Bus Passenger Attacks Young Woman with Knife in Beijing, China

Bus Passenger Attacks Young Woman with Knife in Beijing, China

A dashboard cam video from a bus in Beijing, China shows a moment a male passenger attacked a young girl. How rude. She looks like she’s really enjoying the rectal wall massage from that new butt plug that she can control with her smartphone, and then that stupid passenger fucks it up for her just as it started to feel good.

I don’t actually have any specifics about the attack, but the speed at which the white knights responded is rather astounding.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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81 thoughts on “Bus Passenger Attacks Young Woman with Knife in Beijing, China”

      1. 有乘客介绍,受害女子是在公交车上遭到猥亵后与行凶者起了争执,视频监控显示,行凶者突然从后面用一把水果刀扎向女子,女子的衣服上瞬间血迹斑斑。家属强调,这名女子与行凶者并不认识。

    1. To be honest, if I was there, I wouldn’t defend her just because she was a girl, I would do the same for a guy. White Knightism has nothing to do with it.

      It’s the dark side of being a regular man, you just hate mental-case unpredictable shits who forgot their meds who put other lives at risk.

      1. Totally. People have actually jumped other crazy people even when the victim was a random male. But, good lord, to hear it here, people would stand back and watch a man die just because he’s a man. So, over-the-top with that shit.

  1. to be fair. when some dumb cunt starts stabbing someone in front of me, that’s usually an invitation to join the fucking party. a free pass to kill someone doesn’t come around that often.

  2. This guy sexually harassed the woman and touched her butt for several times in a crowded bus, soon she responded by slapping on his face and accused him publicly of being shameless, that’s why later you see this mad stabbing show

  3. Now I know why it isn’t safe to ride in the front or in the back of a bus.
    In the back of the bus you can get raped and in the front you can get stabbed out of the blue.
    A stabbing in both cases nonetheless.
    And before I thought that it wasn’t safe to ride in the front or back of a bus because of a potential accident on the road.

  4. “How rude from that guy to push me like that! Fuck it, I’m out of this bus. Oh, I think I’m bleeding..?”

    She will survive, right side, not close to hart. Must be some revenge, who knows:
    -With all this “Woman Rights” BS, no wonder man is pissed off by privileged ones.
    Now they can curse you, spitting you, telling you whatever they want but if you say something to her she can call bullies in blue and if you slap the hoe you end up in prison, room where tones of white knight criminals are.

  5. Some people in here hate blacks, others hate Jews, others women.
    I just hate mental freaks who are capable of killing and shit, and then pleading insanity. These guys should stay and home, in bed all their lives. So much safer for everyone else.

    If I was there I would have punched that guy SOOOOOOOO fucking hard in the nutsack!

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