CCTV of 2010 Assault on Restaurant Worker in Missouri Featuring Best Gore Member

CCTV of 2010 Assault on Restaurant Server in Missouri Featuring Best Gore Member

CCTV of 2010 Assault on Restaurant Worker in Missouri Featuring Best Gore Member

Holy shit! Did you guys know that Best Gore member @seraphim-serenata is fucking famous and stars in one of the classics? I’ll let him tell the story, as no one else could do it better than him:

Here’s CCTV of yours truly. This happened back in August 2010, Missouri.

The dude behind the counter is me. I was the 3rd shift manager of an eatery and was totally taken off guard one early morning.

Two delinquent patron teenagers came inside restaurant around 4 A.M. Both exhibited warning signs they would dine and dash. I got ready and put handful of eggs in my apron right before they left without paying. Outside in the parking lot I pelted the interior to their car and dashboard as they sped away. No doubt that warranted the hit 1 week later.

A suspicious looking person in my eyes came through the front door and directly went to leave out back door, presumably to scope out the place before showing up next morning.

On the day of the assault:

After handing this dude his plate of food, I turn my back and clean the grill. I hear a loud war cry then with no time to comprehend am blindsided with a hit from a maglite on my face.

As the unwanted dance of tango ensues, all I could think was how much I wanted to lead. Then before I knew it, the moves quickly turned into the twist… This guy tried to lay me with all his might and without taking me to dinner first, so I declined!

The blunt force trauma causes blood to cast onto countertop, my right hand and elsewhere. I grab a knife from cutting board during the struggle but lose clutch while breaking free from bodylock.

A server attempts to be a hero by giving chase but quickly retreats after man is unable to escape. The situation could have ended up much worse, that I do know!

I do chuckle from the fact he slips on the cardboard while making his getaway and panics at the back door. Unbeknown to him, I had an uneasy feeling and locked the magnet strip earlier.

I went to work the very same night not letting it effect me. Although, as years went on I was starting to become “different”. The true reality of the world and what happens in it is truly eye opening and makes you appreciate life much more.

Best Gore is the best dose of reality and is the ultimate dose of medicine for me now.

Thanks so much for sharing the video and your first person account of it, @seraphim-serenata. After a ton of similar videos posted on BG, what took you so long to tell us you starred in one?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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          1. Not just about gore, blood or any form of violence is acceptable. Anyways fuck off lil dick bitch , he’s a badass. You’re just pissed ur not starring in anything on bg

          1. Oho, lol.. you got me all wrong, man. That’s just what I was going to do to his kid, while forcing him to watch… Haven’t even gotten to pops yet…

          2. That’s the problem with customer service. you’re in that “Can i help you sir?” mode and in walks some cunt with other things on his mind. I remember a lovely one by some black fella in macdonalds and some sheboon was giving him jip, he picked up a metal bar and laid into her, fukkin awesome to see him let all that pent up aggression out on the fat bitch. THAT’S customer service

          1. Fuck no.. and the torture doesn’t end that quickly. Besides, I didn’t bring this bag full of stinging nettles for nothing. Fuckers in for the duration… Like where you were going though, you’d make a fine protege.

        1. It’s always the way SS. If you can’t be unfaithful at least let them know there are always options open to you. There are always those ladies who flash their eyes that aren’t entirely turned away but at hand just in case the one you’re faithful to decides to start playing up.

        2. One good trick is to find “sounds of a party” on you tube. When she phones play the video and answer the phone “I’m sorry love i can’t hear you, there’s too much noise, i’ll call you back”. Works every time. especially if she’s a player.

  1. @seraphim-serenata

    You were very lucky to escape without serious harm.

    He could have raped you. Or raped you and killed you. Or killed you and raped you. I mean, a guy like that what would stop him.

    On a serious note though, the most shocking part to me was that the perpetrator was white. In my experience dine and dashers are mostly always niggers.

    Did the fact that he was white and not black cause you to lower your guard or something for you to get blindsided like that?. Because around blacks one would never be so relaxed.

    1. Once you watch enough BG, using your peripheral vision during daily life is an ingrained habit. My head is always on a swivel, especially the neighborhood I live in. It’s all niggerfied, been that way since the 90’s. It’s not just the darkies though, I don’t really trust anyone around here. It’s drug traffic 24/7.

      1. @carnage-2 Same here, although the blacks here are integrated, fucking whites can be just as dangerous, never let you guard down, when someone approachs me for the time or a conversation,woman/man/black/spanish, i breeze through with knowlage of what could happen… Or i am just a paranoid fuck.

        1. Fuck that. Paranoia can be a very useful tool. Hope for the best, always be prepared for the worst… Also the only way I cross traffic is by looking left, right and left again, before taking a single step. Always make eye contact and put my hand up and wait for acknowledgement. I’m actually very polite and mouth the words thank you, when I get the, “You’re good to go” signal.

        2. It’s only paranoia if the problems exist purely in your own head.

          If the area you live in is crime ridden and no race can be trusted because they all fall within those crime stats you cannot be accused of being paranoid for not trusting anyone at first glance because you are merely being suspicious and alert to all potential dangers which comes under self-preservation if you ask me.

          The above is why I laugh whenever someone calls me a racist. OK. Yes. I dislike and distrust black people. I am also always on guard whenever they are anywhere near me.

          However. In the nice whitey area I live in my white majority country black people are the worst criminal class around because they number the fewest and yet per capita they commit more crimes than anyone else here.

          I have never felt that I needed to be on guard around East Asians for example because East Asians commit next to no crime where I live.

          As a result of the stances we take for self preservation there tends to end up being a very thin line between realism and racism.

          1. @empty-soul a thin line indeed! Some people come off as “im on a computer, hence i can say what i want” i don’t use the word nigger for blacks, if anything, when i am getting pissed off at a video game or calling my white colleague nigger for the fun of it… The race card has its purpose, almost like a defense mechanism. “Stay clear nigger, productive member of society walking through”

          2. Well said, guys. I like the word suspicious much better than paranoid. Nothing wrong with being suspicious and cautious, in my book.
            Lol, that end bit had me crackin’ up, Deathdew. Good shit.

          3. If they let every nigger call him nigger, but when you do it he goes ape-shit… I think he is the one discriminating you. I don’t call niggers, niggers, but they do it among themselves ALL THE TIME.

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          2. Haha true @carnage-2 , antisocial little cunts too, one minute you’re putting your shoes on and the next you’re dead in a puddle of your own vomit while Spidey who was playing house in your sneaks scuttles off to some other darkened hole. Assholes

        1. I grew up in sunny Florida. I’ve spent the last 9 years nestled in tge mountains by a river on 14 acres.
          I no longer worry about “the blacks”. There aren’t any. Just the white trash hillbilly meth heads.
          Between my dogs, fences, gun range, and signage… I don’t think they will try anything. Either way… it pays to be prepared.

          1. Which echoes what I’ve been saying all along.. Us whites aren’t so great, that being said, anyone who looks shady and suspicious, regardless of race should heighten your alertness, if not, then your just sayin you’re OK with being fukt by a specific race or your own race… Fuk all that shit!

    2. And niggers never tip well if they tip at all. I learned quickly not to spend too much time on niggers for a good tip. Just never seemed to matter.
      Thankfully, I finished college and now I’m a “healthcare provider”. A solid salary and bonuses quarterly.
      Cardiology +++++. Good shit.
      I ironically spend my days trying to save lives while hoping for videos of death, torture, executions, straight up Gore. Truly dig the Best Gore.

      1. Lol, and how the hell did they not catch you, Dave? That maglight you left behind and the magnet lock must’ve been riddled with your fingerprints… You should count your lucky stars ‘cus that was some sloppy police work, right there.

  2. Oh nooooo shite! I hardly(dont atall)know ye, but I’m glad you still with us, Seraph. Coulda been so much worse. I feel ya, because I, too, have been smashed in the dome with a huge, 4 cell Maglite. Though my pic may look it, i wasnt smashed in the face. By a Maglite, anyway.

    1. I remember one of your youtube vids when you snuck into some building that looked abandoned or closed and went upstairs where there was a door at the end of the hallway, that was unlocked. You opened the door and some random dude was just sitting there all by himself, looking at his computer with his back facing your camera. I think you may have caught him rubbing one out to some porn,’cus when he looked back and noticed you, he had that, “oh shit, I just got caught jerking off to porn” look on his face, lol.

      1. Well this is embarrassing… Posted that first one, @happy and an error screen came up with a 503 code saying the server was too busy… Ugh, my first double post, smh. Thought this would never happen… Please delete one of them and this, of course. Let me save face, Mark. 😉

          1. The best movie that folks don’t watch.
            Always wondered about those conjoined twins. Must have had (a) interesting sex life/lives.

          1. Lol, yeah and I just noticed it finally got deleted, so now there’s no proof! Haha, well those of you who saw it know it happened. It was like observing a fellow Gorian being attacked with a maglite on camera. You just don’t see that shit everyday.

          2. Oho! Leave it to Sooks to pour the salt on 😛 Don’t make me come over to France and find you! I used up the last of my stinging nettles, so whips, chains, handcuffs and hot wax will have to suffice…

  3. This is what happens when you leave the BigXII for the SEC. You get all that Alabama trash lurking about.
    In your defense, however, he was white and did have his pants pulled up. You couldn’t have known.

        1. Lmao! Should’ve stuck her in a barrel filled with jugs of Tide and rolled her down the biggest hill you could find leading into traffic whilst yelling, “ROOOLLL TIIIDE, BEOOOOTCH!!!” 😀

  4. 2010 was a much simpler time. Sucks you lived or still live in a high crime area. But to put my 2010 self there, and to throw in I had to go geo, and ain’t my pad but some obligation type scene. That guy would be fucked up beyond recognition to be honest. Cool vid. -951-

  5. This is whats wrong with you millennials:

    You come prepared for battle with f’ing eggs in your pockets, and that poor choice of weapon was only good enough to really piss off your white trash assailants.

    You were then totally unprepared without eggs in your pockets, and caught off guard by a meth addict that was able to walk around your place of employment beating your ass with impunity.

    Holy shit you totally had this coming. Glad you werent seriously hurt though

      1. The pocket full of eggs is the best fucking part.

        The meth addicts stewed over the raw egg all over the dashboard of their 1986 Chevy Celbrity for a week before finally committing to attacking him behind the counter with a flashlight.

        I picture things like this happening daily in special ed classes or special olympic locker rooms

          1. Yeah my nieces lil boyfriend was talkin up that game and gave it such a rave review, that I broke into his house while they were away and stole his game system just to play it and…. Eh.. It’s OK.

          1. Haha i’ll do my best. kindly explain to SS that i didn’t mean beat his attacker in the american sense but give him a good…oh forget it..

    1. Errr I think i’ll let Gropey Gropella give you a beating SS, she seems the willing type. Bg is getting like what american cops say about their job, hours of nothing then it all happens at once . I like the profile pic, it could catch on

  6. Hahahaha! They gave you a soda jerk hat with the corporate logo. You know that only protects you against the little tykes with the in-store plastic spoons.

    OK, I have to give you credit for fending off that little retard that got every possible camera angle imaginable. So how’s the cafeteria biz? 😉

    1. Yeah, it’s really disappointing. You know Mark is just sitting on some video of flip flops right now.
      I guess he likes to party on the weekend. I get that.
      But us gore hounds need our fix, damnit! Mark, don’t leave us hanging, man!

  7. I’m glad you’re ok! As for those low life fuckers, I wish you would have at least stabbed one of them. Better yet in the eye until the eyeball gets plucked out and dangles at the tip of the blade. Now that would truly be BG material. Muahahaa

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