviour happens in the countryside as well in these shit hole places.

            i live in a big city too (in a mostly not-but fast becoming shit hole country) and if someone’s head got caved in, in public, most people would do something to help. At the least they wouldn’t be stepping over their lifeless corpse to take pics.

          1. i’m not American for a start…. and who’s ”my” media? How do you know what media i watch and get my news from?

            My opinions are based on what i see with my eyes. Most of which is right here on best gore in all it’s glory. Or are you going to tell me it’s all a conspiracy and Indians and Chinese do value life and Indian’s don’t shit on train tracks then walk off without wiping their arses and Chinese people don’t walk on by as someone is being carved into a human jigsaw puzzle in the street?

        1. I just got bitten by something nasty. Not sure what though as i screamed like a lil school girl and jumped 6 stories high and didnt see offender. Possibilities include a funnel web spider, a red back spider, a spitfire, a bullant or maybe even bullshit wasp or 6ooo other fuckers – fuck me….this is not good. I may not survive to be here tomorrow. Wish me luck……..fuck !

  1. What?? He beats a defenceless poor old man, a youthful, (wait for it @godfellas) FAGGOT 🙂 comes to the poor mans aid & just chats to him?. I would of beat that bicycle riding, rat, dog & noodle eating faggot with the stick. Then shoved that stick so far up his ass the BG watching surgeons of this site would have something different to extract. I’m pretty sure they’re bored of cucumbers, dildos etc by now.

  2. Hope I die before I turn 50 to not be a burden on society. I’ve seen how old people are treated. Kinda scary when you think about it. When your young you’re strong like a bull but when you’re old you’re weak as a sand dollar. Unless I turn like those 90 year olds that still manage farms and look and feel like 40.

    1. @quetzalcoatle Why 50? You can be fit and healthy at 70. Ok you’ll have a few niggles here & there but nothing life threatening or anything that makes you a burden onto others. A neighbour of mine he’s 75-76 and walks miles everyday. Occasionally he does 10+ mile walks when his son visits.

      So don’t hope your life away just yet. Unless you have some illness that is shortening your life?

  3. So, a Chinese guy living in America wakes up one day to find he’s having trouble seeing. He goes to his Doctor who does an eye exam and says “oh, I think you have a cataract”. The Chinese guy says in response “Cataract? No, no, I drive Rincoln Contrinentral”.

        1. no doubt.

          But it’s easier to infiltrate when they inter-marry with blue bloods who can pass off as white, or are white. Which is basically what they’ve done and how they’ve taken control.

          Can you imagine what a mixed race Jewish/Chinese baby would look like? It’d be like Albert Einstein with jaundis.

          i could be wrong, but isn’t China one of the few countries left which still controls it’s own central bank?

  4. The young man is just a useless waste of space. Probably on shitty wages working in an iPhone factory given the shitty bike he rides lol.

    I bet if it was me walking there instead of the old man, he wouldn’t have had the ball to throw his bike lock at me. I would have punched this sucka soooooo fucking hard.

  5. The attacker is a real scum.

    Also want to point out that Laotai or Lao Tai is not a name. It means an old lady. Zhang Laotai = old lady Zhang. The guy who intervened probably did not have his name disclosed.

  6. I understand blurring old man’s face but, why protecting identity of scumbag(s) is something i don’t get it.
    I would give 10 bucks if guy who came punch this scumbag with full force into nose. With stick.

  7. I was laughing at this for ages.

    Obviously an appalling thing that this lunatic has done, but it’s the sheer lunacy of it that is hilarious.

    The poor doddery old guy pottering his way up gently at a snails pace only to end up in the middle of that.

    The kick to the stomach is completely crazy.

  8. i wish a mother fucker would do some shit like that in front of me, im generally not a violent person but ill be damned if i just stand by and let an elderly person get beat for something they had nothing to even do with

  9. s’est 1 gros rebut de l’humanité cette enflure,pourquoi il va pas sent prendre à quelqu’un de plus jeune et surtout plus costaux ,j’aurais bien voulu voir le karma agir dans cette séquence.

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