Cockteasing Pakistani Woman Takes Kick to Chest While Dancing

Cockteasing Pakistani Woman Takes Kick to Chest While Dancing

Cockteasing Pakistani Woman Takes Kick to Chest While Dancing

A female dancer in Pakistan was kicked and sent flying white trying to cocktease with her inflated tits. There is no audio, but apparently the woman was dancing to music.

The backstory is that she was kicked “because of her provocative moves”. The fact that a white knight confronts the kicker seems to confirm the story.

I wonder if her tit burst from the kick. It was in fact quite brutal. There is one, and only one purpose behind cockteasing, and this woman definitely fits the bill, but the guy’s a piece of shit for kicking her like that. Especially with so much force. That was some octagon MMA level shit right there. It’s hard being a thot in Pakistan, as seen HERE and HERE.

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video:

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84 thoughts on “Cockteasing Pakistani Woman Takes Kick to Chest While Dancing”

    1. Crikey don’t this lot know anything? This is actually a dance in pakistan, the woman stands up, wiggles with her hand on her head and the man kicks her in the chest. I don’t know what it’s called though.

      1. I believe this traditional dance is called the “dirty sampson”. The dudes in the video were only stopping him because he kicked too early. Very common problem among first time dirty sampsoners.

    1. 1) how did you know that they are muslims ( cause muslims never use dancing bitches in events)
      2) why would you expect peace when you break the religion’s rules ?
      you’re clearly retarded
      islam is realy simple this is some of the islamic rules:
      you steal you lose your hand – you kill you die – you rape you lose your PP + punishment
      – if you cheat (have sex) on your husband or on your wife you die
      don’t talk about a religion that you know 0.00001% of it

      1. Well, we know that the vast majority of suicide bombers are fucking Muslims.

        We know that everywhere they go there is no peace with anyone, including themselves.

        We know that Muslims like to fuck farm animals too!

  1. That’s odd. Pakis have a problem with female sexualisation and yet in the Pakistani majority areas of Britain, Rotherham etc, they groom and gang-rape white female children religiously. How strange.

  2. This was awful, how can you have an “All merciful Allah” who wants any woman to be beaten up, tortured or killed because they danced to music or laughed or something
    What a nice cunt of a God this Allah must be
    He just wants a peaceful World of miserable Arab men and miserable Arab women
    What a croc of a religion
    Muhammed had to ‘borrow’ 99% of his religion off the Christians and the Jews too!
    Who needs paradise when we can have a miserable Moslem life right here on Earth?

  3. Certainly a pre-op transsexual not a woman who got kicked. Pakistan has a large transgender community even bigger than Thailand! Trannies shemales ladyboys are a common sight all across the country. Back in 2005 Pakistan had its first transgender politician & in 2008 first ever news anchor from the community.

    A lot of transsexuals perform at weddings for hefty sums e.g Rimal Ali charges £7000+ / wedding. She mostly performs in UAE for sheikhs (youtube khusra or hijra & mujra).

    Many men hire pre-op transgenders instead of women who charge way more than prostitutes especially for stag dos.

    1. I agree and it was the first thing I noticed. Bottled-up homosexuality and repressed sexuality is a major cause of violence in that country.
      Afghanistan and Pakistan for all their Islam and anti -homosexual culture has culturally -sanctioned paedophilia and homosexuality in the form of ” dancing tea-boys” etc. Those boys are then psycho sexually ruined and have come to Europe and violently raped and murdered young women.

  4. Bring this shit to the USA, knock these whores on their asses when they get out of line. If you wanna put on a show for your man do it behind closed doors and with no more than one man present, stupid woman.

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