Bizarre Standoff Between Naked Man, Police and Guy with Machete in São Paulo, Brazil

Bizarre Standoff Between Naked Man, Police and Guy with Machete in São Paulo, Brazil

On Senador Queiroz Avenue in downtown São Paulo, Brazil, the Metropolitan Civil Guard (Guarda Civil Metropolitana) responded to a fight between a completely naked man and a guy with a machete.

The naked man, who looks rather tall and seems emotionally disturbed, was pretty much just impeding traffic, but the machete guy kept hacking at him even though the naked fellow didn’t really fight back. I’m guessing the machete guy only struck the naked guy with the dull side of the blade, otherwise he’d be bleeding like a stuck pig, or picking up his limbs from the ground, not the weapon.

The Civil Guard deployed a stun gun (Taser) to contain the machete guy, which worked. They appear to have used the stun gun on the naked guy too, but the zap seems to have had negligible effect on him.

Still, it’s refreshing to see police who try to subdue armed attackers in public places, instead of shooting them in the back as they walk away, then shooting their dog, their neighbor’s dog, and throwing a grenade in a crib with a sleeping infant in it cause they feared for their lives.

I have two videos of the same bizarre standoff:

Bird’s eye view:

I’m testing a different video player and CDN service for the videos. Let me know how it’s working out for you :o)

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111 thoughts on “Bizarre Standoff Between Naked Man, Police and Guy with Machete in São Paulo, Brazil”

    1. So refreshing to see law enforcement use non lethal means to contain the situation.. And Brazil at that, American Pigs would be scared shirtless shooting everything in sight in a situation like this. And I’d guess designer drugs or PCP was to blame for the nudity….or mental Illness… Or both?

    1. That’s true. I saw this documentary where jigaboo inmates located in a correctional facility in U.S would masturbate to the pale face guards while they were doing their rounds. Anywhere in the world where jigaboos are present expect stuff like this to happen.

  1. I would have found this video wildly hilarious if the guy had taken viagra and had a raging boner and was running after the cops. He was naked, but boring and I found it mildly amusing. More crack heads, shattered faced and mangled bones please.

    1. They could, but they didn’t want to. Why? ‘Cause there are three kind of people there, attention-seeking-whores and attention-giving-whores (third kind is not available in this video. Well, mostly not). Thus, nobody wanted to end the drama, because if it is over, it is over. No entertainment left for them Silvas.

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  2. laughing my ass off! you never fail to deliver.

    me: what do I do what do I do? hmm maybe check in on ye olde bestgore LOL “Bizarre Standoff Between Naked Man, Police and Guy with Machete in São Paulo, Brazil”


    1. makes me nauseous but I like it! resolution seems vastly improved. I don’t see independent button to exit full screen. I must utilize back button on my browser to make it tiny but video continues to play. I like it however I am not viewing through Tor as I trust most miscreants of BG use, as one should

  3. Now I have this in my head….
    A divorced lady arrives home from a bar. Guess, guess what she sees, sees there. There’s a naked person in my flat. He’s got a weird expression on his face”…..”naked man naked man come down, I’ll give you some strawberry cake, don’t act like there’s no tomorrow!”


  4. @happy so far I much prefer this video player. Opens straight into fullscreen with next to no buffering time. Yes, the option to minimise the video doesn’t seem to work on an android phone,, but I personally don’t mind that at all. Haven’t tested it on PC yet.

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  6. He approached as the machete dude swung then he took that taser shock and danced on one leg as the other was clearly incapacitated by the taser lol. Them some seriously good drugs folks. Wonder if that boner was a bodily reaction to the shock ? Either way he went with that too and started jerkin it lol hes lucky he didnt get shot but gets a 10 for the in-your-face performance.

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