African Immigrant Caught on CCTV Assaulting and Robbing Woman in Italy

African Immigrant Caught on CCTV Assaulting and Robbing Woman in Italy

I don’t have sufficient background information about this video, but apparently it happened in Italy.

It’s a CCTV footage that shows a young, allegedly Italian woman walking down a street. She is approached from behind by a cowardly African man, presumably an immigrant, who appears to want to steal her purse. The brave woman refuses to give her property up without a fight, so the immigrant assaults her and beats her up.

He’s seen punching the woman several times, and bashing her head against the pavement. He’s then able to pry the woman’s purse from her grasp and run away.

I’m absolutely bamboozled by the fact that there still are social justice warriors in Europe who defend multiculturalism, and mass immigration from incompatible, non white countries. Italy’s been taking it lately.

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    1. What a topsy-turvey world whereas these simians can have run of the streets doing their douchebaggery while the good citizens have to always be on the watch for these shit tossers.

    2. I agree with you here. No reason for what he did. Maybe some midevil punishment as from his home country is in order? I wonder why the cameraman didn’t help. Which may mean its a fugazi. But if this video is true, this clown needs to be put down. I can only imagine if this were my mother, wife, cousin, or daughter. I’d be on the hunt for his ass. Tell ya what, we can hunt him down and beat him down together hows that?

        1. I hate the term Social Justice Warrior, it’s just another excuse Libby fucks to praise the wonderful thing that is multiculturalism and all the while decent societies are being ravaged by this plague. And yet the Bleating Heart Liberals refuse to grasp the very fact this type of crime is happening nor give a shit, they’re too busy tossing foreign salad. May they all burn.

    3. Die fast? No way dude! If this wasn’t Italy but his home country, well, it’d prolly take hours for him to finally die in pain.
      Sadly those incidents rarely ever are mentioned in the media at all. Instead, the news anchors have a tendency to show only the view of those who really ran for their lives, simply forgetting to mention that there are loads of (mainly young men) people abusing the situation down there to come to Europe and just make trouble and a bunch of money (i.e. Calais in France, Stadtallendorf and Gie?en in Germany, Lampedusa in Italy etc. Just to mention the most well known ones). Sadly there’s no news coverage of this at all. Instead all those of us Europeans who dare to mention this as a FACT, well – we’re all Nazis.
      You cannot imagine how much hate I have received for just telling the truth about what is really going on here (additional info; I live ~half a mile away from such a wonderful camp. This kinda happens every couple of days right in front of my eyes. Tell ya what, my village is boiling.)

      1. You wouldn’t need to love….I’ve been known to be quite vicious all by myself. But stopping is something I’ve never been good at so I don’t fight anymore. That’s being completely serious. I don’t think it’s anything to be proud of but in case something like this was to ever come my way (atleast at my apt door) I have a metal louisville slugger I’m quite fond of……. I just wish someone with the same amount of tenacity was there when she needed someone. I’m certainly not afraid of much and would’ve did my very best to have protected her :(. I feel that way a lot……

          1. Me either he was looking around while bashing her head…..I usually try to find follow stories and information especially when I’m totally emotionally attached. Some things bother me until I followed it all the way through til the end.

    1. Hey @Trainwreck, I recently saw you had replied to me directly on my comment on a post last week or so. There’s just so much content on this site that it is a monumental task to go back a review every the comments in a timely manner. Just wanted to let you know I wasn’t snubbing you and I think your comments are awesome and witty.

        1. Eek that comment sounded really wrong what I meant to say I already knew that to was the part where you didn’t mean to snub me not I already knew I was witty and funny

          Made me sound a bit like an asshole which I am but not in that way

          1. Oh I’m good I already come from strong stock and then of course being hardened by circumstances the trick is to not play the victim for the rest of your life but also not be so completely jaded that you miss out on all the good stuff and good people. I hope the lady in the video is able to brush herself off, learn whatever she learn from this and keep it moving

  1. Everytime i see shit like this i feel like going on a monkey hunting rampage… Not only we have to deal with this type of primitive chimps, now we also have to deal with the second muslim invasion as well and the fucking indoctrinated self-hating cuckhold cultural marxist libtards as well…

      1. I live between two “social neighborhood” where they are concentrated… so i even get to withness things like this from my window… and they usually do this type of assaults in groups. This is why i most times i have to get out of home with a knife concealed.

  2. Best he stays in Italy with that weak shit…In America a lot of women are taking advantage of concealed and open carry laws to pack heat and protect themselves from this type of predation.
    Not enough are carrying yet but when it finally gets to the point when the bad guys don’t know who or who may not be packing maybe they’ll find more honest work….or we’ll get a longer video with additional footage of MFers being shot.

      1. Hi Booz – we haven’t had a good natter for yonks mate. I’m good and hope you are too. Don’t let your blood boil into craziness – you can’t help with new world orders from inside a jail house brother. We need you out here! But I feel it too, I think we all do. From all corners of the rock, where we are being told to ‘just live & deal with it’ while the politicians live far removed from the dirt in their expensive beach side suburbs. It grinds on our nerves. And when that happens, it means we all feel the same way. I predict things will get worse before it gets better, but it will get better. Whether or not you and me are alive to see it is another story………

  3. NIGGERS have made MANY contributions to humanity. They gave us: Rap music, AIDS, Ebola, cholera, Drugs, Boko Haram, Gheto,
    Gang-rape, a new language, pants under their assess, wife-beatings, girlfriend-killings, lice-infested hair weaves, thug life and police murders.

    The Muslims will not create a parallel society-they will simply destroy yours and replace it. They are already doing it. Burn down every single asylum center, take a stand. Do not allow this to happen. Fight it with every bone in your body?!!!

    Filthy black Muslim monkey scum…Shoot them all..I for one would gladly shoot these terrorist child rapists…We need to stand up and together to remove this cancer from our shores at any cost and i mean and action to remove them..Bullet knife hammer whatever it takes..These people are a sick twisted race of vermin that need to be wiped out…? My blood is boiling on a daily basis!!

    1. @boozer…Yeah man, I feel the rage and frustration also knowing these maggots will continue their invasion enabled by the white guilt multiculturalists (who should be eliminated also)
      They won’t stop until the entire world turns to shit.

    2. Tsk tsk don’t forget the american terrorist soldiers child-rapists who started this back when in Iraq and Afghanistan…but I agree that anyone destroying homes given to them that feed, clothe and keep them clean from disease with health care and keeps them safe from war and executions should be sent back to teach them a lesson ungrateful bastards or the very least imprison them…

  4. He probably won’t be punished because ‘oh no he’s an immigrant and doesn’t know any better.’ These fuckers ruin every country they walk into. They’re living in our world now and if they can’t adapt and be civilized send their asses back home where they belong.

        1. Tell me I’m reading this wrong why can’t gay people get married exactly ? What rite has anybody got to say it wrong to marry the person you in love with only religious fanatics spout all this shit . You don’t choose to be gay you born that way so why hasnt somebody got the rite to marry and be happy / in love same as you or me just because they find same sex attractive they had no choice in what sex they find attractive so they have every rite to be in love and happy and you and fools like you with your ignorance are the reason some gay people live a lie and feel ashamed so take your homophobic views and FUCK off fool …. As long as 2 consenting adults then it no business of yours or anybody else’s .

          1. If someone wants to live a certain way, I will respect that. But homosexual marriage, for the most part, is just a statement. Same as heterosexual marriage, apparently. If it’s a bond based in love, a piece of paper and a metal band are merely symbols but do not contain the essence of what draws those two together. Not being allowed to marry is in no way restricting people from choosing who they wish to be with.

            If the argument is about equality, there is no basis for argument because the tables are never on equal grounds. There are too many instances where the double standards are applied. One small instance, if I were to razz someone who likes large females and call him a chubby chaser because of his sexual preference, everyone might have a laugh and the insulted might get mad, but won’t take me to court for it. But if I give a gay man shit for being with a fat guy, suddenly I’m an intolerant prick who can be fired from my job for my hateful statements.

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  5. Now who could’ve predicted this?… Hmmm…

    All gibmedats from the dindu tribe need to be forcefully expelled from all White European countries…
    This is just one more piece of evidence to just add to the mountain of proof that these people have nothing in common with Western culture…and they never will…

    And while we’re at it…we should forcefully expel Jews…homosexuals…SJWs…cultural Marxists…in fact all non-Whites from our respective White European countries…

    Thanks Jews!…

    1. @Gnat…Agreed brother!
      The evil, greedy marxist yid forces behind the ZOG’s would love nothing more than to see a racially diluted, secular world. They fucking drool watching shit like this while fucking their cousins if they have to in order to keep their OWN evil purity…

    2. @Gnat – my brother is a gay and he didn’t do nuffin to anyone. I wouldn’t want to see him expelled from anywhere……. we aren’t uncivilized sand niggas like ISIS mate…..I know people will disagree with me……but he’s my brother, man……

      1. @Dutchy…it is common knowledge that gays try to impose their views on us whether we like them or not…
        I’m not saying that your brother does this but they obviously want same sex marraige…which in my opinion is an abomination to humanity…it’s simply not natural…
        I’ve asked this question many times…so I’ll ask it again…

        Name me ONE animal that reproduces through homosexuality?…

        1. @Gnat – When I say he didn’t do anything to anyone, I mean it. He is 29 yo and still lives with my oldies on their cattle property. He is a jackeroo, a modern day He-Man and he would never dream of leaving the land and his cattle to move to the city coz he knows he wouldn’t fit into any gay cliques there. He demands nothing. He just is. He rides his motocross honda like the devil himself, heads of both sexes turn to follow his every move such are his good looks and if you needed help, he would give it to you no matter what. It’s funny how he oozes all of the very things, most straight men would kill to posess.

      2. Let me reiterate…

        You’re a good man to love your brother…even for his faults (that’s my opinion)…
        But I’ll stand by my words until the day I die…

        BTW… I’ve said this to my kids…so I practice what I preach…

        I’ll never ask you to agree…I just ask you to understand…
        Trust me…I understand how you feel…

        1. Honestly Gnat, I don’t give a rat’s ass about gays, as long as they’re not trying to recruit me on their “team”…
          What I do fucking hate for instance; if I’m hanging out at a cool bar and a couple of gay dudes come in…no problem, then they invite more homos and the next thing you know they’re taking over the place. Now I have to find another spot to drink. Pisses me off and I wouldn’t mind if someone would’ve told the first two to get the fuck out, not because I hate them, but because they have a way of “taking shit over” and intentionally making out in public (((BARF))) knowing they’re well protected by PC, progressive libtards making everyone BUT christian white people untouchable…

          1. Most certainly not, if you mean by ‘behavior’ as raping or killing people. In fact, most of us condemn this behavior – doesn’t matter if they are gay or straight. My point was, I never had any awful or unpleasant experiences with homosexuals therefore I am indifferent. Although wanting them banished from the face of the earth, I think, is a little too extreme. Being gay or straight matters the least to me (unless of course if its about my significant other lol)

            However, on a side note, the difference between you and I is that I am amoral whereas you have a very strong sense of morality, Gnat. For me, morality is a religious construct and I have long been void of any religion. Perhaps there’s little left. Customs, cultures, tradition are influenced by religion and although quite oddly and frankly, I follow them. IMO, gay people are negatively viewed by those with strict and high morals as well as those who believe that sexual union is exclusive to just man and woman so I guess – mind you, guess – that’s why you feel that way and I respect that nevertheless.

            You’ve been a bit aggressive, yes, but I don’t think you’re an asshole, G. Besides, I often do not take matters like this personally…as long as we both do not insult each other’s beliefs or families lol but that’s way below the belt and I believe that you and I are better than schoolyard insults and pointless profanity.

            Cheers to you too, G. 🙂

          2. I’d never insult you sweetheart… (???)

            Besides…I wouldn’t want to crawl home and explain to my family how I got my ass kicked by a woman… 😉

        1. @fighting Irish – by reading the sentences you have somehow strung together on BG, i can easily determine my brother has got more honour, class, testosterone, bravery and intelligence ( all the qualities that make a fine man) than you could ever dream of possessing. So, girl, you aren’t qualified to say shit to me about this……..

          1. im only havin a laugh man,if your brother likes to stick his noise in a hairy smelly mans asshole then who am i to think thats sick,a modern day heman,rides a bike like the devil himself lol,i can see him now riding the bike with the ars cut out of his pants.

      3. I agree @Dutchy and to be honest I truly don’t have a problem with gay people. Now there are some who try to sue over stupid shit and play the gay card that bother me but most just want to live a normal life and live it with certain people. What consenting adults do behind closed doors is none of my business.

        1. Have you seen a gay pride parade @LF?…
          Where they are doing all kinds of sexual acts in front of the public…kids included in said public…
          I’ve never in my entire adult life seen a heterosexual pride parade…do you think for one second that would be allowed if we (heterosexuals) acted the same way?…

          1. I’ve never been to one and I don’t care to go. I know gay people who are really great and they don’t involve themselves in that shit because they think it’s over the top and unnecessary. I have a problem with outrageous behavior and that includes doing that kind of thing in public and especially in front of children with no punishment. Again my issue has always been with people who try to play the ‘cards’…race card, gay card ect. to behave the way they do. But I know people who don’t act that way and live a quiet, normal life and who they’re with doesn’t bother me.

          2. @Gnat I saw one of those parades while on vacation with my kids. At first we thought it was just a parade until a circle of fags on a float started pissing on the peter pumper in the middle. The banner on the float said ” golden showers”. To this day my kids have not gotten over that one.

          3. “But I know people who don?t act that way and live a quiet, normal life and who they?re with doesn?t bother me.”

            Well..they’re out there…whether you wanna admit to it or not…

            Where does it stop?…
            First they want same sex marriage…
            Then…what’s next?…
            Man and boy marriage?… Man and girl marriage?… Woman and girl marriage?… Woman and boy marriage?… Human and animal marriage?…

            If you don’t care what goes on “behind closed doors” then I guess you’re down with anything…I sure fucking hope not…

            This is what happens when society has been force fed this hyper sexualization we call “the media” throughout our lives…

            Its time for some of us to wake-up before we encounter a culture to where WE are the outcasts…

            And if that ever happens…would you expect THEM to agree with you?… (Insert foreign rapefugees analogy here)

            Good luck with that…

          4. I know you feel very strongly about this but you and I are not going to agree on this topic. I understand what you’re saying but I stand by what I say. I specifically said consenting adults…not children, not anyone being forced into anything. To me it’s the same as people who are swingers or into BDSM or any other sex that’s outside the ‘norm’, they have particular tastes and as long as they’re not hurting others then it doesn’t matter. Yes I know people could say well they’re hurting their family/friends blah blah blah that’s not what I’m talking about.

            I never said those people who want to exploit this shit or take advantage of it don’t exist, only that I know people who don’t act that way so I’m not going to say all gay people are terrible or should be driven out of our country.

          5. “I specifically said consenting adults?not children, not anyone being forced into anything.”

            I never said YOU did say otherwise…but it’s gonna come to that if we keep refusing to take off our blinders…

            The only other alternative that I see for these abominations…that would only exist for one generation if it wasn’t for some HETEROSEXUAL SJWs…is a mental institution…and that goes for ANYONE that agrees with this mindless Jew-infested bullshit…

          6. @gnat we live in a world where a woman can get married to a man, live in this committed relationship for a year or two, meet some guy who catches her fancy and then hire some lawyer to end her marriage so she can pursue the other guy. Maybe she gets cash out of the deal. That would be a cherry on top. Then she goes and marries new guy and possibly repeats the process. Now, picture bullshit like this happening in thousands of marriages across one country (lets say US, this disgusting haven for deviants).

            How can we expect to uphold the sanctity of marriage against the homosexual agenda or the aforementioned bestiality agenda when the heterosexuals who get married don’t take it seriously half the time? This is what makes it easier for them to claim a right to get married. Because the act has been devalued into a big flaming joke.

          7. “How can we expect to uphold the sanctity of marriage against the homosexual agenda or the aforementioned bestiality agenda when the heterosexuals who get married don?t take it seriously half the time? This is what makes it easier for them to claim a right to get married. Because the act has been devalued into a big flaming joke.”

            That’s my point…we NEED to take our blinders off…because…like I said…we’ve had this agenda shoved down our throats for so long that we expect nothing but a “drive through” relationship that we see on sitcoms and in our living rooms…

            Once people except it…it becomes the norm…

            But…does it make it right?…

            Are we just supposed to lay down and except this?…

            I have the solution…trust me…
            It might be extreme by some people but it would be a solution nonetheless…

            Trust me…it’d work…

          8. That’s taking it to the extreme @Gnat, about where does it stop with marriage. You can then use that logic for basically anything at all.
            We’re allowed to own guns, what’s next, private citizens owning rocket launchers? Tanks? Stealth bombers??
            We’re allowed to own cats and dogs as pets. What’s next a pride of lions in my neighbors backyard? Bears?? A couple great whites? That kind of logic just works with whatever.

            Me personally I like a couple gays in my bars. Some times you just wanna dance! 😉

          9. BTW I don’t actively hate gays, like a lot of people. I just think their wanting to get married is a huge cry for attention. I mean, most self respecting men don’t make such a big fuss about tying the damn knot anyway. As far as lesbian marriage, if they divorce, who gets who’s stuff?

          10. @Siniko in a lesbian relationship the one that professes to be the man will get screwed out of everything…in the case of 2 men the state just keeps both their shit unless one claims to be the woman in the relationship where again because he is a woman…gets everything.
            But hey what do I know…people should consult a real lawyer. 🙂

          11. @rayf Kick me in the dick, I’ll most likely be told that is actually how that system works. At which point, I hope I’ve been kicked hard enough in the dick to turn it into a vagina and bruises my entire body to be permanently black so I can gets me some of dems benefits.

          12. Well…when DOES it end @Mikey?…

            Are you just gonna let the SJWs just run rough shot over you?…
            Humanity has put up barriers for a reason…if you “accept” everything that runs across you then you’re nothing but a sponge…which I know that you’re not…

            BTW… I have a rocket launcher but I’m still working on the tank stealth bomber thingy…also I don’t need any lions and tigers and bears…I have my Neos to do my dirty work…

        2. @Siniko
          Your legal mind and brief on the matters of Homo ? No Homo when it came to Dick Sucking Chest Wounds…being determined by sustained eye contact…was IMO brilliant…you are no slouch when it comes to Homo law my friend…RESPECT.

          1. Thank you, sir, but my input can only be based on observation. I’ve not the gumption to make a choice that would have me speaking on such matters from experience.

        1. Yep, when your right your right. Too bad we all can’t judge people for what they do, not all the other shit. I know I feel embarrassed by some actions by white people, as I is
          I also understand the rage people feel about having to live in niggerville…I have, and it sucks. That’s why I moved north, I think my state has the second lowest black population, less than 1%, although in last few years quite a few Somalians have moved here, luckily they live in the “city” and I’m rural. And yes, where they moved, there is more crime.
          Our Governor said a few weeks back that he was pissed at all the blacks coming here from NY, Boston, etc, bringing drugs and impregnating white So funny he doesn’t give a shit!

          1. You and I haven’t officially met, but now we have. That is the one thing I stand by consistently and passionately; I judge you by your actions, not by your character. Even if I disagree with something someone says or feels, I usually don’t partake in the conversation out of respect for that person because they care for me and I can get heated so I don’t want that for them.

      1. @Gnat your a parent as I am.
        As far as I know there are no gays in my family.
        Lets put politics, morality, and religion and the outlandish in your face type shit that some of them sometimes do, to the side.
        If one of your kids came to you tomorrow and said he or she was gay would you turn your back on them and expect your other children who you have bought up to love one another and your wife who gave birth to that child to turn their backs on that child ?
        I would love and protect my child to my last breath and expect the rest of my family to do the same.
        My Personal stand is public displays are for teenagers who got raging hormones and nobody wants to see that…hetro or homo keep that shit appropriate.
        Just want to know brother would you turn your back ?

          1. good point id love to hear his reponse Rayf, about puttin someone on the spot,bringing his family into it and makin it personal,gnat will probably fuck me out of it for gettin involved,i dont care,its how you rare your kids and its that simple,if you love your sons and be strong with them,but love them and show them the rite way in life,not even show them,they will watch you and learn like they learn how to walk and learn how to speak english,they watch thier parents,a son needs a dad to show him how to be a man and to respect women,gays are the off spring of bad parents and its ass simple as that,something went wrong along the way

      2. @Gnat,

        I think the argument comes down to homosexuality vs the church here, or vs any other religion that denounces such things.

        Many things other than homosexuality are frowned upon too under the above systems of thought and historically there were many, many more.

        Masturbation was condemned at one point and regarded as sin, still is under Islam, whereas sexual activity with 12 year olds was perfectly acceptable pre-18th century, the list goes on but the point I make remains in that morals can and do change depending upon the social/political climate.

        Setting religion aside for now then, consensual homosexual activity between two adults, regardless of our moral stance, must be tolerated if we are to maintain any semblance of free will/choice in our societies because to nullify consent for one group of people will inevitably weaken the notion of consent for all hence we get pulled into dictatorship territory wherein we all lose.

        Bringing religion back into it again and with a better appreciation of consent as a whole we can see that toleration must go both ways and this brings me to my next point, homosexuals have no right to demand to be married under religious entities that frown upon such things.

        Gay marriage is not equality when it undermines the expression of a religion and the majority membership of that religion.

        To conclude then, homosexuals and religion need to tolerate each other from a social/political standpoint in order to create neutrality however each group must not force change on the other via anything other than actual consent otherwise that neutrality is destroyed and equality forfeited.

        We human beings do so love extremes though, to the detriment of our continued survival.

      3. *wipes drool off tablet*

        Oops…I fell asleep… 😛 🙂 😉

        Like usual…you guys make very good points…

        Would I condemn one of my children if they came up to me and told me they’re gay?…
        No…but I DEFINITELY wouldn’t be happy about it and I would be very vocal about it also…
        That being said…how an adult chooses their road in life depends on how they’re raised…I’m a firm believer in that…
        I know a lot of people don’t believe what I said but I’ve seen “liberal” parents raise gay kids…and when I say this…I mean they went out of their way to raise gay children…it was purposeful…that in my opinion is sad…

        And to all the parents out there…I ask this…

        Would you be “happy” to know that your was gay?…
        Now before you answer me in spite…think about it…
        No traditional marriages…(guys) you’d never walk your daughter down the isle…(ladies) you’d never see your son kiss his bride…
        That would break my heart…
        Is it so wrong that I’d want grandchildren?… That’s not wrong in my opinion…

        And I still stand by this…homosexuality isn’t natural…neither is alcoholism…neither is drug use…
        Our parents didn’t raise us to become one of these…did they?…
        My Mom and Dad never wanted me to be like them…they wanted me to be better than them…and that’s all I ever wanted for my children…

        And I think I did a damn good job…

        None of us have EVER been reproduced from a homosexual relationship…that is one thing that no one can say I’m wrong about…that’s why I KNOW that it’s an abomination…
        I highly doubt that I’d change my mind over this…just like any homosexual that obviously would disagree with me wouldn’t change their minds either…

        Sometimes a man just can’t follow what’s current trend…a man’s gotta sometime in his life know when to put his foot down and not accept something that he knows that goes against everything that he knows…

        My conclusion… I blame the Teletubbies…
        See what I did there @Empty… 😀 😀 😀

        1. @Gnat First I would never answer you with spite I could WTF and REALLY with you all day long and not get angry with you brother me and you are always better than that.
          To answer your question…no I would not be happy…I would be more sad for them and fear what their future may hold for them because of their preference…I never consider me when it comes to them…I only hope I have raised them well enough that they consider me….I think I have. Nothing more than we can handle is ever given to us. It is good that you would not turn your back on them. @Gnat I would still love you my brother if you did but it would cause me to shed a tear for you…someone besides me should hear your last harsh words when your time on this earth is through…it should always be family. 🙂

          1. God bless you and your family @rayf…

            You’re one of the few that I’d love to sit down and have a beer with and not want to kick his ass at the end of the night… 😛

            Just as long you don’t wear your shorty robe…you’d be fine… 😉


  6. Libtards may pretend to be social justice warriors however they are anything but because they merely use social justice as a means to protect their own ideology from challenge, as evidenced by their tendency to use ad hominem attacks rather than address the challenger?s argument itself.

    The sickest part however is that their ideology is not one of fact but one of pure emotion-driven fantasy, a dream sold to them by others and they happily signed the contract without ever stopping to read the small print.

    Reality however can be quite a shock to these day-dream believers and so instead of making sense of things in a logical way and perhaps reconsidering their viewpoint they instead shift their own sense of reality to keep up the pretence.

    In the above, an immigrant who commits crime can be reconciled if we consider them to be poor and oppressed. This cause and effect situation can be understood and treated by social fairness no?, more equality means less crime yes?. Unfortunately when we break down these crimes we see that rape is not reconcilable with poverty, neither is child abuse or stealing cars etc and so the libtard is left with no other choice but to abandon logic in favour of the all-encompassing ?social justice? platform.

    Then of course there is the fact of infrastructure to consider. Jobs, houses, school places ect do not have an unlimited supply and also require funding to maintain and so mass uncontrolled immigration in reality overwhelms and destroys society because there is simply not enough room and resources to bring in and accommodate the entire third world.

    The libtard mind you will say that we must create more room and bring in more resources to help these people come here, which is a wonderful thought except that in order for us to have more resources we would have to take from and diminish other poorer countries supplies. Which would not be done fairly I assure you, hence a violation of social justice principles.

    The Capitalist west in which these people all want to come adheres to only one rule and that is that in order for someone to gain somebody else must lose hence why multiculturalism and ?social justice? always fails because social/political shifts never create equality, only advantage and disadvantage based upon which ever group is the flavour of the month.

    To conclude then, those who defend the indefensible whilst wilfully ignoring any and all counter evidence are clearly mentally ill because they operate with a mindset not in accordance with the reality in which they live.

    It is in the above sense then that I categorise extreme liberalism as a cult rather than an a political philosophy.

    Personally I consider the harm/death of these liberal types at the hands of their failed experiments to be poetic justice, its when others get hurt as a result that I shed a tear.

  7. It is a shame that as a group here, all of our countries suffer from different issues. Whether those issues be homelessness, poor education, hunger and lack of work and reasonable cost of living. Then the governments open the gates to let such people in to destroy us even further. The world is in trouble and it will will get worse.

    So far America has been somewhat safe and we have not had the attacks as our fellow countries have. Rest assure it is coming. So many governors in the states here refused to take in these people. However, my fucking governor who is so far up Obamas ass quickly said he would except them.

    The governor here in my state wont allow us to carry guns with more than 10 rounds or more than 1 magazine! All this because of the Sandy Hook shooting. Dont get me wrong, so many children killed is awful, but to punish the whole state for it??? This asshole governor will regret his new law as soon as these people he let in start attacking and no one has enough firepower to stop it!

    1. The USA is a third world nation right now, most people just don’t want to acknowledge it. Our roads, railways, and general infrastructure is inefficient and outdated. Our cities are being culturally enriched more and more by the day until every college town and up turns into Detroit or Oakland. Hiring practices are keeping the better qualified out of jobs for the less motivated and adept worker based on skin color. We are relying on a fiat currency economically, we’re essentially saying “Come and get it pu**y!” to our debtors. And to top it all off, Whites are mixing at absurd levels, and are being overran by Mexicans and out-bred by every other race but our own. Factor in the ills of the 2 party system and the overpowering influence of the Zionist media monguls, yes, we are 3rd World.

      1. Agreed…most American families would not be able to overcome a thousand dollar emergency nowadays…maybe people have blinders on but a one month disruption of food supplies and services breaking down…finish a large percentage of us off.

  8. When I see news articles that try and tug on people’s heartstrings with photos of dead infant “refugees”, that perished on the trip to Europe, it’s hard for me to feel any sort of sadness or empathy because of the good chance that they will grow up to be the same as this piece of shit in the video.
    Something needs to be done about this infestation.

  9. An incident, the blame for which, can and should be placed squarely at the feet of the liberal left leaning idiots who have weadled their way into positions of power. Platitudes slip from their double standard blurting gobs at every given opportunity, pathetic sound bites with the sole aim of pulling the wool over the indigenous population’s eyes. Things like ” but who wouldn’t feel aggressive after being subject to such trauma ?”.
    The inexcusable finding excuses for the inexcusable.

    Makes me want to puke my fucking guts up.

    1. Your inability to make any sense at all with your comments also causes me to feel a bit sick. What is wrong with you? Do you have OCD, ADD, or maybe borderline personality disorder? You seem to have complete command of the English language yet your comments seriously made no sense. Not in a way where I disagree with you but in a way that I cannot understand you. As if….it was bad poetry? I comment to just make you aware. Being self aware is very helpful in life Mr. YOU STOMPER! Haha. Your tagline is easy to make fun of. Is it some strange way to show you hate women or something? Female deer killer, right? That is your nickname?

      1. @bert, when you wake up in the morning do you immediately remember that you’re a douche, or is it one of those foggy coming-out-of-a-dream situations where it takes a few minutes to build up to full level 10 doucheness?
        @Ewe, you rock, pimp!

          1. I luh you too @Nextie…

            God damn…you’re beautiful!…(happily married…just sayin’…)

            Quit putting dirty thoughts in my mind woman!…

            *humps @Nextie’s leg*

          2. Hahah. Thank you @Gnat. These damn circle avis keep cutting me in half though. Speaking of being in half, is that you?

            @Trainwreck Uh oh.. is that a good thing or a bad thing? I never know with your crazy ass. 😉

          3. Ohhhhhhhhhhh Nextie its a good thing.
            I would’ve just said fuck do us all a favor and put your other picture back up goddammit.

            But no you’re beautiful and the whole package. 🙂 That was coming from the sane part of my brain

      2. @buttdangler – then maybe you show look a bit harder at your comprehension ability? rather than criticzing @ewes ability to “make any sense”?
        his comments make perfect sense to me, as it seems they do for many other members here?
        And if as you say your goal is to make ANYONE “aware”, then maybe you should be made “aware” that a female deer is a doe, – a “ewe” is a female sheep.
        As for a “tagline” being easy to make fun of,…. well you should really think a forward just a little bit before painting a HUGE FUCKING TARGET on your arse mr Dertbanger?
        Ya think,…maybe?
        As you say, being self aware is very helpful in life.

          1. Re-pete and ya know theres no shame in not being smart enough to understand all of @ewes comments all of the time…when I don’t I just simply ask him and he breaks it down for me simply…sometimes there is even that across the pond grey area of language usage and customs to contend with.
            He is one of the first members I wanted to be friends with…he has helped, guided, chided and scolded me like a kid for some of the stupid shit I do.
            He’s a great brother and I’m lucky to know him.
            To bad @Burt wasn’t smart enough to ask.

          2. @rayf We could have shortened it down for him to about 15 words, but he’s was a little too rude to even bother to help. I’ve almost seen every comment on this site, and believe me, I have my favorite members that impress me with vocabulary and their intellect. He is one of them. We all have our favorites I’m sure.

          1. Clenching my teeth is like you biting your tongue…. When I’m stressed or just pissed all of that frustration goes into my jaw line. Like we were talking about weeks ago is now happening…I hear what sounds like gravel in the left side of my jaw… I now own a stress ball

        1. @rayf.

          I feel truly humbled by your kind words, you are, as I have said before, a real gent.


          Right back at you buddy. 😉

          As for @Bert.
          I’ll spell it out. The blame lay at the feet of those whom talk out of their arsehole, which ain’t easy when their head is stuck right up it. Something I’m sure you’ll understand no problem.

          1. @Karmen and there is my other English brother…hope you’ve been well my friend.
            Sadly us Americans just cuss at people…you English have a way of telling people to get fucked and still look and sound like proper gentleman…sometimes the telling of one too get fucked is so smooth…they don’t even know they’ve been fucked.
            Love ya brother.

  10. She did not follow the “laws of the jungle”. Come on. Unless she had her life savings in that purse she should have given it up right away.
    I’ve been mugged and that’s all you gotta do. Give it up and then wait for your attacker to get far enough away where you can call for help. Or not.

    I’m sorry but in this case, I think the dude would have let her alone if she gave him her purse the 1st time. Your thought?

        1. @ileagalsmile When I see how he disrespected @ewe it pissed me off…I wish I was like brother @ewe instead of the clown shoes I am…he’s a smart damn decent brother and probably the finest SOB there ever was….seriously wish I had his depth of knowledge and decency.
          Can ya tell I like the guy or what ?

          1. Awww Ray calm down love. If it was me I’d hold on to my goddamn purse and kick and bite and punch and pull and cause some damage while someone was trying to mug me. You want my purse? Good luck with that.

            I’d rather be a fighter than a victim

    1. I’m wondering if perhaps it was more than a “mugging” that you endured. You seem very angry. Perhaps something just like this will happen to a helpless female that you care about; then you can tell her all about “the laws of the jungle”. Your douchiness is appalling.

        1. And the funny thing is and this is an assumption @ewes user name will be tied into football somehow “soccer for us Americans @Erniesbuttranger”…just a guess but closer than the deer slayer…for fucks sake not even the same species.

          1. @rayf, I just now got @erniesbuttranger! Went right over my head first time I read it! Damn Dr. put me on different pain meds and I feel positively BAKED!
            You guys are cracking me up, and it hurts so bad to laugh.

    2. @sqertranger
      call me “Mr intuitive, but i had an inkling that you were the type to “give it up” without much of a struggle?

      and just in case you have your proven trouble in understanding -i am not refering to your sequined purse

  11. Donate Money to the North-Norwegian defense leauge! We are active in beating up refugees and Norwegian people who show love for these filthy rats. We have people in the city of Kirkenes (only Norway/Russia crossing in norway. These fucks come over on bikes every fucking day. We would also really aprichiate gun donations. Donate thru neteller ([email protected])

    1. Sending my life savings to you as I type this…man you better not turn out to be some Nigerian sitting in a hut in Africa.
      Seriously though if your serious I wouldn’t be making open pleas like that…the man…if your not a cop sitting at a computer terminal…will take a passing interest in you.

  12. Gnat he is not here to defend himself but his brother brought him up in an adult conversation so he is fear game,i wont back track on anything i said,he is a sick,its not rite,they no it themselfs that they are fucked up in the head,they just wont admit it,to answer the stupid snakey question you were asked about if it was one of mine that was gay,id pull son,daughter aside and tell them if they want that shit then keep it to themselfs dont be makin waves about it and stay away from the family.

    1. “Gnat he is not here to defend himself but his brother brought him up in an adult conversation so he is fear game”

      What if I or someone else insult your significant other just because she’s in your avi?…
      Wouldn’t you want for her to be able to defend herself verbally without you doing it for her?…

      Also…I didn’t take @rayf’s question as “snakey”…it was a legitimate question…
      In fact nothing about @rayf is “snakey”…at least that’s what his old lady tells me when me and him swap wives… 😀 😀 😀

      1. no i wouldnt get her involved,id brush it off or defend her myself,i put the pic up to its my fault if something gets said,he brought his gay brother up on best gore gnat surly he can take it like a man lol.

        1. That’s not my point…which is my fault for not making myself clear…

          It still wouldn’t be right to personally insult somebody if they’re not able to defend themselves…that’s my point…

          1. ya im not goin to say anything to anyone on here again,they are very soft,they cant have a laugh,i mentioned takin a bag of coke once on here and rayf and that ilegalmiles fella use it like ammo to call me name’s and discredit me.

          2. @FI your being over sensitive…I never called you names.
            If you don’t wanna talk that’s cool.
            I just said the combination of the 3 don’t mix well.
            Your feeling picked on man and that is the side effect your feeling from acting foolish….all this shit too shall pass.

    2. @Irish with me you get what you get.
      You speak of what you would do if it was your child…but you are not qualified to answer that question as you have no children.
      Notice the way people talk to each other Irish they question everything but they don’t insult.
      You said you don’t care what people think of you but obviously you do because if they call you a troll or a Jew you are quick to deny that.
      Irish I told you the other day things don’t look good for you…and I told you that it is you that will cause yourself to not be heard from anymore.
      @Stacie is a writer and contributor to this site and she is honest enough to state her likes and dislikes…I don’t believe she would abandon or hurt a child or turn one away if it was in need…she just doesn’t want them. Irish ask questions but stop with the insults…you give a bad impression and your not a wild animal…use your reason.
      This isn’t an attack Irish I am genuinely trying to help you.

      1. Thanks, rayf. Never did anything to this guy that warranted his attack but well, he definitely ain’t the first and certainly won’t be the last.

        Learning that he doesn’t have children, he doesn’t have the right at all to judge people who like children or not. Still, I stand by my view and I am sure I won’t change it anytime soon.

      2. ya ok Rayf i hear what your say,take me with a pinch of salt man,if i could delete then i would delete somethings i say,bye the way,why would say with sirtenty that i have no kids im not qualifide,i have kids man.

        1. @Irish perhaps you do have kids…I drew that conclusion from the fact your out drinking and doing coke every nite…just doesn’t sound like if you have kids that your around or sober much…again Irish an observation not an attack….but that is why I thought that.

          1. WOW LMAO…Irish it left a link… I Have no Ideal how that happened or why it did that…looks like we have a member named Irish who hasn’t been active lately…strange.

          2. im not out doin coke and drinkin every night,their you go again with your guess work,some weekends alright,whats that got to do with havin kids or not,im not exactly a junkie,you dont get a shape like mine from drinking,you walked me into that one rayf,you”ll be treated with suspicion from now on,lol

          3. @Irish my bad just haven’t seen more than a day go by without you mentioning getting shitfaced.
            Cocaine, drinking and having kids don’t mix well.
            Like I said Irish we can talk without the insults…keep workin at it.

  13. You know when it comes to letting bunches of immigrants and refugees into our countries, it gives me a lot to think about. Violence and rape in Europe is evidently rising after letting so many middle easterns in, so why would we continue to repeat doing so into other countries? I do have a “conservative” view on this matter, but to me it just seems like common knowledge. If a dog’s barking at your door with a human head in its mouth, are you going to open the door?

    1. Shut up bitch, I’m italian.
      Not all the immigrants are like him.
      There’s a lot of good person that are immigrants. And too much Italian racist.
      Racist like you.
      The peace is better than the hate. Immigrants must be welcomed.
      Sometimes comes the SOB like this man, but SOMETIMES, not always.

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