Angry Man Loses Balance and Falls from Balcony

Angry Man Loses Balance and Falls from Balcony

Angry Man Loses Balance and Falls from Balcony

Not much backinfo. In the video, a man on a balcony seems to be having an argument with someone on the street below.

It seems the person on the street tosses something in the direction of the guy on the balcony at around the 15 seconds mark. The balcony guy then goes inside. When he returns, he angrily hurls something at the street guy, but loses his balance and falls off too.

He’s only on the first floor, so not very high, but he lands quite unpleasantly on the concrete. Probably knocked a few of his teeth out, knocked himself out and maybe also broken a bone or two.

Props to Best Gore member @real_nigger for the video:

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      1. @thainine
        What about them with brass knuckles that would be entertaining besides it probably last longer too but all in all you make a good point but they shouldn’t just use any old kitchen knives more like swords but at the end of the day we didn’t get any of that because those hag’s only threw shit at each other and it seemed like they were having a gay brake up that’s all.

  1. now that’s one Hell of a tossed salad. As in he tossed himself up over and on to the fucking piss ridden street. Dumb ass! His rival will be jagging him off for years to come about this doozy. lol again he really did toss his own mind & body salad.

  2. It is Turkey and they are arguing in Turkish(I am not Turkish before someone bothers to ask).

    The man on the balcony is telling the provocative enticer that he will come down to fight him, then Whoops a fucking daisy he fell..

  3. There looks to be food in the bowl he threw at his adversary. Wasting good Turkish food just to hurt your enemy, but it didn’t even touch him and you did a flip onto the ground below.

  4. I am Turkish and I live in Istanbul. There are a lot of cavemen fighting in the middle of this kind of neighborhood, if you go out, you may encounter this kind of event almost every day.By the way, I don’t think this guy is drunk because the normal state of these guys is already so stupid.

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