Bruises and Bloodshot Eye from Being Body Slammed Head First on Concrete

Bruises and Bloodshot Eye from Being Body Slammed Head First on Concrete

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @kemikalmbalanz, who got body slammed head first on concrete and earned himself bruises and a bloodshot eye.

This is my injury. Taken about 3 days after. This is the result of assault on me. I was lifted nearly 5 feet then slammed head first on concrete. If it weren’t for natural adrenaline instinct to slow the fall with hands, I would have had a better entertainment for you guys. Sorry.

My face looks yellowish because my injury also has mixed my long time deviated septum, untreated sinusitis and URIs. Ewww.

I found out it is safe and normal to have covered eyeball in blood, like the whites. Rock on, BG. You are my daily news.

Thanks for the pics, @kemikalmbalanz. Eyes are nigh indestructible. Hopefully next time we’ll get the pics of the guy who assaulted you 😉

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. A” friend” so i thought.sucker punched me,bad move for him..I picked his ass about 4 to 5 feet slammed his sorry ass on the the pavement,he did NOT get up for about 10 minutes.this bitch had the balls to come to my house the next day to apologize,fuck him!!

    1. Actually I was just minding my business texting my Girlfriend waiting in the dark on the sidewalk. . Apparently I was too close to some douchebag’s property and we got into an altercation. . He started it and finished it. . . Kiss my ass to all talking shit. . . You all had your ass beat once and if not you will someday. I almost won the fight. .. I missed too many Haymakers. .. Lmao I’m a Gamer who used to be much stronger.

    1. Someone was Very nervous about me being near their huge “PRIVATE PROPERTY” sign. . . I was never on his property nor did I ever even face his property. . .. Wonder what he has to hide in there. .. He was a ‘Soldier apparently. . Maybe PTSD 😐

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