CCTV Video of Man Collapsing, Convulsing, Then Coming To and Assaulting Cleaning Lady

CCTV Video of Man Collapsing, Convulsing, Then Coming To and Assaulting Cleaning Lady

A bizarre case of a man going haywire was caught on CCTV on December 29, 2016 in a condominium in Praia do Canto – a historical upper class neighborhood located in Vitória, Espírito Santo, Brazil.

After exiting his vehicle, a resident of the condo identified as 31 year old Bertrand Aron, collapsed and convulsed on the floor. The building’s cleaning lady, a doorman and one more employee approached the man and tried to help, but whereas they didn’t know what they were doing, and the man stopped convulsing, they turned around and went back to mind their business.

Minutes later, Bertrand jumped the cleaning lady and unleashed senseless beating on her, pummeling her to unconsciousness. The beating was interrupted by other residents who meanwhile entered the building.

Military Police reported finding several empty cans of beer and 13 pins of substance similar to cocaine in the vehicle of the attacker.

What an absolute piece of shite assaulting people doing their job without bothering him.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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21 thoughts on “CCTV Video of Man Collapsing, Convulsing, Then Coming To and Assaulting Cleaning Lady”

  1. I swear it must be something just in them. I go through at least two bottles of wine a night, sometimes three to four on a bad day and god those how much other drugs including cocaine and I have never randomly attacked anyone before.

    Contrary to the above you also have niggers and such that rape, loot, murder and pillage whilst sober etc.

    Booze and drugs in my opinion then only serves as a convenient excuse for lowlifes to play when they feel cornered.

  2. Interesting, I heard that there could be a link between epilepsy and crime, in which fits were followed by crimes, although this dude was high there could be a relation. It also, reminds me of that video of a crazy woman on ecstasy, meth or something like this in a subway in Canada attacking a man.

  3. It’s safe to say that we should just exterminate all Brazilians for the sake of humanity. Kill them all from children to women to men. Every single one of them. Just think of them as cockroach and just exterminate any of them where ever you see them.

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  4. Certainly not agreeing with what he did, for some reason a number of people become randomly violent after a grand mal seizure. Docs don’t know why, but it happens. I had a clinic tonic seizure where all your muscles basically turn on, I tore two main back muscles and my diaphragm. When I came to it took 15min for me to remember my name, dob, address, parents name, it’s scary shit, I just rolled with it but I can imagine people being scared enough to become violent, but like I said, I don’t condone it, I didn’t feel it necessary…

  5. i shit you not and make of this what the f@3k you like ,,,ten years ago while walking along an outback road (miles from no where broken down) 2:53 am mist filled night no moon,
    i came upon a hunter alone siting there in the fu@king middle of no where ,after wiping the shit stains from my arse (not expecting to encounter a soul out there) i talked a while with this strange looking f#ck (hard to see except for when he lit his smoke) he began to tell me things about coming events in the world (i thought this fuck was crack out of his mind at the time )but the things that stayed in my memory are,,,, he said your going to start to see people going out of there [email protected]#king minds
    addicted to this and that but this is only the beginning , when you think it has become real fu@ked up in the world and you have gone past the fresh-hold of where you thought possible , this will still only be the beginning
    when i view the world now and see how fucked up is has become (ISIS war political pedophilia etc etc ) i cant help but think of that old f@ck , im just glad to there were no crossroads there that night , blues Robert Johnson and all that for you blues heads know the language im talking ,,pppeace out

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