Chinese Girl Calmly Beaten and Stripped Naked by Other Girls

Chinese Girl Calmly Beaten and Stripped Naked by Other Girls

Video from China shows a young girl surrendering to the humiliation and abuse by the peers. She doesn’t resist, so the beating is only superficial, but the other girls then proceed to strip her naked in front of who sounds like a boy filming.

This type of street humiliation is typically reserved for Xiao San – skanky women, who flirt and seduce taken men in China.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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79 thoughts on “Chinese Girl Calmly Beaten and Stripped Naked by Other Girls”

        1. Just to be on the safe side, this might be necessary before someone gets this reported as child pornography to athourities and hell breaks loose once again beginning another issue with trials with such and so on.

          IMO this do not fit this site´s MO, especially after the consequenses of a recent event for the responsible head admin of this site (Mark) finally took an end this wouldn´t be wise if you want to keep this site from unwanted attention.

      1. haha take a hike snowflake. go watch some teletubbies. there’s also nothing wrong with child porn and you gotta understand that age of consent is different in different countries. in philippines it’s like 12 and japan is 11. while in america i think its 18 or even 21 (for porn). so when couple from japan goes to america, then all the sudden their marriage turns into pedo?
        that’s why this world is so fucked up. a married couple can’t even visit EU or USA from japan, cos they would be deemed as pedos LOL. how fucked up is this stupid world?

  1. Heh. Well if she really did seduce and fuck other girls boyfriends then I’m sure she much rather would’ve preferred this over having the other girl mutilate her cunt for it. See china’s not so bad… 😉

  2. Yeah, it could be some weird thing that there into. She had a nice recently shaved strip where most average Chinese females don’t. Kinda like she was expecting to be filmed down there. I’ll never know why they don’t resist?

  3. cruel people are bred no parents who dont discipline there own kids. if any kid of mine did that they wouldnt like getting there but spanked but it would happen. parents teach your kids how to avoid situations like this, run. also to fight back if there not able to run. most important teach them how to fight if unable take them to a person who can as these skills just may save there life. i faught for trophies titles and money, many times on the street those skills saved my life a few times. i taught my girls who hated it but they can get out of situations. talk train them to scream if on the ground to kick at attacker continue to scream just that would have saved this girl. i like all kids to be safe yours and mine. food for thought

  4. What happened with showing the aftermath of a horrible accident?

    This doesn´t seem very suitable to even watch at all, especially with those younger than 18 years old getting involved with things as these on video.

  5. I bet China is a sexually repressed country and I can tell just from watching this video. I can read their body language, creating an excuse just to see her body. I’m from Saudi Arabia so Sexually repressed recognize Sexually repressed and im being real as 3 dollar bill.

    1. Partly right.China has great regional difference,rich place looks like developed country,is sexual liberated,but poor place even worse than North Korea,Of course sexually repressed,though attitude toward sex mainly depend on culture.The video means warning and punishment to that girl because she seduced the women’s husband or boyfriend, not voyeurism

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