Assault on Girl by Two Dirty Skanks on Southsea Common, England

Assault on Girl by Two Dirty Skanks on Southsea Common, England

Assault on Girl by Two Dirty Skanks on Southsea Common, England

On Southsea Common, a large grassland in Portsmouth, England, a girl was viciously knocked out with a sucker-stomp while fighting another girl.

In the videos of the assault, two girls appear to be tussling by pulling each other’s hair as onlookers watch on and comment. While the two are engaged in the fight, another girl steps in and stomps one of the girls till her lights go out and she drops on the ground unconscious.

I don’t know what condition the knocked out girl is, nor what happened with the assailants. I got three video of the same assault so I pasted them together. One has no audio and had watermarks from source.

Props to Best Gore member @evilkitty8548 for the vids:

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  2. This is why you should always avoid a 1 on 1 fight, if the person’s friends are present

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  4. So this is how our younger generation of so called young women,I was going to say ladies,but that’s a joke,are acting. Even calling these women is a bit over the top.
    Honestly what is going on??..
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    Anyway I hope everyone is doing well,takecare.

  5. English People at their leisure. By the way Hadrian’s Wall wasn’t built by the Romans to keep the warring Scots from invading England. It was built by Scots to keep the English out of Scotland. Fucking works too.

  6. I live in this area the two girls have been arrested and charged with gbh the girl suffered a seizure once knocked out and still suffers with them now . As for the low life scums that didn’t intervene apparently they were told by the pricks in the tracksuits that if anyone stopped it they would do the same to them. Also one of the attackers actually works for a care home

  7. I Would be surprised if that girl did not die from those vicious &multiple blows to her neck & head.
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  8. I got into plenty of fist fights back in middle and high school and it was always over a boy. Sometimes these sluts would already have a boyfriend too, but they still wanted to fight me to get with who I was dating at the time. A buncha cock thirsty slags I tells ya!

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