Black Guy Repeatedly Slaps Blind White Woman on a Bus in Seattle

Black Guy Repeatedly Slaps Blind White Woman on a Bus in Seattle

Is it time to shut the fucking leftists up and introduce “Whites Only” buses so people can safely get to their destination without being subjected to unprovoked black on white hate crimes?

This video from King County, Seattle is from a few years back but did it not receive appropriate coverage from Jew media because it clearly doesn’t fit their agendas. Video itself contains commentary, but censors references to race. What the hell is wrong with people? It was a fucking black man who attacked a white woman so let’s say it like it is.

The racist bigot attacker was identified as 34 year old Nguy Lamont Hughs. He is seen boarding a city bus and without provocation, repeatedly slapping an elderly blind woman who was sitting there with dark glasses over her eyes and a white cane in her hands.

Fortunately, a female passenger sitting next to the disabled woman shielded her from further punches and several male passengers got up and restrained the attacker to stop the beating.

Prior to the attack, Nguy Lamont Hughs had been arrested 4 times for theft, criminal trespass, property destruction and assault, but no charges have ever been filed. After the attack on the blind woman, his defence lawyer convinced the court that his client only needed hospital rehabilitation so the attacker once again avoided going to jail. By now, he’s probably out in the streets, looking for his next defenceless, white victim to beat up.

If it was a white man in his 30 that hit an elderly black woman with a disability, we wouldn’t hear the end to the racism calls from the ranks of the liberal sheep.

Props to Best Gore member @drccoco for the video:

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136 thoughts on “Black Guy Repeatedly Slaps Blind White Woman on a Bus in Seattle”

    1. This pisses me off deeply. Mark has all aspects covered and that is the sad part. The only good thing about this video is the the onlookers actually stepped up and helped out. So props to them for defending her. But this POS will hopefully get his. As mark stated he is probably roaming free right now, it is a matter of time before we see this douche bag again. Hopefully not breathing.

  1. We white folks should have a “Contingency Basket Ball Box “on board buses and Trains.Smash in case of Violent Jungle Bunnies.On the other hand my Brother in Law is a Psychiatric Nurse ( although he thinks he’s a Psychiatrist) and he makes sure Nut-jobs like this get freedom to kill children and the like……..he’s a fucking wanker as well.

  2. What gets my goat with a lot of people with mental health issues is when they send themselves crazy themselves taking so many drugs. A women in my local area sent herself nutty with years of drug taking and now has her own case worker, a cleaner, tons of prescription drugs everyweek all free and enough money from the goverment to be able to supplement her methodone and other drugs with top ups of crack ensuring she will never get better.
    Being a druggie she has that absoloute sense of self entitlement and has made sure to get everything possible from the system. Meanwhile our elderly die on thier own in freezing rooms with no help from anyone.

    1. Ugh, exactly. The scum of the Earth get every handout they can and then some while those who truly need assistance (and didn’t land themselves in such predicaments) are tossed aside. Bullshit. As an aside, when typing “bullshit” my phone started to autocorrect with “bukka….” Hahaha

  3. Saddest part of this video to me? What it doesn’t show. This same thing, happening daily, across cities in the United States, Europe, Canada, etc.

    ….and it allowed to go on, and on, and on.

    A British child, bullied by Arab youths because he was White, see’s no option other than suicide. He’s 6 Years old.

    A White Female British teenager, murdered on a bus in England by a Black. She was 16 years old.

    An Elderly White man in his 50’s, assaulted in Brooklyn as Blacks riot.

    An Elderly, Blind White woman assaulted on a public bus in Seattle by a Black.

    White Women being raped by Muslims in Sweden.

    And why is this allowed? Why is there no backlash? Why is there no call for investigations into the rampant anti-White racism growing roots in our own Countries? Because our entire political class and those who support them, support this.

    And people like myself just sit down and bitch about it, but never lift a hand to do anything about it. And what can we do? We’ve effectively been made prisoners. A Comedian (Adam Corolla I believe?) was recently labeled a racist for asking and saying some tough questions the mainstream media, and it’s Liberal overlords and those who support them couldn’t handle.

    ‘Live your life, but open your mouth and speak these unspeakable things, and we’ll put you in a box, close the lid and keep you there.’

    And another day goes by. Another Elderly White man is assaulted. Another Elderly White woman is assaulted. Another White woman is raped, another White child bullied for being White.

    More propaganda gets pumped out of the MSM, more movies made about the evils of Whites, more articles posted about the evils of Whites..

    You ever feel so powerless.. so.. caged in you want to burst?

    I have a lot of things in my life that bring me joy. I have been blessed with a great family, great friends and a great woman.. but still, a part of me is never comfortable. Never satisfied. It eats at me when I see videos like this.

    “If I was there..” well that doesn’t matter. I wasn’t, and I won’t be the next time, either. Sigh.

    Anyway – Another time, another place.

    Peace and Happiness Best Gorians, and safety to your families.

  4. Damn. Two unprovoked attacks on strangers in a row? I’m so used to seeing machete motorcycle drive-bys and other various gang violence.. these first two posts today remind me of that poor old fellow in 3 Guys 1 Hammer. Terrible things can happen to anyone at anytime at the hands of some twisted prick.

  5. Mass immigration and multiculturalism has destroyed my country so I can safely say that, if wanting to see your area, your country free from cultural abnormalities is deemed to be racist then I guess that I am a racist.

    However if you strip away the propaganda, the lies and the “government statistics” and merely look at what your country was like before the above I am willing to bet it was a lot better place.

    The crime levels would have been lower, the unemployment levels lower, you would have felt like a community and not the strangers that you now feel like, your people would have looked out for each other more instead of watching each other get hurt and killed, the list goes on and on.

    I have been here on Best Gore for a while now and people know me to be fair and logical in my approach to argument. I look at everything without emotion and come to conclusions based upon appraised evidence and sometimes people will disagree with me and that’s all right.

    However I stand by my opinion that mass immigration and multiculturalism is a horrible, destructive concept forced onto a people that never had and never were given a choice just so that our rich, greedy fucking rulers could make more money from an undermined labour market and not receive any resistance because we no longer come together has a community because we longer have a community.

  6. This guy was sick. “The sick must die” does not sound like something a person would yell during a racially motivated attack. I do agree with the segregation comments though because it is obvious that we can not get along.

  7. Come to the city of Watts, where I live, and you’ll see a lot of these mother fuckers on every corners, drinking there O.Es and pan handling all day at every liquor stores around here, till they get there EBT cards replenished with our tax payer’s money, sick of these fucken leftist mother fuckers that are destroying are country, and fuck all these stupid entitlement programs that the government gives these government dependent sheeps!!!

  8. I googled “Nguy Lamont Hughs” and this story comes up – click the first link and scroll down to all the liberall ass comments. A few (I hope) are sarcastic, but one one or 2 really go after the attacker. “Hate crime is not necessary” “the guy needs help” — nothing like “KILL THIS MF” Too many liberals in Seattle, and I may’ve been reading Best Gore posts too much 🙂

  9. I’m on my way to take a bus in NH ,right now. If I ever see shit like this happening, I’ll make sure my steelToe boots are put to a proper use. I’m sick and tired of seeing these specimens not behaving when surrounded by humans. Let’s send them all to Caruaru or Pattaya.

  10. I will tell you this if I was there …. He would have left the bus nobody needs to be t needs to be treated like this even this poor defenseless blin blind woman…. don’t fly down h in southern Georgi we got plenty of tre and lots o and lots of swamp

  11. Koreans should just nuke once and for all North America…whitys, beanners, niggers, yellow, they?re the same crap!!! they hate so much but can?t be separeted let?s see if that relation ends up like the Yugoslavian war or some enemy shows his mercy and finishes their misery…

  12. That man should definitely get a max for that. But after reading these comments about “apes” and “niggers” n shit, makes it seem like the people who comment are no different then this lost man. You should all be killed:). The dudes like ” she didn’t even know what hit her” DUH she’s fuckin blind!:p

  13. @AngloManiac Perhaps he is a disgrace to mankind. But 6 or 7 others stepped up and reminded us all that there ARE still men who know how to be men. They didn’t stay in their seats and continue minding their own business, which is what I fully expected to happen; they RUSHED to help a woman who clearly needed it. The first guy was especially brave, given that he is clearly smaller than the attacker.
    I was almost more shocked at this incredible display of courage and chivalry than I was at the initial attack, and I kept saying ‘yes, Yes, YES!’ because it is so rare anymore that men behave in truly masculine, courageous ways like this anymore.
    Women in today’s society (in the good ‘ole US of A, anyway) have pushed men aside in our fight to be just like them, to fight in the military and be police officers and get into roles that have traditionally belonged to men, and in the process have left our gents without a clear-cut idea of what it means to be a man anymore. We glare at them when we feel like they might be threatening our equality, hiss insults when a man strives to behave like a man towards a woman; a guy can’t open a door for a gal anymore without worrying that she’ll snap at him that she can do it herself. And of course we can, but isn’t it lovely to be treated like a woman sometimes, to be courted, walked to the door, have your chair held, his jacket offered? It’s no admission that we are weaker. It’s no profession that he is so smart and we are so helpless that we need him to fix the thing that is broken. (I am an inch taller than my hubster, and can open the damn mayo jar as well or better than he can.) But it’s such a shame that we’ve insisted on ‘whatever YOU can do, I can do BETTER’, to the exclusion of the beautiful actions we can take on behalf of one another, which includes the behavior of the confident men in this video.
    I’m not saying you should let him open your door if you want to open it yourself. Or that you should do ANYTHING that doesn’t fit your style, personality, relationship, preferences, etc. But I submit that we can be equal, KNOW we are equal, TREAT each other equally, and still offer some of the traditional courtesies that are quickly fading into obscurity and subject to scorn today.
    I’m afraid many men side with the feminist agenda because it is easier to go along and get along. And it’s so UN-pc to stand up for traditional values…

    1. Which is why I think in the not so distant future, the union of White male and White female will start to become drastically uncommon. Heck, it already is. You are starting to see White females with Black males almost as much as you see them with White males, and that’s only what you see. Who knows what they do in secret, without privy eyes.

      White females (I focus on White females, but it generally applies to Western women and Westernized women too) have lost a lot of their femininity in the last decade or more. There is very little morals, ethics, class, elegance, self-respect to be found among them, and they have very weak and fragile ethos.

      Which is why their Infidelity, Promiscuity, Divorce, Single-Motherhood, Race Mixing etc. numbers are so high, and continuing to rise.

      It’s not because they are White, of course. Our women are the most beautiful of all women on this planet physically (in my opinion), but they are incredibly ugly, and in some cases, downright repugnant emotionally/psychologically/behaviorally. What’s responsible for this degradation is the Culture and Society they are raised and grow up under; Western culture, which has degraded to the point of absurdity over the years.

      A culture and society that cultivates the loss of morals, ethics and self-respect in women (and men), who promote and push role-models like Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Rihanna. Heck, if you go on the twitter or Instagram of a female celeb, you’d see pictures of them behaving and acting like.. well, harlots (Hate that word, but the word whore and slut sounds so much nastier), and they are proud of it.

      It’s no wonder what has happened, has happened.

      Meh. No doubt this will upset a few folks. Not here to make friends, though. Just for the Gore, good discussion and unfiltered truth 🙂

      Sunshine and Rainbows, Best Gorians. 🙂

        1. That’s a loaded and difficult question to answer, Jezabel.

          Single-Mothers per-say aren’t an issue – If a woman for example, is married (or in a long-term committed relationship) and has children, and her husband or partner dies – then, obviously there is no issue. She was made a single-mother by excruciatingly painful circumstances.

          Like-wise, should the same situation take place, but rather than dying, the husband (or long-term partner) cheat and the relationship breaks down as a result, again, the circumstances of you being made a single-mother are completely bore out of a situation you have little control over, and the blame lays at the feet of the failure of the men, and the father of your children.

          However, if the mother is single because she cheated on the father, and then removes the father from the child’s life (As is the case in most situations now), so she can be ‘free’ to introduce many men to their children’s life – there is an issue.

          If she got knocked up and had a child because she met and screwed some random stranger she just met – there is an issue.

          Inherently, there is nothing wrong with single-mothers, the issue is how they became a single-mother, and by what circumstance they find themselves fulfilling that role.

          Another problem is how single-mothers behave. Are they more interested in getting blackout drunk, going clubbing, meeting random men, than being the guides and moral compasses they are supposed to be for their young? Are the fulfilling the requirement of being a parent, which is to look after, care for, love and guide their children on the right path in life?

          So again – The issue of single-motherhood isn’t the problem – It’s how you got there and how you behave/act as one.

          Sorry for the long reply – I’m utterly terrible at being concise.

          1. My ex girlfriend is black. She’s fine, well educated and really kind. She’s more elegant than a lot of white girls around here. And here’s the point: she come from a wealthy district and a middle-class family. IMO, it’s just a matter of milieu: if you grow up in a ghetto – it doesn’t matter if you’re white, black or yellow – you’ll probably become a low-life, just like the animal on this video.

            This is how it works in Italy and – as far as I’m concerned – all over the Western society.

          2. Disagree strongly. I grew up in poverty. Welfare, Housing houses. Our area was safe, clean and fun. You could walk through the neighbourhood and nothing would happen, never saw a fight, nothing.

            That neighborhood is now infested with Blacks, and it looks like an utter shithole. I wouldn’t feel safe walking through it in the daytime, let a lone at night.

            Our beginnings don’t define us – we define us, and in every Country Blacks exist in, they have defined themselves. They break the law, they are racist, they rape, they murder, they attack Whites, they turn whole cities into shitholes.

            And for what’s it worth – I’m in a very serious relationship with an Asian woman. My last three relationships were with Asian and Indian women. I haven’t touched, or been romantically involved with a White female in a long time.

            I still don’t support Race-mixing. Yes, it makes me a hypocrite. I was forced to look for the things I find desirable in a woman outside my race, because the women of my race (as I have already talked about above) have a severe lack of the virtues I find so desirable.

            When I was growing up, and I imagined myself a husband, a father – the woman in my dreams was White like me, the child sitting on my head was White, with beautiful blonde hair like my own.

            Now – that’ll never happen. I’ve been forced, after soul-searching, to look outside my race, outside my dream to find my happiness – because the beautiful White woman in my dream doesn’t exist anymore.

            This is not even bringing up our dwindling population in which we are already a minority globally (5% I think). Every Country we inhabit our numbers are dropping for various reasons.

  14. You racist fuckers make me sick. Half of you wouldn’t utter some of the same shit in my face that you post on this site. You feel the comfort of your own home and let your fingers fly. Like I’ve said before all black people aren’t degenerates. Hell white people have done some sick shit that needs to be brought to light. This guy has some fucking issues no doubt about it. But a normal sane persom wouldn’t punch a handicap person no matter the color of their skin. If one of you racist people can tell me why you hate ME as a person I would love to hear it.

    1. Nah, I’m pretty sure I’d say it to your face, tough guy. Though.. I might get charged with a hate crime when I defend myself from your vicious assault that would no doubt follow.. Meh.

      Also, provided there wasn’t 20 other Blacks around.. A 1vs1 with a Black guy can quickly turn into 1vs20. Honor really isn’t a strong suit among your people.

      As to why I hate you as a person? Meh. I don’t hate you or your people. I just simply don’t want to live around you, work around you, learn around you, play around you, grow up around you etc.

      You’ve proven time and again you’re completely incompatible with my, and most Whites way of life. We have to suffer your insults, assaults, rapes, murders etc. on a daily basis in various cities populated with you.

      You should be in Countries with your own people, in lands with your own people, being judged by the merits of your own people.

      Segregation isn’t the natural way of nature for no reason – It works, everything else doesn’t.

      This also goes for the Whites in South Africa, too. They shouldn’t be there, and of course, like most Whites, their numbers are dropping so they won’t be there forever.

      Also – The differences between our people aren’t just the pigmentation in our skin (or lack there of), it’s so much more than that. How we evolved, were we evolved, from whom we evolved, chemistry, biology, skull size, ancestry, culture, civilization etc.

      1. I 100% agree with most of your argument. There are a variety of differences between us. However I am not a drug dealer (dont want to go to jail with them niggas and be raped) nor am I a killer for reasons already stated. I dont hang around a bunch of black people either. I’m not violent and I work hard daily to provide a stable life for myself. Segregation wont work because people will swear up and down they aren’t being treated fairly. Truth be told I love and even envy white people sometimes. With some of them that I encounter on a daily basis it seems as if they have no cares in the world and I want that. I want it so bad that I am ready to; hold on to your hats for this one, bust my ass and work hard for it. Not wait for a dumb ass government handout. Or have a bunch of nappy headed kids running around that cant and wont speak proper English. Please understand that not all black people are trash. Shit a majority of them are but there are some good ones out there but you wouldn’t know that by the ones on tv acting like pure ‘coons. It’s sad that we as a people haven’t progressed passed the point of killing ourselves for no reason. Again I ask you why do you hate ME? If you were to sit with me and tell me why you hated black people there wouldn’t be a fight rather it would be you and I doscussing differences in cultures. No 1 v 20 that’s ignorant. I have no problem giving you my phone number email address or anything else that you need to have an open dialog. Try it

        1. the white race evolved in Europe, actually. the human body evolved from apes to accommodate the sentience of our astral state. this original ape-man body was the nigger….your race is no longer needed , you were merely a conduit for a higher form of life to evolve. that is why statistically, you are dumb and violent. because you are still using the animal base the more evolved races surpassed.

          1. Actually I am collegeeducated and non violent. I have only been in two fist fights in my life and would much rather diffusea situation before anything negative happens. So what is your argument now?

    1. So much for getting a stupid ass comment removed if it’s a personal attack. I guess it’s only selective then…….

      This is a classic case of the shoe being on the other foot. Like one says when they talk too much shit about people who go “black this and black that”…………

      GET OVER IT!!!

  15. I don’t like increased security on public transit. I say take a chance!….Well George Carlin said that actually but nevermind. Let crazy people of all races and nationality live on the planet to produce entertainment.

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