Asian Man Body Slams and Head Stomps Annoying Kid on Bus

Asian Man Body Slams and head Stomps Annoying Kid on Bus

Asian Man Body Slams and Head Stomps Annoying Kid on Bus

Kiddy pass denied! Fucking righteous. Any non-mangina who’s traveled on a plane or another mode of transportation in the presence of kids will relate. Especially if a single mother was there with her satanic spawn. Fuck!

The CCTV video apparently from a bus in what looks like an Asian country shows a man sitting in a chair without bothering anyone. But even though he doesn’t bother anyone, he is repeatedly bothered by an annoying kid until the kid pushes it too far and the man snaps – body slamming and head stomping the annoying shit.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

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249 thoughts on “Asian Man Body Slams and Head Stomps Annoying Kid on Bus”

      1. Anybody got any backinfo on this?

        I would like to know if the kid is fucked up or if he just got up and continued being an annoying little brat. I would also like to know if the man faced any repercussion from his actions.

        Thanks 😉

          1. Would do the same to the kid, worth the effort to teach kids what not to do, even if i knew what would be the sentence…
            would award the mother the same, because she did not done anything to stop the kids rude behaviour….
            would show this in kindergarden as well, and other stuff like that kid who got loose from mother and run from her, and a van run over him. this should be the same in elementry home class… that would be useful.

      1. It’s true that there was something that happened recently in my country. As a result, the man was taken away by the police and he apologized! I did not expect this video to be transmitted abroad…

    1. @More Blood,
      Because a slap is not humiliating enough. It’s easily forgotten. A full body slam and head stomp received is never, ever, ever, ever forgotten. Even when you’re 90. It just defines your personality from thence forth.

        1. I started showing my girlfriend Eva videos on Best Gore about 3 years ago. She had very little tolerance for any gore… now sometimes I show her a video and she will reply something like “that’s not gore at all… that belongs on YouTube”…

          Keep showing her videos and her tolerance will eventually increase. In fact, she will probably enjoy these videos eventually.

      1. Slap the “mother” and be done with it. She passive aggressive. She’s allowing her little sprog to annoy people then pretend she has nothing to do with it. Just like dog owners who let their dogs attack. The world is full of anger. Choose your moment.

        1. Agreed, throw the child at his mother instead of the body slam and pull her a Right Carp on her ass. She didn’t seem to care to much about her son kicking a fellow passenger, probably until her son was kicked as well. “Chose your moment” indeed.

          1. stephgw64 The attacker is also a young man, he was probably embarrassed, maybe he already feels awkward around people on a train or in crowds. “Carp on her ass” I like it. Not heard that one before.

          2. @polluted “Carp on her ass” is an English term. The proper termonoligy is to “Pull a right Carp on your ass” When someone pisses you off. I have deep Euopean roots in my family. The more you know…….

      1. I hope he broke the kids neck and the kid is now paralyzed from the neck down.

        Imagine a stranger asking him why he is paralyzed. The most honest reply would be “because I was an asshole when I was a kid and I eventually pissed off the wrong guy… I had it coming”.

      1. Cougz That’s damn good advice right there. What makes these mothers think that everyone’s in the mood for their little sprogs to be interacting with them like they do with other kids in the nursery? I bet if the man had asked the mother to control her kid he would have got a mouthful of attitude. Not saying he did the right thing but you never know if someone’s got a mental problem out there or if they’ve just had a blazing row with the wife. You never know what’s in someone else’s mind.

    1. Yeah I would be fucking murderous if someone did that to my kid… I’d also be kicking my kid’s ass for being an annoying brat. Minus the headstomping though I reckon…

      Violence like that against a kid is a sign of weakness

          1. Quite agree @xsookiex. No argument from me that the kid needs a slap and a stiff talking to but are we, as adults, now going to resort to STAMPING ON A CHILDS HEAD when they poke people with their foot?! What the fuck is wrong with this picture?! Jesus wept….

    1. felipe.s Respect for that, most people most people don’t realise they can’t stand kids until after they’ve had them, probably like that retard chinese mother.

  1. Respect! LOL. The guy just threw the little one like a rag doll.
    We don’t need to worry about the child’s brain being damaged by the stomping, it’s clear he didn’t have one. Rule 101 of being a nuisance. Never actually touch someone, especially if they are bigger and stronger than you. The child assaulted the big guy first. I bet he won’t do that again.

    Where the fuck was his mother anyways?
    If it was me, I would have grabbed the child’s foot and pulled hard to make him overbalance and fall, haha.

      1. Maybe the dude is mama’s new boyfriend and the kid is used to pushing new daddys out of the picture. The dude doesn’t like other men’s bastards and, as in the jungle, is trying remove the offspring of another male in order to mate.

          1. Exactly what I was thinking. The way the kid kind of tap tap taps the dudes hand with his foot in a disdainful “what are ya gonna do about” manner. The dude must have felt disrespected. Then the child casually saunters away. The grown dude lost it like a baboon. Seen this type of scenario on lovely nature documentaries.

  2. She told me to walk this way, talk this wayy-eh….

    Walk this way…..

    Too bad, the kid had just quit and was turning to step away to door….. guy may have jumped the gun there a bit…. if he’d waited 1 more second he woulda’ seen the kid had stopped kicking his ass!

    The kid was practicing karate…. but the teacher was teaching the Monster Mash!!

    1. When that kid recovers.. He should seek out the guy that kickt his ass, apologize, and become his student…. Learn his fighting techniques, when he becomes proficient enough to surpass his teacher.. He should then, deliver a blow to his “masters” head with a baseball bat when he’s not lookin and make the “master” his gimp..

  3. I’m impressed with the different techniques he was able to throw against this vicious lil pall punk… He used a mixture of HapKIDo, AiKIDo, Jiu-KIDsu and Tykewondo… Fukn a-mazing!… Good thing too!.. Lil shit could’ve fukn killed him! … Bravo!… Mmmmhmmm.

  4. a slap would have more than sufficed. kids can be annoying but that level of violence wasn’t necessary,guy has mental problems by the looks of it. and if he had have done that to my child i would have stomped his head into oblivion!

  5. I wouldn’t call the kid annoying….. he was teasing the guy by calling him fag because he was sitting like a sissy grunting a duece, his hands and wrists all fey….. flipped down like a sissy-boy….. like kid was kicking at his hands a couple times, like, keep away from me, using his gleaned karate skills…… calling him “faggot”….

    1. You can see he kicks out a couple times tapping the sissy’s knuckles as he says “you’re a faggot”….. and “keep away…. someone taught the kid well, it would seem….. eye-foot coordination at young age….. but then the queer took exception and quickly put his lights out……

      1. Oh I don’t know @breastgrope.

        Even if what you said was not humour and was the actual case (the man being teased for being fey), the kid certainly learnt a lesson there. I’m exclusively str8, but I don’t have anything against homos. I don’t pick on people just because they are different to me. That’s the kind of thing children do.

        I was a ‘different’ kid at school: big ears, no emotions, a bit strange, but I was one of the few that never got picked on. Too much superiority, even for an immigrant lol. I wasn’t going to let any fat, thick cunt intimidate me at school. I’d punch them back.

          1. @ breastgrope
            Ok fair point. He was picking on a small kid, lol.

            Yeah, agree with your other comment too hehe. Shoulda taken the kids shoes for his own little brat at home, psml. Headstomping is an extreme reaction anyway.

    1. You really need to check yourself if you need to feel to “correct” children this way…

      I believe in harsh discipline… but not to where the child might need to be in traction…

      Get your head out of your ass Mark…

      1. @bubbaray
        “I believe in harsh discipline…”
        Additionally, this newly retarded, future sweat shop worker will be responsible for flooding the west with a stockpile of fucked up Happy Meal toys and novelty t-shirts with 9 sleeves sewn on the back.
        We all lose from a diciprine too harsh.

  6. Damn son..
    Bullies always pick on the smaller, weaker people but this kid obviously wasn’t taught that one day he will eventually come across someone bigger & stronger than him..& that he will get fucking rekt..
    Harsh yet valuable lesson to learn.

  7. I watched this at least 10 times in a row because it made me so happy. I want to give that guy a hug. He did exactly what I want to do to probably 80 percent of the squeakers that I meet, teens included.

    Where there fuck was that brats’ Mom?? I assume it’s the woman sitting to my heroes’ right.

  8. In this video we see two aspects where modern humans are too much like chimpanzees: On one hand, we don’t respect boundaries, don’t respect other people’s personal space and can’t leave what’s quiet well enough alone. On the other hand, we are stupidly violent and cruel.

  9. Another freeloader bites the dust…..
    But still thats an over kill.
    The mother looks like WTF…..I care for.!!!!
    Damn kids anyway…
    Shitty rearing.
    Bet the lil ninja will think twice next time….. if he survived!

  10. This video is amazing.

    I like how the brat stopped & started walking away… but the beast was like “not so fast” & surprised the little brat by picking him up from behind and then delivered the much needed spanking in order to correct the brat’s lack of manners.

    The beast was going to allow the brat to continue kicking him until he finished as this allows the beast to retaliate with the most severe punishment possible, this is why the beast waited until the brat had finished. The more the brat has kicked the beast, the more justified the punishment will be. The beast knew what he was doing but the stupid brat could not help his lack of manners.

    Job well done sir.

  11. That was NOT a spanking. Stomping on his head? That could have killed the little fucker and the adult could spend the next thirty years in prison = rough justice for all. The way to deal with annoying little cunts is to humiliate and degrade them very publicly.
    The adult should have pinned the little brat to the floor and shat on his face, then taken a handkerchief out of his pocket and thoroughly rubbed the faeces into the kid’s face, neck and hair. All the while he should have been singing “Sunny” by Bobby Hebb , that would have stopped the brattish child from ever doing such things ever again. You end up with a suitably chastised child who truly undersands the difference between adults and children.

  12. im very laid back, if the kid was kicking me in the shins on the bus id just deal with the irritation of it and probably smile at the kid and give him a wink….

    but its still refreshing to watch.

    takes a lot to piss me off.

    1. Yeah…that’s you. Good for you! But it wasn’t you, it was this apparently agitated, angry nut! Other ways to have dealt with it but the kid was still a little fucker and whomever was with him did nothing? Then again in Third World shitholes and gook countries infants can go out crawling alone.

  13. Almost killing a young kid for being uneducated and boring, seriously ?!?!
    A slap or two would of been sufficient to cool the eagerness of that little cunt.
    Now we know who has the longest dick between these 2 stupid fucks, and it has no pubic hair around yet…
    Life’s rules are pretty much simple though: never hit women, kids, disabled and elderlies, period.

    1. It all depends on the mood of the person. that will decide if he acts rationally or not. He may well be a psycho or a serial killer. He may be so cool on the outside but full of rage. I would suggest women watch BG and learn all about safety.

      1. asians are like that..they suffer in silence within until there is a breaking point, then they go batshit crazy and stick a knife in you…there’s no middle ground.

  14. That’s right iPhone…….. except when they are annoying… the point of no return…..
    Rules are made to be broken…..
    The ideal situation is to take on a guy your size or bigger…
    Still disturbing tho..!!!!
    A vaincre sans honneur on triomphe sans gloire.

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