Brawl on Street in Seixal, Portugal Leaves One Man Dead, One Wounded

Brawl on Street in Seixal, Portugal Leaves One Man Dead, One Wounded

Brawl on Street in Seixal, Portugal Leaves One Man Dead, One Wounded

This epilepsy inducing, shaky video was filmed in Seixal, Portugal. It shows a brawl on the street with a number of angry people participating, some armed with bladed weapons.

According to the backinfo I got, when all was said and done, one man was dead and one wounded. No further backinfo at this time.


The people involved in the brawl were Gypsies (aka the Roma people) – ie the absolute scum occupying Europe. There is plenty of backinfo on European Gypsies on Best Gore already. Look it up if you’re not European and don’t know what they’re about. The latest info is that both of them eventually died.

Props to Best Gore member @rickfiregamespt and shoutout to xpombo for the video.

Aftermath footage of the brawl:

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87 thoughts on “Brawl on Street in Seixal, Portugal Leaves One Man Dead, One Wounded”

    1. Taking into account the per capita murder rate, portugal is probably one of the places where you have the least chance of being murdered.
      That said every country has its bad neighbourhoods and scummy people.
      And some neighbourhoods in Seixal are probably not the most friendly places.
      But if you’re a tourist, going there is on the same level of stupidity as going to the United States to take a leisurly stroll through Detroit: There’s nothing to see there and its full of gipsies/niggers.

      1. Well, I live in Brazil in a city where everyone is black, except me. Last year, I tried American Visa to visit my aunt in Orlando, but ended up being denied by a black consular officer.

        1. did you mention you were gonna visit your aunt in Orlando? In these visa interviews, the worst thing you can say is that you have friends or relatives living in he USA. This makes them see you as highly likely to stay in the US after your visa expires.

          1. The worst thing I can do is lie. At the end of the interview, he shook his head at me when I was leaving. When it was denied, I didn’t say a word, until I turned my back and left.

        1. Hoping for Nemesis I don’t really care about the decision of the black Jewish consulate, I hope it dies by the white police, I have no desire to live in the USA. Here in Brazil I can really die easier, but at least I will not die at the hands of a cursed mental patient who invaded places shooting with his damn rifle

    2. At this very moment, at least one murder is taking place in every large city in every country on earth. If were thinking of going to them, you must cancel as well. But wait…what of the city/country you are in now? Only place left for you is…trip to the moon, mars?

    3. No, do go, you wont see them that much at all. Its a big and beautiful country. These Gypsies are spread out amongst southern and northern Europe and live like parasites off everyone else. Typically they rob “average working people” so not that often would your life be in danger. Due to the liberal zombie disease that has infected the western world, these types are allowed to live among us and get all the handouts necessary for a parasitic existence. I’m not suggesting we exterminate them, just re-orientate them by removing the handouts and making the police treat them as they so everybody else. Force them to work and act like civilised people and thus hopefully after a couple of generation they will alter from their current incarnation and have move up the civilisation ladder a bit.

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      1. @Simon and Garfunkel, clearly you were lost in his words. Obviously he was speaking of the people who aren’t of real Portuguese heritage. You can’t be that fucking dense can you? And yes that would make them illegal aliens ya fuck! And yes there are illegal immigrants in Europe! Come on man . Wake up.

      2. You stupid cunt, I knew it was in Portugal, you do realise here in Europe we have a problem with Illegal immigrants and they fight all the time, by the way have you been to Portugal? Probably not because your crack whore mother couldn’t afford a holiday, So who’s the retard now? Your IQ is clearly in the low digits you thick cunt.

    1. Technically they are legal, they get all discounts they get all the state help
      we the Portuguese work and pay taxes for these parasites to live in our country, that’s why we hate the gypsies so much

  1. Ahhh Portugal…
    Un bello país de mujeres con bigote y reyertas a cuchillo.

    for the yankees and others:

    Ohhhh Portugal…
    A beatiful country of women with moustache and knife fights.
    (spanish people joke about portuguese women not shaving their moustaches)

        1. Worst part is they still have the audacity to ask to be teated equally, when they don’t even behave equally
          Don’t expcet to be treated kindly when all you do is cause disturbance

  2. This happened near me. I live in Moita, Portugal. It was just one more fight among the countless fights between gypsy families in this country. They buy guns with our tax money (even automatic ones) from the corrupt police and armed forces and that same police will refuse to issue carry permits for us normal citizens to protect ourselves from these parasites. Their income comes mostly from our tax money, robberies and credit card scams. Now you know why they are so hated in Europe. Currently we have a presidential candidate, André Ventura, openly campaigning against them saying he will enact laws to force them to work like the rest and put them in jail when they commit crimes (our left-controlled government always forgives their crimes because they are a minority). I will be voting for him.

      1. Bolsonaro fascista de extrema direita??????? Ele é simplesmente de direita conservadora, primeira vez que isso acontece na historia do Brasil desde Pedro II, por isso o ódio da mídia esquerdista , que são ativistas politicos travestidos de jornalistas.

        1. Nem vale a pena. Para a esquerdalha todos aqueles com quem eles não concordam são fascistas e de extrema direita. Mas esquecem-se que quem esteve este tempo todo no poder enquanto os nossos países ficavam cada vez piores foi a esquerda

  3. This epilepsy inducing, shaky video

    Right. Are we THAT desperate that, to see a one second flash from 50 feet away of a man lying (did not say “laying”) in the street, it’s a fair tradeoff to see all the rest shaky vertical?

  4. I feel like i’ve seen this before. I think this is a really old video.
    But yeah, gypsies, nothing out of ordinary if they’re involved.
    I have a friend that lives in a city called Paredes and when i went to visit him there, they literally have gypsies living in their shacks behind the Camara Municipal (the local governing body).
    They steal electricy from the electric poles and wahtnot.
    As u can see here,

    1. After some research it’s actually recent. A group of gypsies vs a group of africans. The people filming have an african accent.
      The guy that died was black and was 35 and the wounded guy is 56 years old and he’s the dead guy’s father. The later one got shot in the leg and stabed in the back with a fork (i know, weird..but it’s the info i got from the news channels). And the dispute is drug related.
      The dead guy’s brother and sister tell a different story. It’s all a misunderstading they say. Something about the dead guy’s wife being harassed by the gypsies, his cousin comes to the rescue, the gypsies call more gypsies (that’s what makes them dangerous and why people are afraid of them, in a matter of seconds there’s about 10 of them around u out of nowhere) and beat him up, he escapes and goes to the police/hospital, the gypsies keep the girl, she calls her husband, he goes there with his dad and the video happens.

        1. Deportation and prison would work i think. If u’re a gypsie that actually works, pays taxes and have no criminal record (or small ones, nothing serious) you would live a normal life like any other person. However, the gypsies that dont work would be offered jobs, if they refuse, they get deported. If they have serious criminal records, they go to prison or deported. And all crimes commited by gypsies (the ones that dont work and have serious criminal records) would have a bigger time in jail.
          If it’s murder and rape (serious shit), they would get deported. Simple.
          If i move the a different country, i have to adapt to their culture, it’s not their culture that has to adapt to me.

  5. Gypsies are annoying as fuck I walk past them every single day they love chewing away various seeds i.e pumpkin, melon etc they have a thing for them no idea whats the significance

    Lately younger gypsy men as well as minors have started to harass lone females walking down the street or simply enjoying the weather in the park even when they are with their children. Primarily its the younger generation not the elderly males

  6. YALL THIS WAS IN MY EXE´S STREET, my best friend lives in the neighbhood as well, let me give yall some info

    this was a brawl between blacks and gypsies, in this side of the river it’s the guetto of portugal, so we have a bunch of really bad neighborhoods, paio pires/saixal, is one of the specially known areas for these types of things. last month they had a gun problem (we have gun control) also between gipsis in a café in there too

    sadly the gypsies aren’t illigal, but we still hate theyr parasitic guts the most, if portugal has a problem is with the gypsies, they live off our taxes, we work, we pay taxes, we get robbed, so these fleas can keep living without paying taxes, they keep having kids, they keep robbing stores, ther terrosise and threaten people just because, and they still want to be treated equially.

    Don’t think that portugal is a bad or dangerous country, we’re actually in the top ranks of countrys to spend the vacations, but be carefull with these parasites flooding europe

  7. Ok so the people over here saying “oh I won’t be visiting the place after seeing this video” lmfao where the fuck did you grow up? …. think about it man most of us already live and grew up in rough parts of the world… me personally, I live in Glasgow and if any of you bran dead fucks know a thing or two about the UK … Glasgow is absolutely piping hot all kinds of lunatics roam the place but do I give a fuck? …. nah, they are just people , as long as you don’t be a loud mouth prick in these countries such as Brazil etc you should be perfectly fine…. Portugal was actually kinda nice to be honest had the occasional group of youths who would stare at you and try intimidate you but to me it was nothing new lol same shit happens in Glasgow.

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