Child Kidnapping Attempt Marred by Restaurant Goers in Gauteng, South Africa

Child Kidnapping Attempt Marred by Restaurant Goers in Gauteng, South Africa

Child Kidnapping Attempt Marred by Restaurant Goers in Gauteng, South Africa

CCTV video from Florida in Gauteng, South Africa shows an attempt to kidnap a child from what looks like a restaurant patio, but apparently belonging to a spa. Restaurant goers responded quickly and marred the attempt. Best Gore member @oldgreenhorn explains:

A bastard offspring jumped out a waiting car, jumped into a outdoor seating area and grabbed a 5 year old by the neck. Luckily her guardian angel was close by and decided to intervene with her sex slave future and choke hold the demon spawn.

After the mother got her child free and the front seat ticket holder finished her drink, the mother picked up a broken glass and stabbed the cunt’s face. Security arrived there after.

@oldgreenhorn further notes that in South Africa, it is not allowed to publish the images of the perpetrator:

You are not allowed to publish a picture identifying an “alleged suspect” in a crime on social media (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc) until this person had appeared before a court of law. The same applies to pictures of anybody who “might be a witness” in a criminal case. The South African Police Service Act strictly forbids this.

Members of neighbourhood watches, security companies as well as community policing forums often take pictures of suspects at crime scenes, which you can do, but the moment you send the picture to someone else or post it to a social media platforms, it is considered “published”.

A hefty fine, 12 months’ imprisonment or a massive civil suit could await you, should you post a picture of any “perceived criminal” on a social media platform.

In addition to the Police Act, section 35 of the Constitution affords every citizen the right to a fair trial. The publication of a photo identifying the alleged perpetrator could thus render the trial unfair and it might result in the suspect being acquitted.

The same applies if the perpetrator is identified in public before an ID parade has taken place. A SAPS identity parade will not be conclusive: It may be argued that the witness or victim saw the suspects face on social media and identified the suspect based on the image portrayed rather than physically having seen the suspect commit the crime.

The publication of such a photo could furthermore defeat the ends of justice, by hampering a pending investigation.

*Posting photos could lead to vigilantism*

In cases where the person arrested is innocent, but as a result of the published photo, which depicts him as a criminal, the community takes the law into its own hands, this leads to vigilante action. When publishing such a photo a person could also land him or herself on the receiving end of a defamation lawsuit.

Everyone has the right to a good name and reputation and the person who taints this with defamatory statements, by posting such a photo, can be held liable for damages in civil court.

*Danger of unlawful arrest, detention*

Lastly the publication of such a photo could result in unlawful arrest and detention. We have to be very careful what we publish on social media platforms.

If you see a person in your neighbourhood and you have grounds to believe him to be a criminal, don’t just take a photo, naming him a suspect, and post it. Rather state the “facts” around the circumstances and post that.

Any one can see it’s attempted child abduction, but not SAPS, seems they’re protecting the syndicate black market human trafficking by deflecting attention.

*Please take note and this is confirmed, correct information:*

Bet charges will be brought towards the mother for stabbing the soulless creature. Laws in SA are written to protect criminals.

Here’s the CCTV video of the attempted kidnapping:

Video of the perpetrator after being captured by the populace. Many thanks for the videos, @oldgreenhorn:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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79 thoughts on “Child Kidnapping Attempt Marred by Restaurant Goers in Gauteng, South Africa”

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      1. @deathtomohels
        Understanding of the pernicious nature of the (((tribe))) ✡️ and of the their establishment’s control over all institutions of power ( media, finance, academia ) is essential to effectively interpreting the world.
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    2. I think he is more stupid than brave to attempt what he did.
      Even if he takes the child and carries it, he can’t get away very fast, compared to any able bodied male chasing him.

      This man is an absolute twat, not to mention depraved.
      I think he should have been necklaced or stoned.

      1. It doesn’t take bravery to try to overpower a six year old girl. Stupid and cowardly. A brace man would try to kidnap Rosie O’Donnell or a llama.

        If that was my daughter I would have ripped this assholes nuts off and stuffed them in his mouth. That’s just the opening act too. Songs would be written about the pain this man would endure at the hands of the Worlds Greatest Dad.

  1. How brazen. He ran at that child like a footballer taking a free kick when 1 down and only 30 seconds left on the clock.

    He even had the stones, and/or lack of sense, to boast about his love for children to the angry people gathering around which makes me think he’s part nigger or something.

    As for this,

    “You are not allowed to publish a picture identifying an “alleged suspect” in a crime”.

    The same rule goes on in Britain too and not only are you not allowed to show a picture of the suspect you are also not allowed to publish a physical description either………………….when the suspect is black that is. When the suspect is white the police and the media print their entire photo collection and give you every physical detail.

      1. No they don’t and I am from England too.

        Whenever I read the newspapers(take your pick) or go onto news websites, yahoo BBC etc, and I see a police report it almost always states that they are looking for a “man” and asks people to give the police a call if they saw any “men” in the area at the time and it is only after weeks if not months have passed that they release the cctv footage because they haven’t got anywhere for obvious reasons.

        However. When the suspect is white English the full description is almost always given straight away.

        I cannot speak for crimewatch though as I don’t watch that shit and never have. It probably attempts to solve months old cases though as the police would only go to them, a tv programme, as a last resort.

        1. erm,i think it worked the other way in the 80s police are seeking a black man ,vs police are seeking a man,they never mentioned white,now today with political liberal correctness the white man is on the endangerd to tigers..soon they will have special breeding programes to keep the gene white,i think that idiot prince harry fell right in the jew trap for white males to follow in was he thinking stupid german cypriot tosser,hes not of english blood..the royals are mongrels..time to revolt.

          1. well 3 days ago there was multiple stabbings in birmingham city centre ,8 victims one dead.police put cctv pictures of a black male on the tv who was wanted for the that blows your stance to atoms.the man was arrested next day in selly oak after the public appeal…talk straight man ,your quite smart but i feel your opinion is clouded by something,maybe your lonely and want to be part of some tribe ,that only exists online..your views in public will get you hurt and you now would get shanked ,or cheffed as they say stabbed ,then stomped on ,followed by a pistol front of your familys doorstep.broken britan.

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    1. rubbish,you been in the spotlight too much and got away with sorry but you dont speak like a brit or englishman..a police constable swore an oath to uphold common law .a police officer upholds acts and statutes ie fines on spot..common law comes from magna carta king john.12th century..acts and statutes are laws passed thru parlament given the consent of the consent opt out is there..right to silence common joinder no contract with the police.results in no talk without thinking it man but misguided..leave the hate open your mind..all the best..the dr..

      1. @drstrangeglove

        Are you retarded?. You sound like it.

        Yes. I am a English person, am in my 40’s and have lived here most of my life. The younger generation though, of which I have no doubt you belong, are alien to me. You are a completely different breed to myself in that we are both English but ideological opposites due to our completely different upbringings as per our very different eras.

        Yes. The 80’s were different. They always showed the perpetrator description regardless of race. A shit was a shit in my younger years regardless of skin colour but nowadays it is all politically correct nonsense.

        “well 3 days ago there was multiple stabbings in birmingham city centre ,8 victims one dead.police put cctv pictures of a black male on the tv who was wanted for the that blows your stance to atoms.”

        That was mass murder you clown. A terrorist attack. The rules are different then due to the fact that they cannot hide such events from the public gaze and so they are forced to release it but they still manipulate it such as hiding the fact that all stabbed and killed were homosexuals and the killer was a gay hating Muslim.

        This was never mentioned by the police or the media but a close study of the case shows it to be so. They instead made it look like some random nigger was having a bad day because of course the optics are completely different this way and so are the socio-political ramifications.

        To answer your other question though. Yes, of course blacks are also paedophiles. It just rarely ever gets reported for obvious reasons.

        To conclude. I am sorry Straneglove but you wouldn’t know what a true Englishman/Brit is/was because you are far removed from them due to your upbringing.

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          6. We have shit teeth because we are too busy inventing all the modern technology you take for granted.

            If we had focused on our teeth instead of inventing machines, the phone, tv, computers etc what would you be doing now?. Probably still living in the stone age no doubt. You should be a little grateful then that we spare little care for the small things in life.

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          7. Sorry Strangeglove and everyone else I was arguing with.

            Thanks to Corona lockdown and all the draconian shit that has gone on recently my drinking has spiralled out of control and I have been getting angry and just verbally attacking people and arguing all the time for no good reason. I have even been starting fights with Mark, the owner of Bestgore, recently too and when I sober up I am left with nothing but shame and regret at my online behaviour which only makes me want to drown my sorrows that much more thus continuing the cycle.

            Anyway. I am going to call it a day for a while and take a long break from being online in order to get my shit together.

            Its been fun guys and sorry once again for being a dickhead.

      1. Hell noooo! Use a dull fucking plastic knife! Start sawing but let me grab my camera so BG gets the action! Child predators faces should be shown all over! It doesn’t matter if they are black or white or brown and yellow! Show their faces and cut off their dicks! Then impale their lifeless bodies! I hate child molesters and rapists! They are scum and deserve whatever they get!

  2. These days you can’t even hug a kid without getting choked and stabbed in the face. Everytime I see a little bastard I turn my head opposite way and cross the street with my hands up. Just in case.

  3. Funny thing is, THESE fuckers broke the law and yet its the law that saving their asses from lynching or flaying alive in the middle of street. And they all know that, that’s why they having such a gall to do the fuck ever they want since they’d know, They’ll getting away eventually because of the law.

  4. They should have kicked him in the face when he started talking his rhetoric… They need hostile clubs to torture scum like this…. and I would be the first to raise my hand….. nothing like Mozart and human screams together to make the best symphony ever

  5. That’s when lynching becomes justified. There is no good reason to let this devil live, none. Kill this Satan spawn and have fun doing it too. Show the devils what we will do to them. Pacifism is an ideology of the devil, all it does is let the devils do their hellish horrors with no fear of repercussions. Pacifism, and lenient justice are works of Satan.

  6. The spade security guards were on the scene pretty fuckin sharpish, I wonder if they had been smokin each other in the restaurant’s shitting facility when it kicked off?
    The 1st wankin wog in uniform looked a bit of a cum bucket.

  7. What a daring SOB. It’ll take less than five second to scoop s child and take off. Sometimes when I am walking outside, I see a small child walking all by themselves. Out of curiosity, I would ask the child if they are by themselves? They would tell me, oh no! My mum is right over there. Over there is almost 300 feet away. That is insane. Anyone with bad intentions could cover that childs mouth and scoop him/her off the ground. I have actually confronted few thoughtless mothers and reprimanded them. Few months ago, while I was in argument with a crazy mother over her child too far away from her custody, two police officers on s bicycle came around and inquired about what was going on. When I told them what the situation were, these two police officers went totally bonkers. I was giving words of accolades for being such responsible citizen. Guess what happened next. The police officers immediately issued the mother a ticket and contacted the children’s AID. When they have further investigated the mother, they have soon learned that she would leave her children’s alone at home, while she would ho out and party with her boyfriend. Disgusting. That is how I felt. I was sick to my stomach to find that out.

  8. I would have killed that motherfucker if I was there, no remorse, no thinking twice, I can assure you that when people see a little girl in danger, the natural instinct is go and rescue her, no think twice. I hope that bald shitstain gets the death penalty

  9. What i find a little odd is that the couple grabbed their child before the guy had even finished hopping the fence. It’s like they knew that he was not trying to rob them of their money or jewelry, but that they knew that he was going for their child.

    But nonetheless i hope that he gets Lotsa-Cock deep inside his throat, and Ass while in The Penitentiary.
    But then again he might make tons of friends inside as most are fucking diddling child selling fucks. 🙁

  10. Kudos, and major props for the big dude in the Black T-Shirt.
    God-Blessed Them all on this fateful day for putting him that big strong dude with them in that exact same restaurant, and at exactly the right time. I say this because i do not, and have never, ever believed in Coincidences,,, EVER!

    God-Rules the Day Yet Again. And i say again because he put the guy closing his shop friend with him on the same night, and at the same time what are the chances of that happening. His buddy could have been at home sleeping, watching T.V., or simply out somewhere else.

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