Common American Landwhale Loses Shit at Grand Rapids Planet Fitness

Common American Landwhale Loses Shit at Grand Rapids Planet Fitness

Common American Landwhale Loses Shit at Grand Rapids Planet Fitness

A 20 year old Michigan woman went into a fit of rage, assaulting an employee, and destroying equipment by throwing computer monitors and ripping electrical cords at a Planet Fitness in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

After she assaulted the employee, the entitled THOT yelled “everyone saw he hit me” (@ 1:04). This is what happens when society tells women they can do no wrong and teaches them that all you have to do is make up a story that a guy hit you or raped you and you won. If this was a guy losing shit and the woman receiving his rage, he would be lynched on the spot. There would be no shortage of white knight to jump him, and he’d then be charged with making her hands hurt while she was punching him.

The front-desk employee reportedly decided not to press charges over the assault. Obviously, he knows that in a society plagued by toxic feminity and open misandry, a man can never get justice over a Common American Landwhale. The gym, however, reportedly pressed charges for the destroyed property.

Props to Best Gore member @refuse2renig for the video:

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154 thoughts on “Common American Landwhale Loses Shit at Grand Rapids Planet Fitness”

    1. I like her, She looks like my kind of girl. I think that black man said something rude to her.As they are prone to do when confronted with a nice white lady.

      1. @sloth12
        Yes, it always has to be the black person’s fault. How useful your intelligent analysis of the situation is to Uncle Sam… !

        This your mindset is what’s making feminism succeed in this country. Whatever evil a woman does had to be caused by someone else. There is nothing anyone said to her that should excuse such aggression, insanity and savagery …

        A real woman would never do something like this. Apparently only a feminist would

          1. @2girls1cuphead
            There’s a big difference between a Feminist and a Real woman.
            That difference is getting bigger everyday, especially in the western world.

            To answer your question, this one is not a real woman

          2. @2girls1cuphead
            Don’t mind Gropella, she’s still got a bee in her bonnet about something which i’ve completely forgotten. I love and respect white women, if i were a friend to this lady she would be more calm in nature, black men play mind games with women due to insecurity and low self esteem and that can only lead to disaster. I didn’t mention feminism at all so i’m now sure where gropy gets that from. She’s always triggerred

    1. Props to dat nigger hood rat employees for stay calm. He knew cameras were on him,and he’s looking to collect some pay. He prolly do the same as her when his 50 something white female manager tells him thanks Tyrone, well we can’t satisfy every customer.sorry you had to go through that. I’m giving you a 5 cent an hour raise. How’s that sound?…Sweet right? ….here ya go…take the mop and clean the bathroom floors.

  1. Can’t figure out why she was even there in the first place. She must’ve been lost and flipped the fuck out when she realized she wasn’t at the local Mcdonalds… Quick, someone get her ass a cheeseburger, she’ll calm right down.

    1. @carnage-2
      That’s the problem with the US, lack of ideas to handle such situations

      In a civilized country those testosterone-stricken idlers would have bundled her into a room , taken their turns to ensure her estrogen levels are stimulated / boosted intensively enough to suppress her excessive testosterone. A few hours later, problem solved… I guarantee you she’d come out humble and 500% more feminine and qualified to be called a woman. Thank me later.

      Show her nicely to the door and point her to the direction of McDonalds. Enough for one day.

        1. @sloth12
          This is not a political correctness space.
          Mental illnesses and feminist landwhale unleashed terror like this one are more disturbing than my proposed solutions to them ;

          Extreme situations require extreme measures.
          Wanna teach someone the meaning of extreme? Start with the filmed furious landwhale )

    1. 1:.08: “Everybody saw you hit me. Lost your job!”
      Er, no…….she is doing all the punching and threatening.

      The Brother handled it really well. Backed off. Did not retaliate or provoke her further.
      I like the bit where she just slipped and fell.

      Well I suppose she needed that gym more than anyone else at the gym.

          1. Good my man, glad to hear this, as working contract is never a guaranty so the more the merrier. But they always renew the best employees that work hard, and well with others so kudos to you bud, as i am sure that you fit both of these criteria s, and some! And yes brother, i am doing well also. 🙂

  2. OO:45 is very fine. Toppled by her own lard-flab, unbalanced thighs and voodoo-rage and down she went. Like one of them big chunky US Bison hit by a bullet while it was running. They should check the pipes under the flooring for cracks and leaks. Moby hit that deck very heavily.

    I think there is a touch of a she-boon in the breeding of that there critter.

    Bring out the elephant rifle boys.

    1. Haha yes i remember dripping sandwiches but those were the days when we had little or no fat in our diet so it was good for you. Now everything is fat and sugar

  3. This has to be without doubt the funniest shit I have ever seen on BG.
    Clearly this entitled landwhale felt that breaking equipment and assaulting people was fine because she’d get a pussy pass. Not far wrong. She got a landwhale pass, which is similar but not quite the same thing. Pussy passes are usually given out of a misplaced sense of chilvalry. Landwhale passes are given out of fear and/or pity. Most landwhales are usually outspoken and angry, so you have to be careful.

    So what was the fight about? Well I’m guessing that they refused her to use the treadmill because she might break it.

  4. I too enjoyed the part where she slipped but I would have much preferred to glimpse a peek of the Beef theatre sized curtains as she fell and the nightie reared up, if only to see the smoky mist swirling around the Beaver. Alas…

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