Best Gore Girl Beaten by Native American Man

Best Gore Girl Beaten by Native American Man

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @virginvomit, who alleged she was beaten by a Native American man. The beating left her with a battered face and bruised shoulder:

Hi! Last night a Native American man beat the shit out of me. I didn’t know him but he was a friend of my coworker who I met up with at the bar. Outside he began slurring and telling me I was a bitch and other names so I shot my mouth off at him. He turned around and went 0-60 on my face! I think he may have bite me too. Got a CT scan at the hospital and filed assault charges with the police. Gonna be a brutal black eye, but I think I wear it well. =^.^=

Thanks for sharing your pics and the story with us, @virginvomit:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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320 thoughts on “Best Gore Girl Beaten by Native American Man”

      1. Right, everyone who watched Dances with wolves thinks indians were peaceful hippies defending homes. This is so far from the case. I think they skipped the part where the Pawnee killed the waggon man with the mules. this was closer to the fact. This is why the whites waged war, you don’t get a pass scalping women and children, taking them as slaves, and tying them to rocks in the sun.

      2. Nobody said it was ok, but she is an adult and should know better.
        Ignore the situation nd walk away, if he follows tell the bartender who will get security. Simple solutions to most problems, however nowasays we let our emotions get the best of us

    1. Hang on this fucking coward ‘ran off at the mouth’ and she gave it back to him and his tiny ego couldn’t take it! Hope he gets smashed in prison for running off at the mouth at somebody that can fight back… If we all live by the law of fear then it is just a society where savages rule by threatening behaviour….hope she wins and this dumbass gets his ass handed to him in prison for being a bitch that can’t take what he dishes out….

      1. Some people are baby beaters, lady beaters, etc. sometimes walking away from a drunk Native American can save a couple black eyes and some scratches. Can I guess. U met them he wanted you. You didn’t want him so he was calling you a bitch and you called him a curry stinking ,cock munching, flip flop wearing, and half his family are road smear back in Bangladesh? And he lost it.

          1. Not exactly Columbo kev are you. Anyway you only heard one side of the story . let’s not all carry on like a bunch of monkey faced africans at a village stoning

      2. Pick yer battles Kryton….If he’s bigger than you and poses a threat, then I wouldn’t rely on the pussy pass. Keep yer mouth shut and move on….unless of course you WANT to post your whooped ass here and mention the fact that he was native american….cuz…attention…and hate.

        1. just cuz you’re a girl doesn’t mean you can’t take a punch. I’ve been clobbered once myself – now I’m a lover not a fighter. I don’t yell off and call people a-holes and stuff because you just might get punched.

    1. I’m 1/8 Native and observed some strange shit in town several miles and years ago.

      There’s no doubt it’s an inherited, loose spring in the fucking head. After a two beers, two beers, Jeezus, there’s The Look. A coupla shots of liquor, and there go the arrows and spears on squaw power.

      Just fucking pathetic…

          1. @virginvomit

            Sue that piece-Of-Shit and afterwards,,, get one of your brothers,,, cousins,,, or friends to kick the living snot outta that cunt! Or,,, pay a Gay Jail Guard to feed him a godd Sausage Back door feeding with his crunchy peanut butter covered Billy-Bat, while he records it all on his phone for you to post on Facebook with his jails address, and his day of release. 🙂

        1. I don’t think that’s the case, I don’t see her whining about it…just telling what happened. If she was looking for attention, she would’ve left out the part about her being mouthy, and just said he beat her for no reason.
          I’m sorry some asshole beat you.

        2. @xsookiex

          most real comment so far..

          these things happen if you put yourself out there, i get the impression she put herself out there………..

          still though she best gore and he paki, what a paki cunt.

          1. N-A-T-I-V-E American Indian – you know “How” , “Two dogs fucking”, “Hyawotha”, “Pockahontis” , “Tee-Pee”, “Bows and arrows” – ah forget it….like you said,”Paki cunt”…….

    1. If he really got some skill the he would have knocked her clean without a scratch on her face. Anyway a vile guy, but we don’t know the full story, there’s a slight doubt when listening to the story from one side… either way if she didn’t initiate anything she didn’t deserve anything, hope you heal well @virginvomit. We will get him next time.

          1. I wouldn’t worry about it POZ…. @svarg26 is a raging homo and wouldn’t know what to do with a set of tits and a pussy if it walked up and sat in his lap…
            All his bullshit talk is just smoke and mirrors.

  1. I don’t blame him…Some time ago there was this bitch who used to shout and scream at me when i was at work, after taking it for a few weeks she got more powerful and it got worse, eventually i shouted back at her , i watched her shrivel up like a little coward then she reported me to the managers, i walked off the job cos i knew i was going to be the baddie for it anyway. To this day i still feel like i could go back there and beat the shit out of that fukkin bitch, don’t get mouthy, all you had to do was walk away

          1. Seraphim Serenata that was a good one, it ended up all over the net cos it has the slow build up, the taunting…then POW! the revenge beating pity we don’t get the full video of this one, never mind, we still love virginvomit she just needs to learn how to duck…and run

  2. For all we know, the native american was performing an ancient ritual of exorcism.

    Or maybe, just maybe… bear with me here… maybe just stop acting like a bitch when you are at a bar.
    I seen better beatings 3/10 …barely a black eye.
    Next time try to endure some more punches like this girl

    Bottom line, you cant take a beating, pretty sure youll be more careful about running your mouth as well, the #metoo bullshit is all but gone now, you can expect the full Tina Turner treatment next time you run your mouth depending on the bar.

    1. Shes lucky, a native american woman would have accidently killed her, we see this all the time here. They really cant handle alcohol. Minorities can have shit coming out of their mouths but if you say something racist
      one time…

      1. Wall Street has ejaculated on Hillary, more than Bill ever did on Monica L. She’s the cause, of many of the ill fated symptoms we have today.

        I hope I live long enough, to see her and Netanyahu, swinging from the end of a rope.

    1. @willtazo – dream is all you can do, loser. You do realise that ‘deepthroating’ is an actual thing and not something you just say? Well fucknuts, you got to actually be blessed with a big cock to be deepthroated. So a lil peanut dick and hairy balls of yours is likely to make her vomit, but not in the way your grandiose delusions played out in that lil skull of yours (lil things is a real theme with you isn’t it?)…….

  3. I’m kinda curious as to what started this conflict. Either way, man or woman, if your involved in a verbal altercation be prepared for anything. I just hope you didn’t stand there like a dumbass and just took the ass beating without at least getting some hits in. Anyways, I’m also wondering, would you have pressed charges if a women had did this to you? I mean…. equality and all….

  4. Your story touches me Vomit,you need to take a shit in big chiefs car,only seasoned bestgore members are allowed to go up side the head of bestgore pussy shame on big chief little cock….

    1. Haha, that reminds me of when i was preteen, my friends and I would put shit in a bag(usually one of ours) then rub it under car door handles of people that pissed us off and if they were dumb enough to leave their doors or windows open we’d piss all over the inside of the car too. Oh to be young and dumb….

  5. I’m sorry you copped it @virginvomit . You are brave and probably in the right but maybe not the smartest thing to fight with a drunken man.
    Having said that , you are an outdoorsy tough bitch who probably gave as good as she got.

    Still rocking that lovely face and pouty lips darling.
    He did not dent any of those features. You will be back in no time.

    (Emojis i wanted to put in message wont come through but they Were for hospital flowers and you back to dancing.)

    1. Hoping for Nemesis The chief created the pout with the smack in the mouth, he improved her looks, anyway she loved it, a man like you who sends her flowers (albeit free emoji ones, cheapskate) would just get walked over and shit on by her. Hell even i feel like vomiting just listening to your fawning.

  6. How can a guy get so triggered and beat up a woman from simple insults ? How big must your ego be ? Fuckin’ please. If someone’s cussing you, that you can clearly beat, well, that’s easy to ignore. What are you gonna do if Ronda Rousey gets in your face, fight her ?Guys only beat up women because they know they can, that’s fuckin’ cowardly, plain and simple.

    1. K9n9 etc – agreed ! What ever happened to you don’t hit women?? That’s what I was taught anyways……give em an ear full, sure, but if you got to hit a woman, then it just means you have a tiny dick…..

        1. haydolf_hittler she saw them as boyfriends , nice fellows, normal, she didn’t see them as predatory rapists/murderers, i blame all those charities with those fucking posters of poor starving africans ….and her mother who never taught her about real life

          1. they have an inkling at the least that being a traitor is wrong so fuck them bitches they are responsible for not just damaging their own race but the world itself as the world will go to shit with a planet of mulattos

      1. Mein fuhrer! I’m okay, mostly learned a lot. I think as someone who is not the top of food chain as a woman, this humbled me and instilled just the right amount of caution. 🙂 I’m not scared but I am smarter. 😉

    1. Gratz, you did wear it well and you have a humble enough spirit to accept the “role” you chose to play. However, he had no right to batter you like that. He talked junk, so too can you. Wait… Alcohol was in this equation. ….yeeaaaa Change tactics once “liquid courage ” comes into play. But you wear it well. Your lips were kissable before and after. Nice.

  7. Why is the guys etnicity relevant to the beating, in my opinon she is racially profiling the guy. You run your mouth to much someone will put you in your place, whether your white black red or green.

    1. Actually in northern mn there is a lot of racial tension between whites and natives. So for context it makes sense regionally. But yeah I’m pretty racist too. *shrug*
      Also look how much lively discussion it has aroused hahah

  8. Just curious, if he was a “friend of a co-worker,” where was your co-worker during all this? And of course not saying what the guy did was right (he sounds like a drunken jerk), but you gotta be careful how many buttons you decide to push. Sometimes it’s better to just laugh, roll your eyes and walk away.

    1. @sara buck
      To be fair, a lot of members on this site also display racism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, Homophobia, anti-Liberalism, etc.

      Default human being here = W.A.S.P.

      No worries, I find it all mildly amusing. At least they are keeping it real rather than this fake PC stuff. Take it all with the wink of the eye. 🙂

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