Dog Thief Gets Punished

Dog Thief Gets Punished

Dog Thief Gets Punished

In what appears to be an Asian country, a boy is on dirt ground next to a dead dog. It is unclear whether the young alleged thief killed the dog for food and got caught in the act or is simply collateral damage.

By the looks of the kennels on the truck, this might be taking place at some sort of dog possessing facility. If that’s the case, I say they should both be beaten in a much longer video. I would watch it with my dog, while we both laugh and high-five one another.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for comment and the video:

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    1. @Dranaconda, lol, lol, Dude You Sick Fuck Ya, lol, ๐Ÿ˜‰

      A Maltese Buddy Of Mine Had A Dogs Head Mounted In The Dining Room, of All Places. It Appears That The Old 90 something year-old Lady Next Door Asked Him To Go, And Have-it put down for her as he was very old and stated pissing, and shitting on the floor not being able to control himself poor old Dogie.

      So He Agreed But Instead Killed Him, Chopped His Head-off Had In Professionally Mounted, And They Ate The Old Sick Pooch-Man. How Horrible, and stranger is That Bro??

      1. I Should also mention that my friend Dale, And His Family Were the nicest/kindest people you would ever meet as they took me in, and off the streets at 15 years-old. God-Bless Them, as they have all passed now. ๐Ÿ™

        1. Ha,ha,ha! I Use To Tease Him Sometimes at parties when i was drunk and would tell our friend house that we were at that he better hide his dog ion case Dale Gets Da-Munchies.
          Dale would simply grin, and show his teeth while making this weird noise, lol, fuck we’d laugh, lol.

          1. They still have “dog restaurants” in Korea, the same way China has a few theme restaurants that serve nothing but animal penises. It was an issue the last time in 2018. I’m not sure if their govt. closed them down while the rest of the world was there for the winter games, not that they were that popular among their own people to begin with. The world knows they still eat dogs anyway.

          2. @Humanssuck

            You gotta be fucking kidding me brother. Restaurants that serve “ONLY” Animal Penises, lol ?

            Those Chinese People (For The Most Part) Make Me Fucking Sick To My Stomach. And I Say “For The Most Part”, because I Personally Know, And Have A Couple Of Close Chinese Friends That Are Nothing Like Those Weirdo’s That Eat Animal Penises,,, Shark Fin Soup,,, And Dogs. But Instead,,, The Ones That I’ve Befriended Are Just Some Good,,, Normal,,, And Caring Individuals, that Are Not Into That Fucking Money Hungry Animal Torturing/Slaughtering Bastards, But good Human Beings.

            I Have Watched Many Documentaries Throughout The Years, That Had To Do With These Cold, And Very Sick Chinese Cunts, That Were Seen Pulling Aboard on Their Fishing Boats/Ships Hundreds Of Sharks At A Time, And While They Were *ALL* Fully Awake, Aware & Alive,, Had All Of Their Fins Cut-Off, and Then Just Like That They Would Kick Them Off (Literally) Off Of A Large Type Of Tailgate Opening At The Back Of The Ship, And Dumped Back-Out To Sea, & Oceans, Only To See Those Poor Living Creatures, Swinging Their Whole Bleeding Bodies Side To Side, & Super Fast, Trying To Swim, only to be instantly attacked and eaten alive by the tons of other fish hat had been following These Miles Long Blood Trails. I Am Not Embarrassed To Say That Cathy & I Cried, When We Saw These Poor Innocent Fish Struggle To Survive, After being Tortured By Man As @HumansSuck And Big-Time Brother ๐Ÿ™

            And Because They Were Completely Helpless And Could Not Swim Away Whatsoever, While Trying To Escape The Inevitable,,, And While We Both *Cathy & I* Cried Together We Could “NOT BELIEVE” How Cold These Dirty Bastard So-Called Human Beings Could Be/Were Towards Another Living/Breathing Creature. ๐Ÿ™

            And Although We Were Lucky Enough, (If You Can Call It That) To Have A Greenpeace Helicopter Hovering Above, And Filming This Major Crime In Progress, It Helped Show The World Just How Cruel, And Wasteful These Fuckers Are By Throwing Overboard God’s Beautiful Creatures, And Doing-It *ONLY* For “MONEY” Taking Only Their Fins Alone, When Shark Meat/Steaks Are A Very Good Tasting, And Very Healthy Fish To Eat.

            So By Greenpeace Playing A Major Role In Exposing These Fucking-Cunts That Have Been For Multiple Decades Killing/Torturing Animals Like Sharks (For Their Fins Only) & To Make Shark Fin Soup With,,, Endangered Whales For Their Fat/Oil Only,,, and Then Killing Black Bears (For Their Gallbladders Only),,, Completely Wasting The Meat,,, And The Beautiful Fur, That Natives Used To Make Moccasins, Mittens, Hats, And The Like, To Help Keep Them Warm, Never wasting any parts of any Animal That They Always tried to kill Very quickly, and humanly. And After Each, And Every Kill No Matter What Species it was, they always Kneel Down beside it, rub it’s head Ever So Gently and would Thank God/Mother Earth, In A Prayer That They Would Say To Her, And The Animal Itself (For The Sacrifice It Did) In Order To Ensure Their Very Own Survival. And This Is The Way That It Should Always Be Done, With The Ultimate Respect Towards The Animal, Never Taking What God Gave Us All For Granted.

          3. @thedre, western countries are no saints when it comes to our treatment of animals, but these Asian countries take it to a whole nother level of fuckedupness. Pangolins are the only mammals that have scales, and they are wiping them out so they can use their scales for medicine. It’s all a Fucking disgrace to humanity.

          4. @Honkeykong

            Great Video, And Story Bro, I Appreciate-It. ๐Ÿ™‚

            Ah man,,, that is sick! Those Poor Little creatures getting killed for some bullshit Jew-Owned Pharmaceutical Profit has always left a sour taste in my mouth bud! ๐Ÿ™ Fucking Jew, Chinks, Maltese, and Even Us Also,,, We Are All such Sacks-O-Shits, when you see how they pack 1000.000.00 Chickens in a 2 acre building so they cannot move/exercise. They Then Pump Fuckloads Of steroids in their feed em so they can get a quicker return on their investment. Some of those poor young chickens could not even stand-up having to lie in their own excrement all day, because they were too young, and their legs were not strong enough to support their weight Cause a free range chicken like they all were a century, and more ago took 2 to 3 times longer to get big, and ready to eat. But,,, They Were 90% Muscles, and good non fatty meat brother. Now, since they get paid by the pound, you have these chickens that have so much yellow thick fat in them they taste greasy as fuck, and will clog-up your arteries quicker than a Fat Kid On A Bigmac

            Sick Man,,, So Sick. ๐Ÿ™

        2. @dan-a-conda , and everyone else in this thread.

          In a region of China, 21st of june is the “Dog & Lychee Festival”

          Now, as alluded to by someone else here, meat is meat, and western countries farm and eat mammals too. In this respect, who are we to judge?

          But a short search will uncover the treatment before death of these dogs in China, as well as their procurement, and provide a view from a totally different angle regarding mammal [dog] meat .
          As well as the fur trade – “racoon dogs” are caught and stripped. yes, while still alive these animals are hung up, skinned, then their [still alive] skinned carcasses are chucked in a barrow… destined for god knows what. These are some of the most upsetting images/videos i have ever seen.
          I expect many of you many have seen this stuff.

          I have links to these videos – which i am not gonna post. should anyone wish to search, the words to search are above, you will suss it
          But i warn, it is a really hard watch. heartbreaking. I regret watching those videos.
          I know it wont count a fuck, but i would advise against searching and watching them. Especially if you class yourself as an animal lover.

          1. Nope. Not gonna watch that shit. In fact, I wish that you hadn’t even described that. I’m a dog ‘liker’. Except for the ones that will eat me. And poodles too. Poodles are gay as fuck. Oh, and the little dogs that the homos all have. Idk what they’re called but they suck as well.

          2. I’ve seen enough extreme animal cruelty videos and images…I couldn’t look at another one. Humans being absolute cunts to other humans doesn’t affect me that way,…. have no idea why. Animals are different. I guess it’s coz they are totally at our mercy and for the majority of them they have no intent to harm us. Even then they attempt a quick kill for food…not for fun or ‘sport’

          3. @honkeykong
            The link i left is to wiki page, describing the “dogmeat and lychee festival”…. tbh i didnt even look at the wiki before posting it… but even on a wikipedia page, there is one image that may cause upset – so im really sorry about that.

            @dan-a-conda I dont blame you for not searching it, i stumbled onto those videos and images years ago (without actually searching for that subject), and i myself wish that i had never seen them. I doesnt go away. I apologize if my brief explanation made you uncomfortable or upset pal – trust that this was not my intention.
            I will never share links to them

            @doc-undy “Humans being absolute cunts to other humans doesnโ€™t affect me that way,โ€ฆ. have no idea why. Animals are different.”.
            Yeah, myself i recon its because dogs offer us a true unconditional love. They do not do things to chip away at, and therefore challenge the strength of that love over the years (as humans inevitably do), and as you said, they do not intentionally do things to harm us psychologically. . That emotional innocence we see in human children, slowly becomes corrupted as the child grows to adulthood. Yet with a dog, this emotional innocence never changes.
            Which, imo means that our dogs are much easier to love than “our” humans are.
            I dunno, ive thought about it -as you obviously have- and this is the best explanation i can come up with?

      2. Let me quote you brother

        >So He Agreed But Instead Killed Him, Chopped His Head-off

        Oh, good. It’s a good thing that INSTEAD OF KILLING the dog, he ONLY chopped it’s head off. And mounted it to a wall. Good thing!

        1. @Andrew256

          Lol Dude, I Guess You’re right as I Now See what you mean. Cause either way That Poor Old Pooch,,, He was a Goner. And I’m Sure That The Old Lady Paid Him The $50.00 Bucks To Have The Old Dog Put Down/Asleep Humanly at the Animal Hospital. And Although I never thought of this Until Now,, he must’ve Pocketed-It as A (Butchers Bonus) That Sly Fucker, lol.

          The Old Lady would of had a heart-attack if she knew That her dog Got Killed In His Basement,,, Chopped-Up To Pieces,,, It’s Fucking Ugly Old Black Face Mounted On A Dining Room Wall,,, And Quite Possibly Fed To Unsuspecting Family, And Friends lol. I Am So happy to Have met Dale About Ten Years After The Dog Was Eaten, & his Head Mounted.

          But Why??? Why Mount It’s Head On The Wall Drew,,, Cause Like W.T.F. Did The Old, And Sick Dog Really Taste That Fucking Good??? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. I would eat popcorn and watch videos of animal abusers being flayed and face peeled, while eating popcorn and laughing about how the skin is coming off of the abusers and how they’re screaming so much.

      1. you are disgusting. you love your dog more than anything in the world. your house ranks of dirty dogs and you are just as dirty as your dog. you probably sleep with your dog in the same bed and tout about the benefits of that for your immune system. you are a disgusting primitive barbarian full of dog fleas and bacteria. you are no cleaner than a dirty mongrel that crawls on the ground barefoot and rubbing its stomach against the dirty floor all day in piss and shit. the stench emitting from your body is probably unbearable. I could probably smell you from 15 feet away.

          1. LOL easiest way to piss off dirty white people, talk shit about dogs. You call other people savages yet you sleep with beasts. Go rub on some dogs.

          1. that’s assuming that I would enjoy having you as my companion. you dirty dog lovers are too filthy for my liking sorry. Go cuddle with your beast, savage.

          2. yeah i know you don’t care because you love cuddling with your filthy dog so much it’s the most important thing in the world to you. i already know that.

          3. @Doc Undy aw you sound upset, go rub some peanut butter on your balls and have your dear pooch lick it off, it’s white people’s favorite pasttime it’ll make you feel better instantly!

      1. Beyond infuriating. And the sickening irony on top of the ignorance and cruelty is that so many of those Chinese “medicines” derived from innocent and often endangered species are supposedly aphrodisiacs…So they waste the wildlife for the purpose of making MORE Chinese????

    1. Your concern is noted Sphinx, that BIRCH may indeed get a STAFF infection and would necessitate a STEM cell transplant to STAVE off any further damage. Best call in special branch to ask for their opinion.

        1. I’d throw them both out on the factory Grounds, to lay out in the sun to Decompose. I’d say, let the wasps get to them too.

          Nothing satisfies revenge, more than these two getting Ray Bees, and listening to Sting for all eternity.

        1. I choose my dogs over the Chinese. You know your filthy fuckin’ stinky shit body is dirtier than any dog on Earth. You bath in the shit rivers of India with human Ghandi looking faggots. Don’t pretend to be clean, you never wash your vagina.

          1. chinese bathe in the shit rivers of india? Seems like dog parasites have invaded your brain! I guess hanging around dogs all day you don’t really realize just how stupid you are. Only thing that loves you are your dog slaves. Even so, that’s not real life. Try not feeding your dog slaves for a week and see what happens ๐Ÿ™‚

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          My dog smells great cuz I bath him and take care of him. He sleeps on my bed, cuz he’s little, sits on my lap, and goes ever place I do.
          He’s well mannered, except around female dogs cuz I didn’t clip his balls, but I’m the same way around women cuz I’m still sporting a pair, so I can’t falt him too much.
          So eat shit nigger!

          1. I agree, niggers are slightly worse. The hierarchy of filth goes like so:

            everyone else

            you think your dogs are clean but they are filthy and you are just as filthy as them. they crawl on the floor all day and literally roll around in shit. I don’t know why I am even telling you all this, i would rather have you keep rubbing each other’s filth all over each other. It makes me happy knowing how disgusting you are. cheerio!

  1. Even though i could not watch this,,, it seams like the poor Dog Himself Ended-Up Getting The Worse Punishment Being Death. ๐Ÿ™

    **************R.I.P. God’s Innocent Little Creature ๐Ÿ™ *****************

  2. Seems the thief has run A’FOWL of mans’ laws and is now between a ROCK and a hard place. Nothing BEATS corporal punishment for teaching a lesson , so STICK it to him. As for the DOG ,it has had its day.

    The thief’s parents obviously didn’t believe in the Biblical injunction s; “Thou shall not steal “and also “Spare the ROD and spoil the child”.


    1. Nems I have a more Easter perspective.
      As he rolls around on the cold hard stony ground..he gets to contemplate the Yin~Yang of his predicament. The dog is the Yang…he is the Yin and the guy with the ‘behavioural adjustment device’ is the Universal matrix. As the life force left our 4-legged friend for that great romping ground in the sky…so too does his body need to shed some of its life force to compensate the imbalance in the universe that he created.

  3. Let’s see, there’s beef, chicken, pork, fish, etc. and these dirty fucking rodents need to eat dogs! I saw a video of those cocksuckers doin the deed and it was revolting.
    Some fucker drives around at night roundin up strays and pets. They keep them in pits, or tiny cages behind the “restaurants” and when they get an order thump one over the head, smashing its skull.
    Filthy low life cocksuckers.
    I gave my dog and extra treat tonight, and let him lick his balls without interruption in honor of those fallen in fucking China .

    1. Google the horrors of the annual Yulin Dog & Cat festival. I’ve seen the cunts using a long stick like this (prolly why this cunt has it) to push the dog into a vat of boiling water as it keeps trying to escape its hell. They believe that the stress hormones released makes the meat taste better…hence the torture.
      This is also totally at odds with Western abbortoirs that stun pigs with an electric shock before they’re slaughtered…not so much for humane reasons, but as it prevents much of the said stress hormones (cortisol-adrenaline etc) from being released and ruining the meat.

      1. I’ve seen a few of those boiling alive videos… Not the good kind with humans…

        How stupid to make yourself think dog is gonna taste better cause there’s no stress hormones released. You’d think they would be all at once making it taste like pure dog shit

        1. I know SS… just fucking sadistic fuckers if you ask me…which you didn’t, but I had to say. It makes my blood boil. I’ve heard stories of good people who buy the dogs that are about to die so as to save them…but the cunts push the price through the roof. No soul!

          1. Stupid custom that must be stamped out as was thuggeeism and sutee in India by the British Raj.

            I am all for preservation of culture but this boiling dogs goes too far.

            The Chinese gov needs to crack down . I have heard they have tried now but I am not sure it is succeeding in the hinterland yet.

          2. I heard that the Yulin dog & cat festival at least is a fairly recent event and isn’t some old custom. I don’t really know…but what we do know is those fuckers have no soul. They eat the tortured remains…we are what we eat….karma will surely balance them out. They live very shitty lives, so that’s a start.

          1. I agree with your take on the Muslim Chinese. Troublemakers!
            Doc,I have heard that the initial junta leader was a Moslem but nevertheless is secular and has clamped down on the Muslim provinces of Thailand. Is that true? If so ,kudos to the man.


          2. You’re correct Nems. He has 2 wives despite legal prohibitions here. Naturally he’s a multi-millionaire & he’s also a PhD in political science. His efforts to bring some sort of resolution to the insurgency down South was met with increased bombings whenever he tried to negotiate. At least he tried. It says more about the kind of people they were dealing with I think.

            Anyhoo..I don’t want to discuss Thai politics too I don’t enjoy cockroaches for breakfast …. I’m a retired old git now & just want a quiet life…..if all hell breaks loose around me..Hallelujah gentlemen ~ let those babies fly!

  4. *grabs popcorn* If that guy did indeed kill that dog he got what he deserved. Animal abuse is one thing that gets me going I just about want to turn into Freddy Kruger…..Anyone care for some popcorn?

    1. *grabs gun* fuck the popcorn, I got a better idea. Yes he did kill the dog. What do you think the truck loaded with cages was for? The fuckers drive around picking up strays, and pets to sell to the dog restaurants.
      So grab your finger blades Freddy, let’s do some shooting and slashing.

    1. Reminds me of an old Skyhooks (Aussie Band) song from the 70’s called “Smut”
      Although this guy was at a XXX cinema & jerkin the beef

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      Songwriters: REDMOND (1) SYMONS
      Smut lyrics ยฉ Mushroom Music Pty Ltd

  5. In China, people sometimes steal pet dogs. The caretakers of those dogs are NOT happy when that happens, and if caught; the thieves of dog are oft beat within a millimetre of their lives. I found out from Winston Sterzel, aka Serpetza, who lives in China. Wiston also said eating dogs is slowly going out of fashion.

  6. Wow, this is severely embarrassing. The thief extremely exaggerated with his crying/screaming and the hitter did not hit hard enough, those hits were way too weak. If he would have killed my pet, I would sharpen the tip of it and ram it into his body.

  7. My heart goes out for the dog whom the bastard may have killed in trying to rob him off his food .
    The guy hammering the thieving bastard’s shit laden ass is probably the kennel owner who simply wasted efforts by putting that lousy stick to no good use .
    It would’ve been a fitting gesture if he had to simply burgeon the thief’s head to a mere pulp.

  8. ุงู„ุบุฑุจ ูŠุนุชู‚ุฏูˆู† ุงู† ูƒู„ุจุง ุงูˆ ู‚ุท ุงูุถู„ ู…ู† ุงู†ุณุงู†
    ุญู…ู‚ู‰ ูŠุญุจูˆู† ุงู†ูุณู‡ู…

          1. No, no, no your both wrong. I happen to be fluent in Arabic and he was wondering if Illegal had a donkey, and if she wouldn’t mind, Allah permitting, if he stuck his penis in its mouth until he dies. If she has male donkey he’ll ass fuck it, but only if he has permission to give it a reach around, as is the custom in his country.

          2. Ok Ok Ok I got this You’re using the Southern Arabic dialect Dil, this is the Northern…. He says his camel made an unwanted pass at his donkey last night and they both eloped to Bum Fuck Egypt. He now feels very depressed and despondent because his right hand is already sore from wanking and there are no more camels or donkeys for the next 50 oases.

  9. When an animal dies such as a dog or a cat I feel very bothered, sad, feeling of sorrow and depression however if it was one of YOU people on this comment section that fell ill or died either by natural causes, accidental death, or homicide it wouldn’t bother me in the least because truth be told, I don’t give a rats ass about anybody on these threads you’re all as worthless as the shit stain on the inside of my toilet bowl, amen.

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